Taking the Mystery Out of Yoga HTML version

Yet, while the yoga that is described in this book (and
experienced in most of the world) is not a religion, it does
fir seamlessly into many people’s existing religious
In other words, if you are a Catholic, a Protestant, a Muslim,
a Jew, a Sikh, or anything else and identify yourself as being
a part of any faith at all, yoga doesn’t ask you to replace
that faith with someone else, or offer you a competing or
contradictory view of what you already believe.
So please remember: yoga, as it is discussed and promoted
in this book (and in virtually every yoga book worth reading)
is not a religion.
As we’ll begin to understand in the next section of this book,
yoga is really nothing more, and nothing less, than
harassing the power of human attention and using it to
benefit the body and mind. It is an approach to life, here
and now.
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