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If your proposal is accepted:

Get the written document of the settlement: Get hold of an original copy of the agreement with their signatures. You might not get the original copy since they can even fax the agreement to you. If they refuse to give a written form of the settlement, then you need to go to the court.

Read the terms and conditions of the settlement carefully before signing it: The language used in the agreement letter or document given to you might contain legal jargon. You might not completely understand the clauses mentioned in the document. To be on the safer side, get in touch with a good lawyer. Sign the document only after comprehending it with your lawyer’s help.

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For Example, there have been many cases where the agreement contained such clauses which states that the person has settled the dispute and will never sue the other party again. So if you sign the agreement and are harassed again, you will never be able to sue them.

Look over for the Liquidated Damages Provision in the settlement: It is a provision which should be there in the document. Liquidated damages are the sum of money to be paid if a party violates the agreement. So always check it out.

Inform the court about the settlement: If the dispute is settled out of court and earlier you have requested the court for a case, let the court know about it. In this case the court will dismiss your case.

Make sure that you get the payment before the date of the hearing: You need to get the payment before the court date. If they do not meet with all the terms of the agreement before the date of hearing, go ahead for a court case against them.

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