Tamburlaine the Great, Part 1 HTML version

Enter the GOVERNOR OF DAMASCUS[241] with three or four
CITIZENS, and four VIRGINS with branches of laurel in
their hands.
GOVERNOR. Still doth this man, or rather god of war,
Batter our walls and beat our turrets down;
And to resist with longer stubbornness,
Or hope of rescue from the Soldan's power,
Were but to bring our wilful overthrow,
And make us desperate of our threaten'd lives.
We see his tents have now been altered
With terrors to the last and cruel'st hue;
His coal-black colours, every where advanc'd,
Threaten our city with a general spoil;
And, if we should with common rites of arms
Offer our safeties to his clemency,
I fear the custom proper to his sword,
Which he observes as parcel of his fame,
Intending so to terrify the world,
By any innovation or remorse[242]
Will never be dispens'd with till our deaths.
Therefore, for these our harmless virgins' sakes,[243]
Whose honours and whose lives rely on him,
Let us have hope that their unspotted prayers,
Their blubber'd[244] cheeks, and hearty humble moans,
Will melt his fury into some remorse,
And use us like a loving conqueror.[245]
FIRST VIRGIN. If humble suite or imprecations
(Utter'd with tears of wretchedness and blood
Shed from the heads and hearts of all our sex,
Some made your wives, and some your children,)
Might have entreated your obdurate breasts
To entertain some care[246] of our securities
Whiles only danger beat upon our walls,
These more than dangerous warrants of our death
Had never been erected as they be,
Nor you depend on such weak helps[247] as we.
GOVERNOR. Well, lovely virgins, think our country's care,
Our love of honour, loath to be enthrall'd