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Taming the Tongue
Pastor Mike Connell
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Taming the Tongue (12 sermons)
Power of Words (1 of 12) Words have the power to change lives. You can empower people through words you speak,
or cut them down. You can cause them to live, or to wither and die. Don't let your mouth be full of negative talk, but
rather practice and make it a habit, a lifestyle of speaking words that build.
Diseases of the Tongue (2 of 12) When the tongue is not controlled then it has all kinds of dramatic and serious
consequences in people's lives, but when the tongue is controlled, when we begin to yield our tongue and master the
words we speak and begin to learn how to speak words that are God -given words , if we get into agreement with God
and begin to speak the things God is saying about our life, our circumstances, our condition, our future, then we
make way for God to move in those situations.
Empty Words (3 of 12) Words are containers – they carry a ‘spirit’ content. They are living seeds that produce fruit
when spoken. The words we speak impacts our relationships, our personal health and destiny. What words are you
releasing into the world around? Empty words include: flatte ry; religious Words; lame excuses; insincere
commitments. God speaks words that create, impart life, and release spiritual authority. We are called to imitate god.
Dealing with Put-Downs (4 of 12) The Tall Poppy Syndrome is the words and behaviours intended to cut people down
who are achievers or excellent in their field in some kind of way. It originated as a reaction in New Zealand and
Australia to the class system of England and particularly the first place the tall poppy synd rome really began to
express itself was against people who thought they were more important or better than anyone else, or carried on like
they were, or projected I'm better than you. It started off as a reaction against the class system; now it's evolved. Now
it's a reaction usually rooted in envy against anyone who shows excellence or achievement or gets ahead in a field.
It's envy. The root behind it is envy, bitterness and envy.
Dealing with Put-Downs (5 of 12) If you connect with Jesus Christ and begin to listen to His dreams for your life, He
will want you to stand up and become a tall poppy. He wants you to be one. You're called to represent heaven.
You're called to stand out and be different. You're called to stand up and b ring something of God into the earth.
Power Of Agreement (6 of 12) The words that we come into agreement with, and then begin to speak forth, create
and shape our future and our destiny. Who are we agreeing with?