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Do You Know You Have A Brain AND A Mind?

~ By Jan Tincher


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Your mind is where you think your thoughts.


Your brain pretty much controls your body.

Now, if your mind is suddenly shocked by something you see, it translates very quickly to your brain -- which translates very quickly to your body-- that you are shocked. Depending on the severity of the shock and how you yourself respond to things, anything from the shakes to shutdown happens.

Let's dissect that . . .


You were shocked by something you saw. Or . . .

It could be something you heard. In which case, your brain searched for what you know of the subject and found a picture *made up of your memories* to form in your mind. That picture is your *take* on the situation, which shocked you.

Your mind showed the picture to your brain, which caused the reactions in your body.


OK, here's the tricky question . . .


What if you learned to control the thoughts that went into your brain? What if your initial response segued to a softer picture. Or a softer response.


Like "It's not so bad." "I can handle it." "This too shall pass." *That's my favorite.*


OK, try this. Find something that scares you -- but not too bad, we want to experiment on the easier things . . .

Take three deep breaths and say one of the three sentences recommended above, or make up one of your own. *I always say, whatever works, works.* I'm brilliant sometimes that way, have you noticed?

Now, back to the scenario, doesn't that feel better?


Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes we need to experiment. Make sure you don't just do it once and give up.

OK, picture the scary, or not so scary, but more like disturbing picture, and take your deep breaths and say your *POWER* statement. That's what we'll call it OK? The POWER statements are, once again, "It's not so bad." "I can handle it." "This too shall pass." Or whatever you came up with on your own.

Going back to whatever works, works . . .


If two breaths work better than three, go for it. Same with four, five, or six! And while you're doing it, clench your fist together to feel the POWER!


Or . . .

Instead of clenching your fist, maybe straighten your stance, push back your shoulders, and feel the POWER!
Or maybe just smile mysteriously, but determinedly, as you take your breaths and say your POWER statement. *That's my favorite.*

What that shows you is that your mind has a definite impression on your brain. If you *change your mind* like I just showed you, you are taking control of your reactions and staying in a more productive state.

Now, you know that you have a brain and a mind. And you know just a little bit more than you did about how to use your mind productively to bring positive results into your life.

Isn't that fantastic?


Thanks for reading.

--------------------------------------------------------------Copyright 2004, Jan Tincher, All Rights Reserved Worldwide

DISCLAIMER: Jan Tincher and/or *Tame Your Brain!* do not guarantee or warrant that the techniques and strategies portrayed will work for everyone. The techniques and strategies are general in nature and may not apply to everyone. The techniques and strategies are not intended to substitute for obtaining medical advice from the medical profession. Always consult your own professionals before making any life-changing decisions.

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