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Talking AZA 1

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Published: 3 years ago

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Talking AZA 1 is a documentation of the first three lessons of the AZA system. These three teachings are aimed at opening (shocking) the mind out of its rigid conditioning. The Masters’ mischievous sense of humor is evident right from the start and his non-serious entertainment attitude turns it into an unforgettable reading experience. To aid comprehension of the rest of the AZA-system, this manuscript is a “must-read-first” document. Talking AZA 1 consists of 10037 words. Written by Jung-Si Eugene


Finally! Thank you for providing words and explanation for what I've felt for a long time--it's something that can't be (or it's a waste of time) shared/spoken of with the average person; they truly don't want to hear it. Then again, if shared, the kernel(s) of 'truth' (ha, ha) is stored up for the day when the seed sprouts!Are you a comedian?


I knew on reading the trial pages that it was good. I knew because so many such works are saying there is a current swell of such "knowing" and because I have had personal experience of "awareness" and agree that it is not for losing once experienced. It may be hidden for a while but keeps popping up often unexpected.

Maria Lopez-Bravo

I found this book amazing, challenging and very deep. I love it! Is lesson number 2 and 3 coming soon? I can't wait!


Eugene Halliday

The Founder of AZA s.o.m.a. (Eugene Halliday) entered this world on 13 May 1963 in Pretoria, South Africa. He started his Martial Art career on 1 May 1969. In 1981, he joined the South African Police Force. In 1983, he entered a clandestine Counter Terrorism unit where he was submitted to severe training in armed and unarmed combat. His experience of reality during the bush war in Angola and the cold war in South Africa contradicted his view of reality he received during his formative years. Because of this, his quest into the deeper levels of Martial Arts that came into manifest after a near death experience at the age seven, intensified greatly. In 1995, he experienced a profound awakening! After this awakening, he initiated a system that concentrates on co-operation instead of competition. When asked at what time he perfected his system, his answer is always, never. He says that nothing in nature is ever completed and for that reason, nature is perfect. He explains that the AZA system always flows in harmony with nature in all her glory. He believes that change is the only thing that never changes, thus he encourages his students to embrace impermanence. He literally take his apprentices from A to Z and back to A for a new beginning in life! He just smiles when people refer to him as Master, since he prefers to be called Eugene. In his opinion, no one can become a Master, but anyone can strive for it, and continuous striving is synonymous to Mastery!

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