Taming The Tongue HTML version

have a strong inner life, they will eventually take you where they're going. You see you've got just guard your outer
world, so in other words be on the alert.
Then the final thing is, you need to consciously release the l ife of God. We need to consciously release what's in our
spirit. Now that means I've got to do something, got to be quite proactive, so if I've spent time and I've built with God
in my prayer life, had time in the presence of God, strong expressions, now I can start to let something fly out. Now
have you e ver seen a person who got a little bit afraid on the stage, and they sort of got a bit [Spoken quietly and
awkwardly 00.48.59] nervous like this and um, and ah, and then they sort of shut down? Now what yo u're feeling now
is, I'm withdrawing all spirit life completely from this. I'm actually shutting down, letting my soul block you all off, and
that's what many people live their life like. But I can come, and choose to smile, and speak, and appreciate, and
praise, and acknowledge, and I can start to do things with my voice that actually start to change the things around
me. You can stand up inside, even with a little prayer; In Jesus' name I take dominion over this, and I release the life
of God, and just begin to see the life just flowing from within you.
You see you can release the life of God all around you. Today Father, everywhere I go, I carry the life and joy and
vitality of the Holy Ghost! You see it in prayer, long before you're doing it, and then yo u begin to develop a different
habit. When you walk into a room, go and say hello to everyone, don't wait for everyone to come and say hello to you.
When you see someone who's a teller, greet them, hi, how are you doing? Thank you for what you're doing for me
today. Just start to express the life of God whole heartedly, and you begin to start to have an influence. You find the
atmosphere begins to change. As soon as you walk into a room and it's all shut down, well you can change it within a
little while but you're going to have to speak things, have to do some things. You have to talk, you have to speak, you
have to start to actually arise on the inside instead of shrinking. Shrinking is because we're intimidated, arising is
because we've chosen to be ambassadors and to have a prevailing spiritual atmosphere.
See the word of God alive in my heart. Wherever I go the life of God is flowing out of me. I am joined one spirit to the
Lord. The spirit of God flows out of my innermost being. I thank you today wherever I am that life will flow. I see it long
before I'm ever out there, and the life of God surely flows, but you've always got to make the decision not to be
passive. Tell someone next to you, don't be passive. Don't be passive - change. Change. Change. Change. Change.
Change! Change! Become vocal. Become expressive. Change! Get around people who are.
1. Introduction:
· Proverbs 18:21 – “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…”.
· People are spirit beings – the words we speak are containers that carry spirit content.
· T he words we speak have power to impact life or death – to change the course of our world.
· Ephesians 4:29 - “…that which is good for necessary edification that it might impart grace to the hearers”.
· “Impart grace” = supply something needed to build and to strengthen – life o f God.
· This week: “Shaping Your Personal Spiritual Atmosphere”.
2. Atmosphere: What is it?:
a) Definition:
· Root meaning: atmos = vapour; spharia = sphere
· Air surrounding the earth held to it by the force of gravity.
· Surrounding or prevailing mood, influence, environment.
· Distinct tangible quality that surrounds a person.
b) Examples – Different kinds of atmosphere:
* Polluted * Grief * Negativity * Pessimism
* Control * Confusion * Excitement * Enthusiasm
* Confidence * Romantic * Joy * Faith
* Hope
· T he atmosphere cannot be seen with the eye, but can be felt.
· The prevailing atmosphere influences people = they thrive or struggle e.g. David's men were distressed; in dept; discontent ed (1 Samuel 22:2).
Under the influence of David's prevailing spiritual atmosphere they were shaped and became “mighty men of valor”.
· The „atmosphere' around a person can be shaped and developed.
3. Spiritual Atmosphere:
a) Definition:
· T he prevailing spiritual influence that surrounds a person.
· T he Spiritual presence surrounding a person held in place by the life in their inner man.
· T he distinctive and tangible spiritual presence surrounding a person.
b) What is Spiritual Atmosphere made of?
i) T he Human Spirit - overflowing from a persons inner-m an.
ii) Demonic Spirits - intimidating and oppressing person – like flies.
e.g. 1 Samuel 16:14 - Saul – oppressed