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The world is a description.

Putting “the child within” at ease, is one of the ways of opening the passage through your iceberg, through the second attention and one day, right through, into the third attention. We need to start opening the apex at first and secondly we must form a beneficial understanding on how we perceive. I have mentioned that everything we perceive stems from memory, which is nothing but a reflection of our own (conditioned) ideas.

When we look at a Tree for instance, we need to call it as such if we wish to communicate, and if we want to be a bit more technical, we may call it by its botanical name. Makes us sound clever. However, let us take a closer look at this particular form of cleverness. Some few hundred years ago, an illiterate Latin guy Page 14


looked at a similar plant and called it Quercus Palustris, because the Tree possibly had phallic connotations to him. (Freud would have loved him!) This Latin “label “was carried over from one generation to the next over hundreds of years and at length ended up in a book. When Botanical students enter Varsity they learn from that book and the lecturer, who also have knowledge on what the illiterate guy (long ago) said, teaches them to repeat that word (Quercus Palustris).

Finally, they have a paper on the wall, which states that they are clever.

Yet, I can prove to you that this thing in front of us is not a plant, and this other thing in front of us is not a table. We live in a world of descriptions.

When you were small, you looked at a dog. Actually, you were not seeing a dog; it will be more accurate to say that your eyes were picking up unknown data! Then your Mother said the word dog, but you did not hear sound, your ears simply recorded data. Later the word dog started to take shape in your cognition and eventually you realized that this sound refers to the thing that your eyes were recording. The day you realize the difference between a dog, a cat and the rest of the world, the thing that your infant eyes first recorded suddenly turns into a dog.

However, what are all these things when I take the description away?

Can anyone please help me here!

What are these weird things surrounding us?

If you call it energy, it is still a description, just a more "vague" narrative.

These descriptions are not useless, as they serve us and make the world a more convenient place.

With the description as my servant I can say, “Look at the chair!” and everybody will look at the chair. Without descriptions, on the other hand, I will have to make weird sounds resembling a primate, jump up and down and point at the thing, and then everybody can wonder what is wrong with me!

So my guess is that we have forgotten about the "fact" that descriptions are here only for our convenience. In our preoccupation with words, we started to confuse the food with the menu; and the territory with the map. We have been conditioned ever since we were small that the world is made-up out of words, out of descriptions, and then we experience anxiety if someone changes our descriptions, even though a chocolate will taste like a chocolate no matter what we call it.

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The weird thing is that even the objects that we are viewing right now are also not totally ‘real’ in the subjective sense.

Seeing (viewing) happens when light reflects from an object, goes through the cornea, into the retina, where impulses are transported along the optic nerve to the brain. There is no actual “visual effect” in the sense we normally understand it. These impulses going into our brain are what we experience as “seeing”. We look at something and say it is blue or red.

If we look at the scientific description of the manifestation called colour, which seems rather accurate at this stage, we see that a blue object consists of a certain texture that absorbs all colour (sunlight), but it reflects the ray that we see as blue.

"Thus, blue is the only thing a blue object is not!"

It will be more accurate to say that we ' SEE' it as blue, than to say that it 'IS' blue.

These little details may seem trivial, but life is made of little trivial things called atoms, and unhappiness is made of little trivial things in our subconscious structure.

In the Christian Bible is a fable of Samson who wanted to destroy the Philistines, hence he caught little Jackals, tied them together three by three, put torches to their tails and sent them through the village and burnt the whole village down. In another passage, it is said that it is the little jackals that destroy the vineyard.

If you meet a new partner you obviously wish to figure out what he is really like, but from your first interaction on he will try to impress you with a fabricated mask, therefore everything that you see of him is what he is not! Very much the same as the scientific concept of colour.

If you really want to identify his 'true colours' (so to speak), you need to look at how he reacts when the little jackals appear, when a fly bothers him or when the hosepipe gets stuck.

That will show you something of his true colours, the hidden ones.

Nevertheless, before he gives you a really big cramp up the exit you must not forget the home run, that introspection thing! What do you do when your mascara is smudged, or when you bump your kneecap. 'Fact' is, if you want to solve your anger, learn to control the little irritations and the big ones will solve Page 16


themselves. Handling your life like this also stems from descriptions, thus it is rather logical that descriptions can have a very big import in our lives.

There is this comical saying that reads: "Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never harm me." That is one of the biggest jokes. Go to the shopping centre and say something disgusting to a person and it is very likely that you will end up with a bloody nose.

I would also get angry if someone voiced some horrible obscenity to someone I love. All descriptions are reflections of our own ideas but there is an influx of genius inside of us, every person on this planet has had it at one time or another.

It is a spark of liberty that put doubt in your mind, and doubt is a great liberator.

Do you understand now, that the world of descriptions is not what it seems to be?

We are looking into a reflection of our own ideas. People may say that this world is real and that they can see it. We have been taught that this experience is seeing, this optical-happening-thing that is going on in this electrical system called the body. It is an electrical system (neurologically spoken), because atoms are traces of electricity.

Something is not absolutely real just because we can see it with our eyes!

(Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike competition…and he

came third!)

Look at this table in front of you, it seems to be standing still, our eyes are telling us that the table is totally stationary! Yet it is not so, this table is travelling at a speed of over one hundred thousand miles per hour in an orbit around the sun, along with the rest of the planet. And the reason we cannot see it moving at this enormous speed is because we are travelling along at the same velocity!

If the external world is so difficult to see for real, how on earth will we be able to identify our inner reality?

Strategic-thinkers strive to liberate themselves, while the average person would rather suffocate in their illusory unhappiness (and pretend it is happiness).

Release a cork under water and it will shoot to the surface because the forces-of-not-belonging will push it upward to the surface. Or to put it in different words;

"the forces of belonging" calls it to the surface. You can tie a cork down under water, but it will be a burden to whatever is holding it down there for the duration of its captivity!

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To a certain extent, this path that I am talking about, this system towards

"strategic-mind", is un-natural to us, I guess that in a certain sense I am tying myself “down here”, and not anyone can do it. Any form of discipline is totally opposing the structure of a human. We are not who we think we are, we may think we are this or that, but fact remains that we are reactive creatures and it is the hidden child within that handles all our responses. A person of fifty may seem quite in “control”, but the child within him is dictating how he should react to the world, based on the sum-total of all his experiences in his formative years.

As a result, when I speak to the fifty-year old, I am speaking to a child that is being manipulated by all his previous experiences, but at present, this child is living in the body of an adult geared to procreate. Even though he is a man in his present state, he still yearns for daddy’s attention.

However, daddy has always been too busy! We are all too busy for our children.

We do not mean to, but this is the way of our hurried lives. Life IS because we ARE.

This “whatever-thing” we call life needs kinetic energy to subsist, just as we do.

Kinetic energy is energy produced by movement, movement means relation and relation means friction! Literally, we need a bugger up to survive. Therefore, when I speak to someone, I speak to the child and the adult in one, the child within sees daddy and the adult sees procreation.

I know I sound like a sex addict with all this procreation talk, but when a guy gives flowers to someone of his liking, what is he actually asking? And what are you actually saying when you accept it? What is the final result? He is saying, “may I mate with you pleeezze!”, and when you accept the flowers, you are giving permission; it is a prolonged and wonderful foreplay that brought us all into this awesome life!

It all sounds very primitive but there is nothing wrong with it, and it is beautiful.

Go watch people dancing and you will realize that it is a mating dance. Women sway their hips from side to side and men thrust the pelvis forward and backward. Two young women visited me recently and I relayed this “dance-mating-theory" to them one night, just before they went out dancing. They disagreed profusely at first, but half an hour later they were back, saying I was right in my assumption. They accused me of messing up their entire evening!

If we regard all the descriptions of life, (including the ones that I am presenting to you now) as absolute, we will keep ourselves stuck in our old ways. There is Page 18


nothing we can see that is not memory; therefore, we are living in an attitude of the past.

A pessimist is someone who regrets the future, because he carries the past along. We cannot get through this entrapment of words unless we can change descriptions into our servants instead of them being our masters.

We live in a world of duality, a world of opposites; you cannot have the one if you do not have the other.

Here is another example of duality. We take a little child underground and we raise him in artificial light. He never experiences the darkness. There are lights shining from everywhere, then we get Professors to teach him all about light, every aspect of it. After many years, this child will basically know everything about light, in theory anyway. Subsequently we ask a moron to switch the light off, and in one instant, that child will have knowing of light, at the exact moment of experiencing darkness. Understandably, he will be very scared as well, but if we run from our fear, we will never know the "light" (awareness).