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Why do you need to sue the credit bureaus and the collection agencies?

The consumers are left in a critical situation because of the

• Carelessness of the credit bureaus when the credit report prepared by them contains inaccurate data.
• Unethical means followed by collection agencies to collect money from them.
• Refusal by the credit bureaus to update their database with the correct data of the consumer.

It becomes necessary to sue the credit bureaus and collection agencies when they create a problem for the consumers and refuse to amend it.

The mistakes of the credit bureaus in preparing your credit report reduce your credit score. It can make you ineligible for any further loans. A recent study has shown that about a one-third of all the credit reports prepared is faulty. This is because the credit bureaus database contains inaccurate information. This cannot be accepted because they are paid for their work, and they must maintain the desired standard.

Do not hesitate to go against the creditors, credit bureaus, or the collection agencies. You just have to find out whether they are at fault or not. If they have broken the laws, just go ahead because it’s they who should be afraid, not you.

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