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This manuscript is a direct recording of one of my talks; therefore,
the writing style differs greatly from my other books. Whenever I
deliver a lecture, I "weigh" the emotional / moral boundaries of my
audience and as a result, the talk will take its own direction
therefrom. My personal sense of humour knows no boundary, yet I
do spare my audience certain eccentrics if it needs to be. Since it is
not in my power to "weigh" my readers, I have excluded some of my
usual "obscenities" from the manuscript.
This particular manuscript is relatively short, yet its contents are
extremely important, firstly as a strategic shift in consciousness to
aid in safe living and secondly to serve as a modern-day guide for
all "lost souls" out "there".
As soon as a child masters the act of crawling, s/he will naturally
evolve to a superior level and start walking (with the necessary
bumps and falls accompanying it!). Therefore, the child might feel
quite "lost" on entering his/her new challenge!
This law of evolution applies; whenever a person has mastered a
certain level, the transition to the next altitude happens
automatically. This evolution is naturally relevant to the perceptual
world as well. The "saved" soul that have mastered his current
degree of insight will automatically "get lost" in a superior plane (the
"getting-lost" part will be in the perception of the "lower" levels
This shift is happening to more and more people and it is
Yet, should the 'traveller' attempt entering multi-dimensions with a
mind stuck in duality he will walk into a titanium wall!
The aim of this manuscript is to shake the mind loose from the
rigid bounds of the primitive state of dual thinking.
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