Taking the Mystery Out of Yoga HTML version

The sacred scriptures of Hinduism (an ancient belief system
from India that has a global presence) also defines yoga as
“unitive discipline,” the kind of discipline that, according to
experts Georg Feuerstein and Stephan Bodian in their book
Living Yoga, leads to inner and outer union, harmony and
In essence, yoga is most commonly understood as conscious
living, of tapping into one’s inner potential for happiness
(what Sankrit refers to as ananda).
What Yoga Isn’t
Sometimes it’s helpful to understand things by what they
aren’t, especially when dealing with a topic, like yoga, that is
quite easily misunderstood.
Authors and yoga scholars Feuerstein and Bodian help us
understand yoga by telling us what it is NOT:
Yoga is NOT calisthenics (marked by the
headstand, the lotus posture or some pretzel-like
pose). Although it is true that yoga involves many
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