Tales of Horror and the Supernatural HTML version

I guess I’ve always been a pushover being so quiet and shy. At school I was bullied by bigger
boys. They picked on me because I was a well-dressed plump boy who wouldn’t stand up for
himself. The more I didn’t stand up to them the worse the bullying became.
I hated it of course and used to dream of bad things happening to the bullies: one drowning
in a river, another having his head chopped off. The worse the bullying the more intense the
dreams I had of death to these people.
O ne night I dreamed that a friend from school spoke to me, in a strange voice, about
taking care of the bullies. I realised something was wrong so I ran away. The dream started
to recur, especially when the bullying was at its height.
When I left school and started work I was still shy, but at least there was no bullying, not of
the school type anyway. The bullying in the workplace was more subtle, but essentially the
same: if you didn’t stand up for yourself it intensified.
After many years of waking in the middle of the night with the bullies laughing at me I
eventually managed to put the thoughts of bullying out of my mind and had settled down to
something of a normal life.
One night I took a new girlfriend, Helen, out for a drink. All was going well as we strolled
up Arbroath’s West Port on a warm, autumn evening. I seemed to be impressing her with my
tales of pranks at work as tears of laughter rolled down her perfectly formed small cheeks.
We entered the West Port Bar and I nodded to the two doormen who were dressed in black.
They just ogled Helen and then went on talking to a group around the door area. I froze when
a voice from the past shouted: “Hey Robertson, you still that spineless little shit?”
I turned and watched in horror as Jake Connor, the main bully from my past, stepped out
from behind the two bouncers.
Helen tugged on my sleeve, “come on Ross!”
I shook my head as I entered the place and found a seat for Helen then headed to the bar. I
ordered two drinks as the band on the stage beside a large window launched into „Rock „N’
Roll Damnation’. After I was given the drinks I sat next to Helen. “Sorry about that Helen –
someone from my past!”
“Let’s not let it spoil our night,” she said giving me a kiss on the cheek.
But, as I took a sip from my pint, I watched as a figure strode through the crowd at the bar
and then stood in front of our table. The horror of the school years flooded back into my
thoughts as the menacing Connor, now with shaven head, looked down on me.
“Right Robertson, you and me outside - now!”
I saw something change in his eyes as I stood up, but he laughed as I sat down again. He
poured the remainder of the pint glass over my trousers before departing back to the bar.
“Come on let’s go!” Helen said as she put her bag over her shoulder.
Later that night as I watched Helen walk away, I had reached a new low in my life and
swore that I would never again allow that to happen. I had to do something to rid the menace
of the bullying from my mind and the bullies from my reality.
That night unable to sleep I gazed up at the ceiling of my bedroom and remembered, the
dreams of my youth where an angel in the guise of one of my friends appeared and offered to
sort out the bullies. I realised that there must have been a price – my soul!
The next night eager to contact the angel I retired early. I closed my eyes and began to clear
my mind, which was difficult at first, but after a while I began to see the name Belianth – an
angel of retribution. I didn’t want to deal with demons I thought it better to contact an angel
even if he/she was far removed from God. I didn’t know where angels crossed into demons.
I strolled across an open meadow in bright sunlight and marvelled at the wild flowers, all
of which were in bloom. There was a wonderful smell of honeysuckle in the air.
A figure of a man walked toward me from out of the glare of the sun. When he came closer
I realised it was the friend from school whom I hadn’t seen for years. I struggled to say
something, but nothing came out. Suddenly his eyes opened unnaturally wide and he said:
“Why do you want to contact me?”