Taking the Mystery Out of Yoga HTML version

postures – especially in hatha yoga – these are
only intended to make people get in touch with
their inner feelings.
Yoga is NOT a system of meditation – or a religion
– the way many people are misled to believe.
Meditation is only part of the whole process of
bringing ourselves into the realm of the spiritual.
The Essence of Yoga
Virtually all yogic science and philosophy contends that a
human being is but a fragment of an enormous universe,
and when this human being learns to “communion” with this
vastness, then he/she attains union with something that is
bigger than him/her. This attachment, or tapping into
something bigger, thus enables one to walk the true path of
happiness. By flowing along with the force, the individual is
able to discover truth.
And with truth comes realization, but to attain realization,
our words, thoughts and deeds must be based on truth.
People attend courses on yoga and go to studios to learn
new techniques in yoga, but yoga teacher Tim Miller said
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