Taking the Mystery Out of Yoga HTML version

straightforward – not to mention efficient and time effective
– to clean things up.
Emotional Benefits
Yoga has also been hailed for its special ability to help
people eliminate feelings of hostility and inner resentment.
As a result of eliminating these toxic emotions, the doorway
to self-acceptance and self-actualization opens.
Pain Management Benefits
Pain management is another benefit of yoga. Since pain and
chronic pain are conditions that affect all of us at some
point, understanding the positive link between yoga and
pain management could be invaluable.
It can also be financially valuable, since the pain medication
industry is a multi-billion dollar marketplace and many
people, especially as they age, find that their insurance or
government coverage won’t cover some pharmaceutical and
over-the-counter pain relief medications.
The website www.lifepositive.com provides some
illuminating information on yoga and pain management:
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