Tales of Horror and the Supernatural HTML version

“Ross, the word is that it’s Jake Connor. You know? That guy that bothered us the other
night. There will be a formal identification later I expect.”
“Oh,” I said, trying to feign indifference.
I watched as the last of the team left the sports pavilion in the park and the lights were
extinguished. Another football training night had come to a close. After a while a lone figure
appeared and locked the double doors then strode through the dark park toward the street
lights in the distance.
I felt myself rise into the air from behind a tree and land in front of Dave Thomas a muscled
sportsman at the school who bullied me because I couldn’t kick a ball. He jumped back and
began to tremble.
“Jesus! What’s this?”
“Hi Dave. I’ve come for you.” I said in the unworldly voice of the angel as I rose into the
air. “Oh, and I’ve learned to kick,” I continued as I kicked his head clean off his shoulders,
which then flew through the air and hit the doors of the pavilion with a dull thump. His
headless body then wavered and finally fell backwards with blood spurting from the carotid
Later that night I opened a bottle of whisky and sat on my couch in blood spattered clothes
and decided it was time to stop this before it went too far by handing myself into the police.
I drank half the bottle and fell into a deep slumber.
I strolled across a semi-dark wasteland. Thunder rumbled as lightning streaked the sky.
Stinking gasses hissed from holes in the ground. A figure came toward me, not walking, but
levitating over the sand and dirt.
The figure – not my friend this time, but a man dressed in a dark suit with short, styled dark
hair – stared at the ground until he was next to me when he raised his head.
“I’m not what you expected. Maybe this is what you expected!”
A thrashing beast with huge red eyes and large pointed teeth suddenly appeared in my mind.
I jumped back at first, but quickly regained my composure, and nonchalantly said: “Maybe.”
I felt myself rise into the air and spin round 180 degrees until I was hanging upside down
looking into his eyes.
“You will not hand yourself into the law. You are no good to me sitting in a prison cell!” he
said in a sombre voice. His eyes flickered between blue and red as he spoke.
I wasn’t going to let this bastard win, I thought, so I mustered up the demonic power that he
had given me and managed to send him flying into the distance.
As I watched him come roaring back my mind screamed “Wake up!”
The next day with the talk of a serial killer loose in town I handed myself into the police. I
was eventually tried and convicted of the murders and sentenced to life imprisonment.
I tried to keep a low profile in the prison, but after showering one night I made to leave the
shower room , but my exit was cut off by a big man partially covered in tattoos.
“The boss wants a word with you shitehead,” he said a thick Glaswegian accent.
I turned to see three men gazing at me.
“I heard you cut up some people real bad outside.,” said the smaller of the three who stood
in between the others. “Well in here, I’m the boss,” he continued.
The Dark must have been descending outside, because I could feel the demon power rising
in me.
“I’m going to leave you in the capable hands of my associates to show you who’s in charge
here just in case you weren’t listening,” said the middle man leaving the shower room.
As the three thugs approached me I watched them suddenly come to a halt as they saw my
eye colour change to red. Suddenly the door slammed shut and locked.
“Hard men eh?” I rasped.
“Fuck you!” one of them shouted and ran at me.
I flew into the air and grabbed his head, pulling it from his body. I then landed and began
drinking his blood. The other two men ran to the door and began banging and shouting.