Tamburlaine the Great, Part 2 HTML version

[1] the] So the 4to.--The 8vo "our."
[2] triumphs] So the 8vo.--The 4to "triumph."
[3] sad] Old eds. "said."
[4] Uribassa] In this scene, but only here, the old eds. have
[5] Almains, Rutters] RUTTERS are properly--German troopers,
(REITER, REUTER). In the third speech after the present one
this line is repeated VERBATIM: but in the first scene of
our author's FAUSTUS we have,--
"Like ALMAIN RUTTERS with their horsemen's staves."
[6] ORCANES.] Omitted in the old eds.
[7] hugy] i.e. huge.
[8] cut the] So the 8vo.--The 4to "out of."
[9] champion] i.e. champaign.
[10] Terrene] i.e. Mediterranean (but the Danube falls into the
Black Sea.)
[11] Cairo] Old eds. "Cairon:" but they are not consistent in
the spelling of this name; afterwards (p. 45, sec. col.) [See
note 29.] they have "Cario."
[12] Fear] i.e. frighten.
[13] Sorians] So the 4to.--Here the 8vo has "Syrians"; but
elsewhere in this SEC. PART of the play it agrees with the 4to
in having "Sorians," and "Soria" (which occurs repeatedly,--the
King of SORIA being one of the characters).--Compare Jonson's
FOX, act iv. sc. 1;
"whether a ship,
Newly arriv'd from SORIA, or from
Any suspected part of all the Levant,
Be guilty of the plague," &c.