Taming The Tongue HTML version

way for demons in relationships, and misrepresent things, and create a situation that's not real, or not true. Lies
inherently must fail, because there's no substance in them. The truth inherently will stand, because it's the truth, it's
got substance in it, see?
If I'm a gossip, if I get on the phone and yappety-yappety-yap about others; young people, guard your tongue, guard
your mouth. Don't go running people down, don't go listening to the stories you - someone comes with a story, did
you hear about so-and-so? No, I didn't, I don't want to hear if it's negative either. Why are you telling me this? Have
you told it to them? Shall we go to talk to them and see if it's true? Just stand up and actually don't become a garbage
can for someone else defiling you. Normally if someone comes with gossip, they'll test you out, how open you are to
hear it, and when they start to test you out, that's the time to make a stand and say no. Just put your hand up and say
no, I don't want you to speak about that person like that without them present. If you can't speak positively about
them, please don't run them down to me.
See now these are things in our culture that if we went into a different dimension with God, we just make a decision,
I'm going to be a man of truth, I'm going to be a man who refuses to gossip. I'm not going to allow this thing to be a
part of my life. You say Amen to that and what happens is, God comes on the person, and we can abide in His
presence. See, we're wanting to have a supernatural life in this coming year. Why don't we start to prepare the
ground in our personal life for it to happen? Begin to start to speak words that bring grace to people.
When I've done the other diseases of the tongue, I'll begin to talk to you then about how you releas e words that
change atmospheres, how you release words that shift demons. There's a way to about doing it, but you can't do it if
you don't deal with these other things.
Father in heaven, we just thank you that you are lifting us up to a new level. You're preparing us for greater things.
We thank You Lord always there's greater things. This year's been great - next year will be greater. We thank You for
greater blessing, greater opportunities, a greater church, greater impact. We thank You in every area our lives will be
greater, our influence will be increased. Lord, we thank You right now, today, You're working in our lives to prepare us
for that.
Lord, we ask that the spirit of truth, the spirit of grace be in our midst and that Lord, over these next week s You would
come upon every one of us and convince us quickly, if we're misrepresenting people, misrepresenting situations,
misrepresenting the truth, come upon us quickly and empower us to change, so we come to a new level. Lord, if Your
ears hear us giving heed, or passing gossip or slander, Lord speak directly and quickly into our hearts that we might
be convicted, and immediately respond to put it right. Lord, lift us to a new level, so our words will be like Your words;
we watch over them, to keep them . Our words will carry substance of spirit and life. Our words will create. Our words
will impart life to people. Our words will build better relationships, and a better atmosphere around us. God, we
believe You will lift us to a new level, in Jesus' name. Can you say Amen? [Amen!] Say Amen! Come on, let's stand
to give the Lord a clap, come on, let's stand to give Him a clap. He's a great and awesome God, and He wants us to
lift us into a better place, lift us into a place of blessing, lift us into a place where our destiny begins to unfold in
harmony with His plan. Lord, we thank you today! We thank you today! Halleluiah. Musicians, you got a great song to
finish with?
1. Introduction:
· Joshua 3:5 - “Sanctify yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you”.
· Sanctify = to separate, make clean, set apart for divine purpose.
· Wonders = things beyond natural ability, supernatural release o f miracles.
· People of God called to position themselves for increase o f the Supernatural.
· Joshua 6:10 - “… no word proceed out of your mouth until the day I say to you „Shout!'”.
1st miracle of possessing Jericho required mastery o f tongue.
1st sign of Holy Spirit filling in NT – Spoke in tongues – praised God.
2. Your Words can Shape your Future:
· Words we agree with in heart and words we speak creat e our future.
· Psalm 34:11-13 - “Who is man that loves life…keep your tongue from evil”.
· Word pictures of tongue: Gangren e, Rust, Snake Venom, Fire, Arrows, and Wounds.
· Fear of the Lord that leads to life and prosperity seen in how we speak.
· We cannot have a good life if we cannot control our tongue.
· T he words we speak either nurture or destroy relationships around us.
· Proverbs 21:23 - “Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles”.
· Proverbs 15:4 - “A wholesome tongue is a tree of life – but perverseness with it breaks the spirit”.
Wholesome = healing - the tongue has power to bring healing, encouragem ent.
Perversen ess = distortion, crashed dealing – tongue has power to wound
and hurt.