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Before I start this lecture, I wish to clarify the following: I urge you not to just believe me but instead, to concentrate on understanding me.

Everything I say is only my opinion, and will not necessarily be true for everyone.

Today’s talk will also incorporate the two previous talks. In short, I will go over the First, Second and the Third lectures, these three teachings may be called the three keys that are essential for people to know and understand, should they wish to comprehend anything of the hidden worlds. (Sub-conscious workings) All of this is just talk, a shift of awareness in the way we perceive the world, so that we may see a little from all different angles.

I surrender each moment to Change,

Which is the power that rules my fate.

And I cling to nothing from the past,

So I have nothing to defend.

I challenge my own thoughts at will, so I can see!

Fear became my servant,

Thus I remember the totality of myself,

Detached and at ease I dart past Samsara,

Every moment, to be free.

"In life there is only one absolute delusion…and this is the belief that we have annihilated all delusions!"

The word Samsara is a Sanskrit word meaning “the Wheel of Suffering”.

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We are reborn every moment into the next moment, and if we bring the past along (holding on to our old ideas of the world) we will make that past the present, which again is the blueprint of tomorrow. Because of this, we keep on making the same mistakes over and over until the day we die, because we keep on talking to ourselves about ourselves and about the world over and over until we die.

‘If you think in the way you’ve always thought, you’ll get what you’ve always got!’

A "free mind" (free warrior) is a person who realizes this error of mind, and strives to alter their internal talk. I am not referring to constructive thoughts as such; I am referring to the internal dialogue, that talk that is going on inside our heads, the talk where we are always fighting something and winning the battle.

Sometimes these are short stories and occasionally they can be dragged-out like a low-budget Chinese movie! For example: you see someone sexy that you fancy and suddenly one gets lost in a passionate screenplay, yet every so often, especially with men, it turns out to be a very short story. And with women it could be a very long intriguing story. These stories cannot serve any purpose in our lives, unless they are used for entertainment. However, people do not go deeper into analysing what these thoughts are, about how they happen, how they start and how they fit into reality.

Thus, the first lesson is:-

‘the truth is a Lie!’

"The truth is a lie, and if you deny it; your very denial proves the point!"

To disagree with this statement is a direct affirmation of the whole declaration!

We need to understand the nature of truth and then divide and separate it from reality. Before I continue, I would like you to consider this saying:-

No doubt, no awakening

Little doubt, little awakening

Big doubt, big awakening

Total doubt, total awakening

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"Denial is self-induced ignorance!"

Fact is, I would actually prefer to let people remain ignorant, because then they are happy. Think of it, 50 years ago people were reasonably happy, at ease and at peace. They were content with everything they were told. In 1975 the first demon came to South Africa – Television, subsequently it opened the greater world to the masses, and people realized how big and contradictory the world actually was!

In my childhood the idea of Christianity was not a ‘religion’ to me, it was absolutely commonplace like sunshine. Yet some people were of different origin and that caused quite a lot of bewilderment in my mind. This is right and that is wrong! This is wrong and that is right. Most people never had the ability to think beyond those rigid lines, or maybe they had the potential but they definitely had no point of reference. That is why I call the generation of the age group 50 years and older the ‘Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil’ generation. (Even though I am ‘kind-of’ part of that group!)

When I speak to people in that age group, it is like a veil going over most of them.

The majority older people are absent from the world and they have been absent their whole life. They used to seem happy, now they sit looking at the world with strange eyes. I hear them speak of the Apocalypse, about all the bad things that are going to happen. But they don’t want to see or hear anything that will liberate them. I spoke to my Father some time ago. He was 80 years old at the time and he said to me (with an air of disappointment) he has been waiting for Jesus his whole life and Jesus never came. So I said to him: “Dad, Jesus is the Truth!” I said that against my own knowing, but not against my conscience. I am not saying that Jesus is not the "Truth" (subjectively for some), since there are scores of people who believe in it (and are down-right happy), but what I am saying is that Jesus is not the only truth. I knew at that moment instinctively that my Father could not let go of his way of thinking – his way of thinking is all he’s got. And I cannot see how anything would have made a difference for him anyway. I personally do not believe that anyone is doomed when they die; my Father and most other people of his generation simply never had the opportunity to think for themselves.

There is a saying that reads: ‘If everybody agrees, then someone is not thinking.’

This is the reason why it is important that you take this talk under severe scrutiny before you even consider agreeing with me.

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When television came and calculators came (as well as computers at a later stage), they seemingly came from an alien world. Suddenly there was this influx of information and everybody began to awaken to a large amount of knowledge, but this knowledge accumulated in people’s heads, not in their bodies.

We confuse carrying a library around in our heads with true knowledge. We confuse knowledge with knowing and subsequently we confuse knowing with wisdom.

‘Wisdom is the practical and beneficial application of knowledge.’

‘With our tongues we can paint reality any colour, but our actions serve as sandpaper.’

Mind you, life itself is a great paint remover.

Awareness is the skeleton key to liberation, but be warned, once you are aware, you cannot become unaware again.

We like to use words without ever considering the actual meaning of it. My Father (during that incident I was referring to earlier) mentioned the

"Apocalypse", and on one occasion I asked him if he knew what that word (Apocalypse) meant. He explained that it referred to the Book of Revelations that confirms the end of the world when God is going to destroy everything. I asked him if he knew the direct translation of the word "Apocalypse", to which he replied once more that the word meant all the things in the Book of Revelations. I did not want to confuse him so I left it there. However, the actual meaning of Apocalypse is ‘lifting the veil’ translated from the Greek ‘Apocalyptic’.

In light of this (lifting-the-veil), Revelations is true, and the Apocalypse is happening right now! The veil of oblivion has been lifted and there is an influx of knowledge, the old world of ignorance is being destroyed by “God” and at first we may not be able to handle it very well. When a new complication arises in your life, it is incredibly difficult to handle it at first glance, yet, if you surrender to the moment, (not carrying your prejudice from the past into that new moment) that exact complication handles itself through you. What I say is (kind of) similar to the Pastors and Preachers who articulate Faith, to trust the process or to trust

“God” totally. I do not trust the individual parts, but I do trust the flow of things.

(I trusted a little fart once; as a result I shat myself!) Page 6


Thus I am not expecting you to trust the next person either, because people do not have labels that state whether they are good or bad.

Nevertheless there we have it, the Truth is a Lie and if you deny it, you prove the point.

One man’s truth is another man’s lie and one man's lie is another man's truth!

Moreover, a lie is the only thing that points directly at the truth; and on the other hand, truth is the only thing that points directly at a lie. You need to have both of them for reference to either of them. Let me take this disc here from the table and use it as an example. (Eugene picks up a coaster from the table in front of him.)

When I hold it up and I ask people sitting opposite me as to what they see, they will say to me that they are seeing a disc and that the disc has white words written on it. Subsequently I will say to you that you are totally insane, this object that I am holding is light blue of colour, and there is nothing written on it, but I am obviously viewing the rear side of the disc, the opposite side of what you are looking at.

Doris here to my left will say that we are both touched in the head, that all she sees is a thin line, because she is viewing the side of the disc. This confusion arises from the fact that we confuse the point of view with the thing we view. In fact, everybody is right, but in life people hardly ever realize this little tangle!

(Yet there are out-dated "truth's" that are straight forward harmful in this day and age, and society needs to identify these irrational "truth's" and allow them to transform naturally in harmony with the modality of time!) Nevertheless, if I am not aware of this little fact, that there is a vast difference between the point of view, and the object / subject being viewed, I will try to prove that I am right; I will get a whole lot of people together on my side, including some intellectuals, to say that you are all wrong, and that this is in fact a bluish thing with no writing on it. When an individual (or any minority group) gets overruled by the masses, he might start doubting himself, now that kind of doubt is not a beneficial state of mind. Doubt on average can be a good thing. You get two types of everything, divided down the middle, positive and negative. Positive doubt means progression and negative doubt means delusion.

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Again, we confuse the point of view with the thing that we view. If I draw a line down the center, we have benefit or the light side of life, and in the other half, we have non-benefit, which may be called the dark side of life. If you are ignorant or oblivious, your experience will have different effects on either side of this symbolic line.

E.g. If you are not aware of a bag of money worth 20million lying under a bush, you are going to miss out on it. (And then I still dare to call it the light side) On the other hand, if you are not aware of an activated landmine you are going to step on it, and this would be the dark side of life. Therefore being unaware has different effects on us, depending on which side of this symbolic lifeline we are.

There are only two roots of evil, oblivion and ignorance. If you are in oblivion and/or ignorance, and everybody else around you is in the same state of mind, it will feel somewhat safe. Only the people on the outside get hurt, while the ones on the inside will consider themselves safe in their little cocoons of illusion.

These are two ends of the same stick, a coin with two sides - a truth and a lie.

Then, (removed from, and unified amidst duality) is reality, and reality says both are valid, truth and lies are married. There are things like positive lies and negative lies. For example, if you are bitten by a Mamba, and I tell you the truth about it (the fact that you are dying), the blood will rush faster through your body as you panic and you will die very quickly. But if I lie to you, and say that it’s a harmless snake, but that it would be better to go to hospital just to make sure the wound doesn’t get infected, your panic will only be mild concern and the poison will circulate slower. Thus my lie will actually be your lifesaver! This is what I call a

‘sacred lie', and these are sometimes necessary in the world.

‘Immature strategy is rooted in ignorance, and immature strategy is the greatest cause of misery!’

In the same way, bad things are necessary in the world, and this is dangerous ground to tread on since there really are extremely evil things happening in the world, but fact is that without ‘bad’ things we will not be able to identify the

‘good’ things.

For arguments sake let us pretend that I am a man from Mars, just to take the explanation on duality a little further.

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I come from Mars and you are sitting here eating a chocolate, when I ask you what you are eating, you will say to me that you are eating something very sweet.

Coming from Mars I do not know what the word ‘sweet’ means, and again I ask you what ‘sweet’ is. Seeing that "experience" will be the only possible way for you to make me understand what "sweetness" is, you give me a whole bag of sugar to eat yet, still; I will not know what sweetness is. No matter what words you use to describe sugar, you will not be able to explain sweetness, but give me one drop of bitterness, after I ate the sugar, the moment that bitterness touches my tongue, the whole spectrum of sweetness and bitterness opens in the domain of my (total) experience!

So, what I am telling you is:


Again, I must mention that I am very aware of the fact that there are bad things that we really can do without, like Paedophiles and other sick perversions on this planet. I will never believe that those extremes are necessary, but the dark side of this lifeline values no judgment; there is no discrimination as to what should happen. The Universe is neither cruel, nor kind…it is simply indifferent! "This-whole-thing" seemingly governs itself. Take a wasp for instance, she finds a spider, stings and paralyses it, then she removes all its legs by biting them off one by one. After which she carries this poor living spider (which may very well be conscious of what is happening) to her nest, shoves it into the nest, and then lay her eggs inside of him. When the babies are born, they feed off the spider.

This is a story that will even make Stephan King get a shiver down his spine.

But when we view this story (energetically) it gives us the same script but, yet with a total different emphasis. One piece of energy unites with some other energy and there is a new force emerging from it – thus renewing itself all the time. It sounds a bit more soothing when we see it as energy.

Someone seizes my cell phone, hits me on the head and for the rest of my life I am traumatized by it. A falcon grabs another falcon’s prey and we take these amazing photos of it, send it to a TV program and receive great awards. We view the footage with great wonder, not thinking that the other falcon may be traumatized for the rest of its life. And he can’t even report it to the police.

Therefore, what I am saying is that this bad side / good side thing is un/fortunately a necessity.

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We have to face the fact that crime pays, and no government wants to get rid of crime.

If we get rid of crime, the whole justice system and all the people who are involved, like police, correctional services, burglar guard business etc. all go out of business. There is money in everything related to crime just as there is money in the actual war. The World Bank is a private company, as is the Reserve Bank of South Africa, and they make big money when there is war. Moreover, if there is no war, they will instigate war and will continue to lend money to both parties who then need to pay it back at high interest rates. I know it sounds like a conspiracy, but a large number of people benefit from it.

‘No evil deed goes un-blessed, as no good deed goes un-punished!’

If you want to create a wooden table, a huge beautiful tree needs to be utterly destroyed, and that tasty biltong (Dried meat-South African delicacy) that is so delicious, required that an animal had to die.

‘Creation is destruction wearing a mask and destruction is creation wearing a mask.’

If I give a carving instrument to a monkey and at the same time, I give one to a human with a good mind, the monkey is likely to hurt himself with it while the human will carve something beautiful with the exact same instrument.

Consequently, we sit with a weird necessity. The truth is a lie, goodness is badness and we can use both sides of the spectrum. The outcome depends on the individual’s level of thinking. I can take a knife and I can kill with it, or carve with it. This is the duality of life, or the yin and yang of things. The one side is black with a white dot and the other is white with a black dot. When something reaches its own extremity, it has the seed of the opposite already inherent within it. Is it black or is it white?

Is you is or is you aint?’

“Bad “things can be awfully “good” sometimes!

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Like this story of a Samurai warrior;

He was a very wise man but he only had 5000 soldiers. They were on the way to do battle against 30000 soldiers and the minority group were obviously very scared, seeing that they were totally outnumbered. On their way to battle, they stopped by a tea house where a wise wizard lived. The Samurai went into the tea house, after telling his fellow warriors that he was going to consult the wizard to determine if they would survive the battle or not. When he came out of the tea house he had a coin in his hand, he explained that the wizard had given him a

"magic" coin and alleged that if the coin fell with heads showing, they would win and no-one would die, and if it landed tails up they all would perish.

It landed heads on, and they went to battle and annihilated the enemy. The soldier that was second in charge inquired about the matter. The master then showed him the coin and it had heads on both sides.

A good example of a lie that saved the day for these soldiers!

I have drawn an iceberg (diagram A) with the water below and a 5 pointed star above, the star represents your five physical senses. The top section of the iceberg (marked with a red 1) resembles your conscious mind, or First Attention.


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The subconscious mind or as I like to call it, the "Second attention", is the part of the iceberg which lies below the blue water line (A2), the ocean around the iceberg (A3), represents the collective subconscious or Third attention.

Whatever we perceive enters the first attention, but the reaction we send back into the outer world is governed by the second attention.

Should that which you perceive, not correlate to your (preconceived) idea of the world, your subconscious mind will forcefully reject the “foreign” data.

Little pieces of your iceberg breaks away and become part of the ocean, and some of the ocean or collective sub-consciousness will attach onto your subconscious mind, which possibly gives rise to that weird feeling we call déjà-vu.

(That strange feeling we sometimes get, that “I have been here I have done it before”- feeling, and the déjà-vu feeling is correct, in a sense we have been here, and we “have done” it.) The day you die, the iceberg melts and become part of the great ocean, a part of the “Great Unconscious”.

Many people have asked me where I get my knowledge from...sometimes I wonder about that myself. People that associate with me personally knows that I hardly ever “study” anything, as we understand ‘studying’ in the traditional sense.

I have simply found a way of accessing the collective subconscious. (Free Mind) If you take something from the Cabbalistic tradition for instance, and you study some part of it, any part of it, like the Hebrew alphabet for example.

Memorize it to such an extent that, far in the future, you will be able to write it down without even thinking of it. If that happens it will mean that the alphabet you have studied became a part of your memory, once it sinks down far enough into your subconscious mind (below the “water” surface on diagram A) it will start attracting, from the collective subconscious (A3) anything that oscillates in sympathy with it.

This is what some refer to as "divine inspiration”.

What I teach by means of the AZA program, is how to create a permanent link between the conscious and subconscious mind. Once this link is established it becomes a very powerful tool, to which I refer as the “first” and “second”


However, there is a little stool in the drinking water here, and by “stool”, I do not mean a chair! There is a problem, an obstruction in this process of unification, and this problem, or “challenge” is the core of our reactive behaviour.

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Deep down in the subconscious dwells a very scared little child, and this little child tells the “conscious” adult how to react to the external world.

Let me, as an example, sketch a scenario.

You are driving to the shop; a taxi is driving next to you while he is continuously blowing his horn. (Hooting! You dirty mind!)

Why do you get irritated? (A typical South African-Caucasian irritation) It is just sound, harmless sound.

The cause of your irritation is the little child inside of your subconscious mind, it is your formative memory that is getting scared, and that exact fear is masquerading as irritation or anger!

Think back a bit, what did daddy do when you caused a racket in your childhood years? How many times were you scolded or punished because of noise you made during those formative years? Therefore, when you hear the hooter, your subconscious remembers all the trouble that noise brought into your life. Please keep in mind that this is not a conscious thing; it comes from the subconscious/unconscious mind, which again paves the foundation for the rest of your life, your child within becomes ‘the queen of your castle’ (so to speak).

A little girl goes to her mother and shows her a drawing she made at school, but Mummy is busy on the telephone with her boss and reacts impatiently. Even though the mother does not mean to cause harm, the child still feels offended. As a result, that child makes an unconscious promise; some children will decide that they are totally useless while others will take a silent pledge that will ensure full attention for the duration of their lives. A little child will become a real dominant chauvinist/bitch, or s/he becomes a total introvert, just because of some seemingly trivial incident.

To combat this, the path leading to strategic-thinking presents three riddles.

Firstly, we have the riddle of the mind that needs to be solved before we can journey to any true knowledge and knowing.

The second is the riddle of the heart (emotion), and finally the riddle of the consciousness (awareness)!

Firstly, we must try to solve the riddle of the mind, even though it can never (truly) be solved. At a stage you will realize that it cannot be solved and go beyond it.

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Then we must solve the riddle of the heart and finally solve the riddle of awareness but the same rule applies here, i.e. none of these can be solved. To understand your formative years is not going to stop you from getting angry with the man at the taxi rank, but you need to recognize your emotional triggers and teach yourself a new habit, then you will have to persist in conditioning yourself into this new habit until it overrules the previous subconscious data deep in your being.

When we look at the world, we look into a reflection of our own ideas, into a reflection of our own subconscious mind. When I speak to twenty people, there are twenty-one things being heard, because I am here as well. Thus, whatever I am saying, will either correlate to your preconceived idea of the world (and you will call it the truth), or it will clash with your idea and you will call it a lie. In both instances you will do injustice to yourself because what I am telling you is neither truth nor lies, it is both of these in one.

Unity is the foundation of merging with a strategic-mind. When I say Unity I do not mean one-ness in the sense that we normally understand the word. It is rather like my arms, there are two hands, but only one body. Therefore, cultivating a strategic-mind has to do with this weird concept of Unity.

"The space that separates objects from one another is the exact same space that unites them!"