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Our objective

Our prime objective is to help people in avoiding any kind of harassment they face as a result of debt. We also had a tough time with the debt collectors and we want to share our knowledge with the readers

The creditors and the collection agencies often follow wrong and immoral methods in doing their business and dealing with the people whom they lend money. It is not unusual for them to lie and say just anything to get you to pay.

Sometimes people are harassed by the credit bureaus also when they prepare incorrect credit reports. As a result a person’s reputation is badly affected in the credit market.

The creditors and the collection agencies follow many illegal methods when they deal with the consumers. They could do this because many of the credit consumers are innocent. Very few of them know about their rights. Some may not know that they can take the creditors to the court. Others might not know under what circumstances they can do so.

Our objectives can be listed in this way:


• Make the credit consumers aware of their rights.


• Guide them to file a claim against their creditors, the collection agencies or the credit bureaus in Small Claims Court.


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