Taking the Mystery Out of Yoga HTML version

s we head into this shiny new millennium, we’re
repeatedly reminded of the coming together of East
and West. That fusion no doubt has something to do
with the satellite television programming that now beams in
shows from diverse cultures, with the increased availability
of books and music from faraway places that merely a
generation or two ago were
not within reach, and, of
course, with the way we
now connect with people
across time and space
through the Internet and
other telecommunications
In short, the world has
become a much, much
smaller place. Indeed,
when Marshall McLuhan,
the celebrated Canadian educator, philosopher and scholar,
coined the term Global Village, even he probably didn’t
envision so much happening, so quickly, so soon.
Although the wave of information that now crisscrosses our
tiny planet is something that has its roots in ancient history,
it is now experiencing a burgeoning in the West that
continues to gain momentum with each passing year.
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