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outdoors. She had an inquisitive nature and a great love for animals. She
was Georgia Livingston.
She watched the squirrel as it played with an acorn at the woods edge.
She smiled.
“Hello little Squirrel.”
The Squirrel stood up. It looked at Georgia.
The squirrels little eyes looked at the girl.
“Aren’t you cute?”
The Squirrel tried to break the acorn. It fell and spun over the acorn. It fell on
its backside. It caught the acorn in its feet. Georgia laughed.
“Silly Billy.”
The Squirrel jumped up. It ran into the woods. Georgia was disappointed. She
called after the Squirrel.
“Hey, wait!”
She chased the squirrel into the woods.
Georgia ran through the woods. The trees towered over her. She stopped.
The Squirrel stood on the log. It held the acorn in its little arms.
“There you are.”
The Squirrel looked at her. It turned and ran away again. Georgia ran to the
large fallen log. She looked down. The egg lay under the log. It was very big
and green. Georgia said amazed.
“It is an egg.”