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Audcent 1997- 2005
The village of Dort lies at the southern base of a high Plateaux in the
country of Tasmanica. It has a river called the Dort River running through
the south of the village. There are several roads which lead to and from
Dort connecting it to other parts of the country. The chapters cover
mainly the adventures of two friends called Lemoss and Flitter and
Lemosss enchanted goat Nimblefax, but sometimes a chapter is written
around other characters who live in or near the village.
I have drawn a rough map out for my own use which is not part of this
book to help me locate people and places that have been referred to as I
progressed with my writing. Most of the immediate area around Dort is
explored by the boys, however the far eastern area past Uncle Todds
farm has been left vacant, partly because I need some suggestions from
the family of readers as to what may exist in that Eastern and South
Eastern part.
Mr.Dingle lives in the North East, and part of that land is high craggy hills
with dense forests which surround his home and garden.
The characters themselves are not based upon anyone in particular
unless a dedication exists in the chapter heading, giving credit to a
person whose name and identity Ive used. Rather the characters have
their own personas and both their identity and personality are left to
your imagination. Sometimes I will try to mirror human peculiarity and
activity that exist in our real world, but basically this is a tale for youthful
people whatever their age! The tales introduce special Tasmanica
words, for instance the seasons of the year are called Sprung, Sum,
Ort, Chill. I realise it makes the reading a little more difficult however all
countries use different names and mine is no exception! Other names
Ive chosen are more descriptive to the reader. Some parts of the tales
require a certain level of knowledge, perhaps of people or machinery,
or indeed the meaning of some words. I believe the Tasmanica words in
the main are self explanatory!
So I hope you will use your imagination, and enjoy the people of Dort
which was originally written for my children, when I was away working in
another town, and for you whom I write for now. Copyright Paul Audcent.
1997- 2005
Copyright Paul Audcent 1997-2013