Tamburlaine the Great, Part 2 HTML version

Alarms within. AMYRAS and CELEBINUS issue from the tent
where CALYPHAS sits asleep.[182]
AMYRAS. Now in their glories shine the golden crowns
Of these proud Turks, much like so many suns
That half dismay the majesty of heaven.
Now, brother, follow we our father's sword,
That flies with fury swifter than our thoughts,
And cuts down armies with his conquering wings.
CELEBINUS. Call forth our lazy brother from the tent,
For, if my father miss him in the field,
Wrath, kindled in the furnace of his breast,
Will send a deadly lightning to his heart.
AMYRAS. Brother, ho! what, given so much to sleep,
You cannot[183] leave it, when our enemies' drums
And rattling cannons thunder in our ears
Our proper ruin and our father's foil?
CALYPHAS. Away, ye fools! my father needs not me,
Nor you, in faith, but that you will be thought
More childish-valourous than manly-wise.
If half our camp should sit and sleep with me,
My father were enough to scare[184] the foe:
You do dishonour to his majesty,
To think our helps will do him any good.
AMYRAS. What, dar'st thou, then, be absent from the fight,
Knowing my father hates thy cowardice,
And oft hath warn'd thee to be still in field,
When he himself amidst the thickest troops
Beats down our foes, to flesh our taintless swords?
CALYPHAS. I know, sir, what it is to kill a man;
It works remorse of conscience in me.
I take no pleasure to be murderous,
Nor care for blood when wine will quench my thirst.
CELEBINUS. O cowardly boy! fie, for shame, come forth!
Thou dost dishonour manhood and thy house.