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The log cabin sat nestled deep in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney


Australia. The pristine woods were filled with towering trees, and the craggy


mountains lined the horizon. A young eight-year-old girl played in the


backyard of the cabin. She had large blue eyes. Her hair was long, brown,


and messy. Her small face was covered with freckles. She loved being in the outdoors. She had an inquisitive nature and a great love for animals. She


was Georgia Livingston.


She watched the squirrel as it played with an acorn at the woods edge.


She smiled.


“Hello little Squirrel.”


The Squirrel stood up. It looked at Georgia.


The squirrels little eyes looked at the girl.


“Aren’t you cute?”


The Squirrel tried to break the acorn. It fell and spun over the acorn. It fell on


its backside. It caught the acorn in its feet. Georgia laughed.


“Silly Billy.”


The Squirrel jumped up. It ran into the woods. Georgia was disappointed. She


called after the Squirrel.


“Hey, wait!”


She chased the squirrel into the woods.


Georgia ran through the woods. The trees towered over her. She stopped.


The Squirrel stood on the log. It held the acorn in its little arms.


“There you are.”


The Squirrel looked at her. It turned and ran away again. Georgia ran to the


large fallen log. She looked down. The egg lay under the log. It was very big


and green. Georgia said amazed.


“It is an egg.” She leant down with excitement.


“A big egg.”


She looked around.


“Where is your momma?”


She heard the adult voice filter through the woods. It was her father’s voice.


“Georgia! Georgia!”


She picked up the egg. She held it under her jacket. She flashed a smile. She


told the egg.


“Do not worry. I will look after you until your momma comes back.” CHAPTER 1




The little girl with long brown hair ran with the egg tucked gently under her




She ran from the woods. She skipped through her backyard, past her toys,


and through the back door of her cabin.


Dan Livingston sat at the kitchen table. He was a strongly built man, and he


had a weathered face. He was dressed in dirty farming gear from a long day


working in the fields. He watched his daughter walk quickly past the kitchen




He called out quickly as she disappeared out of sight. “It was getting late honey”


He heard Georgia call back.


“Sorry Daddy.”


Georgia walked up the stairs with the egg under the jacket.


Georgia closed the bedroom door. She lowered the egg gently to the bed.


She looked at the egg.


“I bet you are so cute.”


Georgia heard her father call out, “Georgia! Dinner’s ready!”


She moved the egg onto the pillow. She looked at the egg amazed.




She ran out the door.


The wind lightly caressed the nighttime woods.


Georgia sat at the kitchen table. Her father placed the vegetables on her


plate. His weathered face looked at Georgia.


“You know how I feel about you playing in the woods at night alone.”


Georgia said with a guilty look.


“I am sorry Daddy.” Her father looked at his bright eye daughter. He told her.


“Just, I cannot loose you like I did your mother.”


Georgia ate her vegetables.


“I miss Mummy too.”


Dan Livingston looked sad.


“Do not be so sad Daddy,” said to cheer her dad up.


“I love you.”


He smiled.


Georgia made sure her bedroom door was closed. She placed the blanket


over the egg. She patted it lovingly.


“All warm and comfy. Tomorrow we will find your momma.”


She kissed the egg. She turned off the lights. She went to sleep.


The light cover of fog hung over the woods as the sun rose.


Georgia ran from the back door of the house with the toast in her mouth. The


egg was tucked under her jacket. Her Father shouted from the kitchen


window as he watched her run towards the woods.


“Don’t you want the rest of your breakfast?”


Georgia ran towards the trees. She did not hear her father. She looked at the


egg in her jacket.


“Let us find your Mommy.” She ran into the woods filled with towering trees.


The morning light faintly cast down on Georgia as she ran with the egg


through the woods.


Georgia stopped at the large fallen log. It was the same fallen log that she


found the egg under the previous day. She looked at the ground around the


log. She looked for any animal footprints that showed the mother had


returned for her egg. There were no footprints to be seen.


“No animal footprints. My dad says mommy’s always come back for their




Georgia looked sad. She looked at the egg.


“I do not think your mommies coming back.”


She put the egg to her cheek.


“I am going to care for you. I am going to love you so much.”


Georgia sat at her computer. The egg sat in small basket covered with the




“I have to learn how to care of you little egg,” Georgia said.


Georgia searched the Internet Website’s with the pictures of reptile eggs. The


Internet Website’s flashed across the screen as she searched. Georgia wanted to learn how to take care of the egg. Georgia read the Website’s with


a serious expression.


The snowy white Owl sat in the tree outside, as if watching the little girl


through bedroom window. Georgia sat at the computer for hours reading how


to care of big reptile eggs.


Dan Livingston walked along the corridor towards Georgia’s room with the


plate full of cookies.


The doorknob in Georgia’s room began to turn. The doorknob stopped, as if


the door had been locked. She heard her father call through the door.


“Georgia honey!”


Georgia looked around. The door shook as her father tried to open it. She


heard her father’s voice again. It was more urgent this time.


“Why is the door locked?”


Georgia panicked.


She said quickly as she jumped up from the chair.


“Wait a minute!”


She threw the blanket over the egg. She changed the website to a screen


filled with little Princesses. She ran across to the door. She unlocked and


opened the door. Her father stood looking at her questioningly.


“Why was the door locked Georgia?” She said innocently.


“Even little girls need privacy daddy.”


He placed the plate of cookies on the bed. The egg that was concealed under


blanket sat next to the plate of cookies. Dan Livingston looked over her room.


“You have been up here all day. You need to eat,” he told her worried that


she had been hidden away in her room all day.


She nodded.


“I will eat.”


She took a cookie from the plate and ate it. Father moved to the door. He


told her as he left.


“And don’t stay up too late honey.”


Georgia swallowed the cookie, and said.


“I won’t.”


The door closed and Georgia gently locked the door again. Georgia flicked


the computer screen back to the website filled with the pictures of reptile


eggs. She pulled the blanket off the egg again. She smiled.


“It says I have to keep you warm.”


Georgia placed the lamp over the egg.


“Until you hatch.”


She looked at the egg.


“They say it is good to sing to babies. So I am going to sing to you.” Georgia lay on the bed in her pajamas. She sang a soft song to the egg as if


singing it to sleep. CHAPTER 2




The picturesque woods surrounded the small school.


Georgia sat at her desk. The teacher wrote on the board. Georgia opened her


desk gently. She peered inside. The egg was covered with the small blanket.


She closed the desk again.


Georgia stood with the large backpack in the library. The forty-year-old, thin


faced, Librarian looked down at Georgia.


“I am baby sitting my niece Miss. Do you know a good bedtime story to read


to babies?” Georgia asked.


The female Librarian with short brown hair thought about what book would


suit the best. She told Georgia.


“I think we can find a good fairy tale book for your niece.”


The Librarian reached up and took the book from the shelf. Georgia looked at


the front of the book. It had the picture of three little pigs on the cover. The


Librarian told her.


“The Three Little Pigs.”


Georgia smiled. “Perfect,” she said.


Georgia lay in her pajamas in her bedroom. It was night. The blanket covered


the egg. The lamp kept the egg warm. Georgia held the Three Little Pigs story


in her hands. She read the bedtime story to the egg.


“And the big bad wolf huffed and puffed and blew the house down.”


The birds flew up from the woods. They flew through the moonlight. It was


very late at night.


Georgia sat at her computer. She read the Internet Website that had the


pictures of many different reptile eggs. She was studying the website on


Reptile Eggs. She heard the small sound from the egg. Georgia looked


around to the egg. The egg began to shake lightly. Georgia’s face lit up.


“You are hatching.”


She leant down to the egg. The egg shook again.


“C’mon little one.”


The egg began to shake strongly. Georgia was excited.


“Do not be afraid.”


She leant her face down to the egg. It shook strongly. The cracks began to


appear on the egg.


“C’mon little one.” She was eager to see what was inside of the egg.


The egg cracked open.


Georgia smiled beamed. She was very excited


“Hello little one.”


The Baby animal’s small head stuck out of the egg. It had small innocent


eyes. It had a small little snout. It was very cute.


Georgia told it as it blinked.


“You are so cute.”


The animals little eyes looked at her. Georgia picked up the Baby animal




It looked different from any animal she had ever seen.


“What are you?”


The baby animal licked her cheek. Georgia giggled.


“I love you too.”


Baby animal rubbed its head against her hand.


“You think I am your mommy.”


She placed it gently in the basket.


She told the Baby animal.


“I have to learn what kind of animal you are so I can take care of you.”


Baby animal looked up at her. Georgia turned to the computer. She scanned


the Internet website of animal baby pictures. She wanted to find out what kind of animal it was. Georgia looked at the Baby animal in the basket. It was


snuggled in the blankets.


“You do not look like any baby animal I have ever seen.”


The Baby animal made a small roar.


Georgia was surprised.


“You made a roar.”


Georgia looked at the Baby animal. She told it.


“We will find what kind of animal you are.”


She typed into the Internet search engine.


“Baby. Lizard. Roar.”


The Internet website flashed onto the screen. The drawing of a baby


Tyrannosaurus Rex appeared. Georgia looked at the drawing. She looked at


the Baby animal. They looked the same.


“It looks just like you. “


The Baby T-Rex jumped up as if for its mommy. It roared lightly again.


Georgia said.


“I think you are a Baby T-Rex.”


She knelt down. She patted the Baby T-Rex’s head.


It’s little eyes looked up at her. She patted its snout lovingly.


She flashed a wide smile and told the little Baby animal.


“I am going to call you Cleo.” CHAPTER 3


The school bell rang. The kids poured out the school doors.


Georgia rode quickly on her bike back to the log cabin


Georgia ran along the corridor.


She ran into her bedroom. She closed the door. She ran to the closet. She


opened it. The Baby T-Rex, now the size of a two-year-old Baby, looked up


from basket.


“I have a surprise for you Cleo.”


She pulled out the baby bottle and milk.


“A babies bottle so you can drink warm milk. “ Georgia sat on the bed. She held the Baby T-Rex gently. Its little snout fed


from the baby bottle eagerly.


“Drink up all the warm milk Cleo,” Georgia told it lovingly.


The weeks past as the T-Rex grew in size. Georgia ran with the T-Rex that


had now grown to the size of a five-year-old child, through the woods.


Georgia looked out the window of the sedan. She was wearing her school


uniform. The T-Rex was too big for her to take to school and hide in her desk


any longer. The T-Rex snout peered out from the curtains of her bedroom.


Dan Livingston reversed the sedan onto the woods road. The sedan drove


along street and away from the log cabin.


The T-Rex, which had now grown to the size of an eight-year-old child,


pushed the bedroom door open. It peered around the door. The corridor was


empty. It walked into the corridor. It ran with joy along the corridor.


The T-Rex stood in the bathroom over the toilet bowl. It dunked its head into


the bowl. It drunk the water with its snout. It pulled the head up. It sneezed. It


spat out the water. It roared as if it was an awful taste. It stood at the top of the stairs. It looked at the steep steps. It looked scared. It


sniffed the air. It made a low Roar as if tempted by the smell of delicious food.


It nervously took the first step. It stumbled. It rolled down the stairs.


It tumbled past the kitchen door. It walked back to the kitchen door. It sniffed


the air. It looked at the fridge. It roared. It ran up to the fridge. It opened the


fridge door. It looked at the food. The T-Rex grabbed the milk carton in its


jaw. It bit it in halves. The milk spilt over its snout. It drunk the milk with it’s


snout. It licked the milk on its jaw happily. It eyes fixed on the chocolate cake.


It stuck its head into the cake. It lifted its head. The chunks of cake were


laced over its face. It ate the cake tastily.


The black tabby Cat sat on the windowsill. It was watching the T-Rex. The


kitchen floor was covered in food.


The soda bottle was lodged in the T-Rex jaw. The Soda ran into the T-Rex’s


mouth. It was hyperactive. It jumped. It bit the soda bottle in halves. T-Rex


burped loudly.


Georgia ran up the front path of the log cabin. The backpack bounced on her


small frame. She was excited to see if Cleo was okay after being left home


alone all day. Georgia stood at the kitchen door. She looked at the T-Rex with food all over


its snout. Its eyes blinked innocently. The drink and food mess covered on the


floor. The T-Rex smiled. It gave a happy Roar.


Georgia said at seeing all the mess.


“Oh, Cleo!”


Cleo ran to Georgia. It licked her face. The cream streaked on Georgia’s face.


“You have made such a mess Cleo. That is naughty. You are going to get me


into such trouble.”


Georgia looked at the mess. She said annoyed at Cleo.


“I have to get this cleaned up before daddy comes home from work.”


The T-Rex looked upset. The T-Rex ran past Georgia.


Georgia mopped the mess on the kitchen floor.


Georgia walked into the bedroom. She could not see T-Rex. She looked at


her stuffed toys in the corner. She pulled them aside. The T-Rex face sat in


the toys. It was trying to hide in the toys. Cleo had a guilty looked on its face.


“Did I upset you Cleo?”


She patted its nose.


Its eyes looked at her. She told it gently.


“I am sorry.”


T-Rex looked sad. “You are getting bigger Cleo. Too big for me too hide in my bedroom. I do not


want daddy to find you and take you away.”


The T-Rex licked her hand.


“I am going to have to hide you in the woods.”


The T-Rex looked afraid.


“You will be safe in the woods.”


She cuddled the T-Rex.


“I will not let anything happen to you Cleo.”


The large basket sat on the ground. The pillow and blanket lay in the basket.


The T-Rex looked afraid of the dark.


“You will be warm and comfy Cleo.”


Georgia took the night-light from under her jacket. She turned it on.


“I will leave you my night-light.”


The T-Rex jumped into the basket. Georgia put the blanket over the T-Rex.


She kissed Cleo on the snout.


“Do you want me to read you a bedtime story Cleo?”


T-Rex roared lightly. Georgia took out the book from her jacket. She sat on


the log. She read.


“Once there was a girl called Goldilocks.”


T-Rex listened as it curled up in the blanket. Cleo was enchanted by the


bedtime story. CHAPTER 4




The butcher, with a big dirty apron, looked down at Georgia.


“How can I help you little Miss?” he asked.


Georgia held her small purse. She told him.


“I have a ten-dollar allowance.”


She stood on her tiptoes. She gave him ten dollars in gold coins.


“I would like to buy as much meat as I can please,” she said with a smile.


The Butcher put the meat into the large brown parcel bag. He handed the


parcel to Georgia.


He told the little girl.


“That is a lot of meat for a small girl.”


“I have a big appetite mister.” Georgia said with a smile.


Georgia struggled to door with the large parcel. Butcher shook his head




Georgia put the parcel of meat into the basket that was tied to the front of her


bike. Georgia rode along woods road. The large trees past by as she rode home as


fast she could.


Georgia watched the T-Rex, which had now grown to size of a twelve-year


old, eat the meat. It devoured the meat quickly. It looked up at Georgia still




“You are growing too big Cleo.”


Georgia frowned.


“I cannot afford to buy enough food to feed you.”


Georgia patted the T-Rex’s head.


“We have to teach you to become a herbivore. That means to eat grass and




The T-Rex looked confused. Georgia smiled. She turned and looked over the




She told the dinosaur as its yellow eyes looked into the woods nervously.


“There is so much grass and plants in the woods. You will never go hungry




The T-Rex stood in the woods. Cleo watched Georgia as she broke the


branch off the tree. The branch was covered in large, juicy, leaves.


“You break off a big leafy branch.” Georgia chewed on the leaf as she showed the T-Rex how to eat. The T-Rex




“You chew down on the leaves.”


Georgia broke off a branch with a large leaf. She put the leaf in front of the T




“Please try it Cleo. For me.”


The T-Rex took a bite. It chewed the leaf. Georgia patted the T-Rex’s head




“That is a good Cleo.”


The winter had come and the snow had fallen across the woods. It was a


snowy white.


The T-Rex had grown to the size of sixteen-year-old, as it stood at the woods


edge. The snow was falling. The snow covered its shivering frame. It was


very cold. Its yellow eyes looked at the cabin window. The eight-year-old


children sat around the kitchen table with party hats. Dan Livingston carried


the cake with candles. He put the cake down in front of Georgia. T-Rex


watched the children sing to Georgia.


“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Georgia!


Happy birthday to you!” T-Rex watched Georgia blow out the candles on the cake. T-Rex did not take


its eyes off Georgia.


The moonlight cast over the log cabin. The party had ended and everyone


had gone home. The T-Rex waited covered in snow. It stood at the woods


edge. The back door opened. Georgia sneaked out the door. She was


wearing a thick coat. She ran across to Cleo. She held the pieces of cake.


“I am nine today Cleo!”


She lifted the plate with the delicious piece of cake.


“I brought you some cake.”


T-Rex gave a small roar. It stuck its head into the cake. It ate the cake tastily.


The cake covered its face. Georgia giggled. The T-Rex shivered.


“You are so cold Cleo.”


Georgia ran back into the cabin. The T-Rex stood in the dark. Georgia ran


back out of the cabin with a blanket. She threw the blanket over the cold T




“This will keep you warm.”




HIDE AND SEEK CLEO The autumn had come. The snow had disappeared. The leaves that had


fallen from the tops of towering trees and covered the floor of the woods.


Georgia pulled on her jacket. She ran for the back door. Dan Livingston


stopped his daughter from going outside. He told her worried for her safety.


“Honey, hunting season is about to begin. So I don’t want you spending time


in the woods.”


“Hunting season?” Georgia asked afraid.


“You can play in the woods today, but not after that until hunting season has


finished,” Dan Livingston told her.


“Yes daddy,” she nodded.


Georgia made sure her door was locked. She opened her window. She


climbed out.


Georgia climbed quickly down the tree. She stopped behind the slide. She


could see her father in the kitchen. She had to get too Cleo to warn her.


Georgia looked afraid for her beloved pet.


Georgia ran into the woods.


Georgia stopped at the fallen log. Cleo was nowhere to be seen.


She shouted with all her strength.


“Cleo! Cleo! Silence. The sounds of branches break. The T-Rex, which had grown the size


of a young adult Tyrannosaurus Rex, ran forward. She hugged the T-Rex. It


Roared happy.


“Bad men are coming soon Cleo.”


The T-Rex looked afraid.


“We have to teach you how to hide.”


Georgia took a step back. She announced with a smile.


“I have to teach you how to play hide and seek.”


T-Rex jumped excited. It Roared.


Georgia hid behind the large tree. The T-Rex ran in the distance looking for


her. Georgia poked her head around the tree. The T-Rex turned its head.


Georgia hid back behind the tree. She stayed quiet. The T-Rex poked its


head around the tree. The T-Rex snorted happy.


“You found me!”


T-Rex Roared excited.


“It is your turn to hide Cleo.”


T-Rex jumped. It ran away. Georgia covered her eyes.


She began to count.


“Ten, nine, eight, seven.”


T-Rex ran through the woods. It hides behind the thick brush. Georgia took her hands off her eyes. She shouted.


“One! Ready or not. Here I come!”


Georgia ran through the woods.


“Where oh where is Cleo?”


T-Rex hid behind the thick brush. It snorted excited. It was enjoying played


hide and seek.


Georgia stopped. She looked around. She heard the little Roar. She looked at


the brush. She smiled.


Georgia ran around the brush. The T-Rex roared and shook its head excited.


She cuddled the T-Rex.


“You have to hide again, but this time, do not make a sound, no roars, okay




Georgia placed her hands over her eyes.


“Time to hide Cleo.”


The T-Rex ran away too hide.


Georgia counted.


“Ten, nine, eight.” The T-Rex hid behind the boulder.


It heard Georgia shout.


“Cleo! Cleo! Where is Cleo hiding?”


T-Rex stayed hidden behind the boulder. It snorted excited. It loved playing


Hide and Seek.


Georgia ran the through woods. She stopped. She looked around the woods.


“She is playing well. I cannot find her this time.”


Georgia jogged through the woods. She stopped again. The boulder sat a


short distance away.


“It has been an hour! I give up Cleo! You win!”


The T-Rex ran from behind the boulder. Georgia smiled. The T-Rex ran to


her. She hugged the T-Rex.


“You play hide and seek so well Cleo.”


The T-Rex Roared.


“When the bad men come. You have to hide. You promise.”


The T-Rex Roared in understanding. It licked Georgia’s face. Georgia




“Slobbery kiss Cleo. I love you too.” CHAPTER




The Hunting vehicles stopped at the woods edge. The 1st Hunter that looked


40 years of age stepped out of the vehicle. The Hunters get out of vehicles.


They grabbed their hunting rifles. 1st Hunter looked over the woods. The flock


of birds lifted from the woods in distance.


“See those birds flock up from the trees. Something’s spooked them.”


2nd Hunter that was younger than the first, she was about 35, looked at birds


flying up from the woods.


“There’s something big in the woods this hunting season.”


The Hunters walked into the woods.


The Hunters smiled as they said.


“Let’s go hunting.”


Georgia sat at the table. She ate her breakfast quickly. Dan Livingston ate


slowly at the table. The gunshot filtered from the woods. Georgia looked out


the window at the woods. “A gunshot daddy.”


He father looked up grimly.


“Hunters honey. Hunting season has begun.”


Georgia got up in horror. She ran for the back door.


“The animals.”


Dan Livingston closed back door hurriedly. Georgia looked up stunned. He


told her.


“I know you love the animals, but you cannot go into the woods. It’s too




Georgia looked out the window at the woods fearfully. The gunshots filtered


through the air again.


Dan Livingston said angrily.


“Blasted hunters.”


Georgia looked out the window and into the woods. She whispered so her


dad could not hear.


“Hide and seek Cleo. Hide and seek.”


Georgia stood at her bedroom window. It was open. The wind hit her fearful


face. She looked into the woods with her telescope. The gun shot sounds


exploded from within the woods in quick succession. What were they shooting


at? Georgia was scared.


“Please do not hurt my Cleo.” The hunters moved through the woods. Cleo, which was now an adult size


Tyrannosaurus Rex, hid behind the towering trees. It large eyes watched


afraid as the hunters moved through the woods in the distance.




It was Midnight. The moonlight cast over the woods.


Cleo and Georgia stood in woods. The moon shone from behind the girl and


dinosaur. They stood facing each other. The giant Dinosaur and the small


human girl. The T-Rex leaned down. Georgia touched its head. It was a


loving moment.


Dan Livingston washed the dirty dishes. He looked up. Georgia was playing


at the woods edge. She looked so happy. The happiest he had seen her in


years. He smiled. Then he saw something massive in size move in the brush.


The smiled wiped from Dan Livingston’s face. He was scared.


He shouted through the window with fear.




Dan Livingston ran from the back door.


He shouted with fear that his daughter was in great danger from whatever the


large animal was. “Get away from trees Georgia!”


The massive shape turned. It slipped back into the nighttime woods.


Dan Livingston ran towards his daughter.


“Georgia! Get away from the trees!”


Dan grabbed his daughter. He pulled her away from the trees.


He carried her into the house.


Dan lowered Georgia to the floor. He locked the door.


He turned to Georgia. He asked with his heart still racing.


“What was that?”


Georgia told her dad.


“Cleo. That is my pet.”


Her father looked out windows at the woods.


“It is not your pet! It’s a wild animal.”


Her father walked toward his mobile phone.


He said as if shocked that there was an animal the big in their woods.


“What animal is that large?


Her father picked up the mobile from the bench.


He questioned Georgia.


“What was that Georgia?”


“It is a Tyrannosaurus Rex Daddy,” she told him.


Her father looked at her as if she must be lying to him. “This is not a time for tall tales.”


Georgia said honestly.


“I am telling the truth Daddy.”


The father looked disappointed. He thought his daughter had lied to him. T


Rex’s could not possibly be real. He dialed the number into the mobile.


Dan Livingston said to the person on the other end of the mobile phone.


“Hello, there’s a wild animal in the woods behind my house. Something big.”


Georgia jumped up afraid


“Daddy, please no, Cleo is harmless.”


Dan Livingston ignored his Daughter.


He continued talking to the person on the other end of the phone.


“Yes, of course, I live at 13 Oaks Drive.”


He listened. The person on the other end where telling him something


important. Georgia watched afraid.


“Yes, I will,” he said.


Her father put down the mobile phone. He looked at Georgia seriously.


He questioned her.


“You have to tell me what that animal was honey. Tell me the truth. I promise


I won’t be angry.”


Georgia told him again.


“A Tyrannosaurus Rex.” Her father looked like he was growing angry with Georgia. He did not believe


her. He told her firmly.


“This is not a game.”


The Father moved to the window. He looked at the woods. He was worried


the animal was big. The thoughts were racing through his mind like


nightmares. The animal was dangerous, and it might return.


He told Georgia worried for her safety


“We have to lock all the windows to keep us safe from the animal.”


Her father moved across and began locking all the windows.


He told Georgia.


“They are coming.”


Georgia asked.


“Who is coming?”


Dan Livingston looked into his daughter’s eyes.


He told her firmly.


“The Zoo to capture it.”




THE ZOOKEEPERS The two large Zoo vehicles drove up to the front door of the Livingston house.


The door opened. Dan Livingston stepped out. Georgia stood beside him.


Jack Colby, a short blond hair man, stepped out of the vehicle. He was


wearing khaki shorts and a brown shirt with the Koala Logo on its front. He


looked about 40, and had a fit build. He was the Head Zookeeper for the


Western private Zoo. A highly skilled and capable man who had spent many


years in wild games parks with Lions and Elephants in Africa in his younger


days. The Zoo handlers wearing light brown uniforms and black hiking boots


stepped from second Zoo vehicle.


Jack Colby walked across to Dan and Georgia Livingston.


“Jack Colby, Head Zoo Handler, for the Western Private Zoo.”


Dan shook his hand.


“Dan Livingston. Thanks for coming.”


Jack Colby gets straight to business.


“You said have a wild animal in your woods.”


Dan Livingston told him.


“A large animal.”


Dan added.


“A very large animal.”


Georgia looks up at Jack Colby.


She told him.


“It is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.”


Jack Colby smiled surprised. He told Georgia.


“Now that would be quite something.”


Dan Livingston explained.


“My daughter has quite an imagination.”


Jack Colby turned around. He walked to the back of his vehicle. He picked up


the large rifle. He turned back to Georgia and Dan Livingston.


Jack Colby said simply.


“Show me where you last saw it.”


Jack Colby stood at the foot of dark woods. The Zoo handlers with large rifle


stood behind him. He looked at Dan and Georgia.


Jack Colby asked the little girl softly.


“You say it is your pet?”


Georgia nodded.


“It comes when you call?”


Georgia nodded again. Jack Colby said with sincerity.


“These rifles will only put her to sleep. A lot like taking a nap. “


Georgia said to him worried.


“Promise you will not hurt her.”


Jack Colby told her gently.


“We don’t want to hurt her. Just capture her so she doesn’t harm anyone.”


Dan Livingston told his daughter.


“Call it honey.” “It is a little big Daddy. So promise you will not scream when you see it. You


will frighten it,” Georgia told her father.


Georgia stepped forwards to edge of the woods.


She shouted into the woods.




There was silence. The wind lightly hit the Zoo handlers. The ground shook.


The Zoo handlers tightened the grip on their rifles. Dan Livingston eyes


widened. The ground shook again. Jack Colby’s eyes were steady. He told


his Zookeepers.


“Do not fire until I give the word.”


The ground shook strongly. The trees moved apart. The T-Rex walked from


the woods. It’s skin was green. Its head was the size of a car. It looked at the


rifles. Its eyes were narrow and yellow. The green snout with jagged teeth


opened wide. Georgia smiled. Dan was terrified. Zoo handlers were stunned.


Jack Colby stared in awe. The Zoo handlers screamed. They lifted the rifles


to the T-Rex. The T-Rex was very afraid. It Roared. The Zoo handlers


stepped back form the dinosaur.


Georgia told her father.


“It is afraid Daddy.”


Dan Livingston was shaking slightly. He said with a weak voice.


“I’m a little afraid of it honey.”


Georgia ran to the T-Rex. Dan Livingston shouted in fear for his daughter.


“Georgia! No!!”


Jack Colby snapped out of awed state. He shouted.


“Fire! Fire!”


The rifles fired. The darts hit the T-Rex. It lowered its head to Georgia. The T


Rex had grown sleepy. It put its head into the girl’s hands as if afraid. Georgia


put her hand on T-Rex’s head. T-Rex was slumping. T-Rex turned its head


into the girl’s hands gently. Jack Colby was amazed. Dan Livingston was


speechless. Georgia turned to her father. She told him.


“She does not want to hurt you Daddy.”


The Zoo handlers held their fire. Dan Livingston looked at his daughter.


Georgia stroked the T-Rex’s head. It snorted soothed.


Georgia looked at her father and the Zookeepers. She told them.


“She will do whatever I ask. I promise.”


Dan looked into his daughter’s eyes. Then he looked at Jack Colby as if to


save his daughter. Jack Colby shouted as the T-Rex towered over them.




The Zoo handlers fired. The darts hit. The T-Rex hit ground in a deep sleep at


the foot of Georgia.


Jack Colby slowly lowered his rifle. He looks at the massive sleeping T-Rex.


Jack Colby said amazed. “Wow!”


Georgia stroked the T-Rex’s head lovingly.


Dan Livingston and the Zookeepers stood stunned at what they had just


witnessed. Georgia turned to her father. She told him.


“She is so gentle Daddy.”






The large Zoo Truck rumbled along the busy highway.


The boy, about ten years of age, sat in the sedan looked out the window at


the Zoo truck. He saw the massive shape move inside the truck. He heard the


ROAR. The Boy bolted upright.


He told his day as he jumped up and down excited.


“Dad, there’s a monster in the truck.” The father looked at the Zoo Truck as it drove past him. He thinks it is just an


Elephant or some kind of other big animal. He said to his son distracted.


“Yes son, just wind up the window.”


Jack Colby, Dan, and Georgia stood in the back of the truck. A cage door


separated the three from the T-Rex. Georgia looked through the steel bars of


the cage as the T-Rex lay sleepily.


Jack Colby told her father.


“I couldn’t convince our Zoo CEO it was a T-Rex. He thinks I’ve captured a


rogue circus Elephant.”


Jack gripped the bars alongside Georgia.


“I’m looking straight at it and I can hardly believe it.”


Dan gave small a smile. He looked at Georgia. She sang to the T-Rex.


“She likes it when I sing to her daddy.”


Jack Colby said amazed.


“We shot her with enough tranquilizers darts to knock out ten fully-grown


Elephants. Who knows how much you need to knock out a T-Rex.”


He looked at Dan Livingston.


Jack Colby told him.


“We’re definitely in uncharted waters.”


Jack Colby looked at Georgia. He was amazed by how the girl kept the


Tyrannosaurus Rex calm. “I don’t know exactly how your daughters doing it, but she’s keeping the T


Rex calm.“


Dan Livingston looked at his daughter with pride.


“I’m a little freaked out.”


He stroked his daughter’s hair. Georgia looked up at her father.


“But you are doing great honey,” he told her.


The large Western Private Zoo gates appeared from between the line of leafy


trees. The Zoo truck drove under the archway gates. The rolling fields with


open enclosures were filled with Elephants, Tigers, and Hippopotamus. The


heads of the various animals peeked up as they heard the Roar from the Zoo




William Carlton had glassy eyes, a short bowl hair cut, and expensive


glasses. He stood in front of the large grassy enclosure that was filled with a


large pond, and craggy rocks. He was about 60, the ZOO CEO, an


authoritarian, Machiavellian, and greed driven adult. He watched the truck


stop. The army of Zoo Guards stood with the shotguns in their gloved hands.


The platform lay across moat and into the large enclosure.


William Carlton questioned.


“Are all these guards really necessary?”


The Reptile Keeper had long brown hair, it was tied back with a Zebra theme


bow behind her tanned face. She spent a lot of time in the sun tending to the Zoo animals. Her eyes were blue, and her body fit. She was Jenny Stokes.


She looked excited as she waited. She told the Zoo CEO.


“He said we wouldn’t believe what he captured even when we saw it.”


The Zoo CEO said with disbelief, as if he did not really believe his Head


Zookeeper, Jack Colby had really found a Tyrannosaurs Rex.


“A T-Rex, really. The man’s lost his marbles.”


Then the ROAR came from Zoo truck. There was stunned silence. The truck


rocked as if something large was inside. The Zoo guards looked in awe.


Jenny Stoke smiled and bounced with excitement.


“It’s either T-Rex or King Kong.”


Jack Colby stepped from truck with rifle in hand. He walked alongside. Dan


and Georgia stepped from the truck. Jack told the Zoo guards.


“Stay alert. Fire as a last resort!”


The truck rocked again. William Carlton stepped backward. Dan and Georgia


stood watching.


Jack Colby gave the order to the Zoo guards


“Open the doors!”


Zoo guards grabbed the rear doors. The Truck rocked. The ROAR came from


the truck. The guards stopped afraid.


Jack Colby told the Zoo guards firmly. “Open the doors.”


William Carlton stepped back again. Jenny Stokes smiled.


“This is going to be awesome,” she said excited.


Zoo guards opened the doors. The T-Rex roared. The guards stumbled


backwards from the truck. The T-Rex was afraid. It did not move. It was afraid


of what the guards with rifle were going to do.


“Why isn’t it coming out?” William Carlton questioned confused.


Jack Colby moved to the back door. He held his rifle up. The T-Rex looked


out with fearful eyes.


“I think she’s afraid,’ he said.


William Carlton looked even more confused.


“What?” he blurted.


Jack Colby looked at Georgia.


He asked her gently.


“Can you entice T-rex out?”


She nodded.




Jack Colby smiled. He looked at Dan.


He assured Dan Livingston who looked nervous. “I will stand between the T-Rex and your daughter.”


Dan nodded weakly. Jack Colby looked at Georgia.


He told her protectively.


“Stay behind me.”


Georgia asked.


“And then what?”


He winked.


“Do your thing,” he said to her.


Jack Colby walked to back of the truck. The T-Rex roared. Georgia appeared


behind him. T-Rex turned to her. It snorted happy. It stood up.


Georgia looked at Cleo. She told her.


“I need you to follow me, okay Cleo?”


T-Rex roared happy. Georgia walked backward across the platform. T-Rex


walked from back of the Zoo truck. The Guards watched the T-Rex walk past


with awestruck looks. The platform buckled slightly. The T-Rex stopped.


William Carlton whispered in disbelief.


“It’s really a Tyrannosaurs Rex. “


Jenny Stokes was mesmerized.


“This is incredible,” she said. Georgia urged Cleo out of the Truck.


She told Cleo as the T-Rex looked nervously at the platform that ran over the


moat. It looked so far down to the water below to the T-Rex.


Georgia urged.


“It is safe. I promise.”


The T-Rex walked again. It walked into enclosure. Jack Colby gestured


Georgia back. Georgia ran over the platform. The Guards pulled the platform


back. T-Rex looked at the moat. It looked at Georgia. It Roared afraid.


“She is afraid. I have to go in with her,” she told Jack Colby.


The Zoo CEO said strongly.


“No person is allowed to go inside the enclosure with the T-Rex.”


T-Rex roared distressed. Georgia was desperate to get to the other side of


the moat and into the enclosure with Cleo.


Zoo CEO said as if he made his final decision.


“If the dinosaur attacked and injured anyone. It would be a public relations




The Father held Georgia.


He told her.


“I’m sorry darling.” Jack Colby looked at the T-Rex. It stood at the edge of moat. It was straining


toward Georgia. It was desperate to feel Georgia pat its snout like before.


Jack Colby leaned down to Georgia.


“I can arrange for you to stay at the Zoo. You can stay close to the T-Rex. Is


that okay?” he asked Georgia.


Georgia said quickly.


“Yes, yes.”


Dan Livingston looked at T-Rex. T-Rex stared at Georgia lovingly. Dan


Livingston pulled his daughter close.


He said as if amazed by how well his daughter had handled the large




“You are growing up fast Georgia.”


William Carlton looked at the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It looked almost fearful at


its new surroundings. It Roared. Georgia talked to the T-Rex from the railing.


T-Rex was calming. The girl was claming the T-Rex somehow the Zoo CEO




William Carlton pulled Jack Colby aside.


Jack Colby looked at the T-Rex. A Dinosaur was alive and standing before his


very eyes.


Zoo CEO exclaimed.


“It’s amazing. “


The sly grin appeared on the Zoo CEO’s face. “I’ll be a billionaire. You’ll be a millionaire,’ he said with greed.


Jack Colby was surprised that the Zoo CEO was talking about money when


such a miracle of nature and magnificent creature was before him.


“It’s a miracle of nature Sir,” he told the Zoo CEO.


T-Rex had calmed down again. It lowered its head for a pat. Georgia


stretched her hand over the railing. But her hand could not reach far enough


to touch the T-Rex’s head. It was the first time she could not touch Cleo and


comfort her when she was afraid. Georgia looked sad. Cleo looked sad back


at her.


The Zoo CEO stared at the T-Rex with greedy eyes. He announced with a


BIG wave of his arms towards the new prized T-Rex.


“In a week. It’ll be up in lights. T-Rex: The Eighth Wonder of the World!”


William Carlton sat behind the power desk in his plush


office. Georgia and Dan Livingston sat in chairs. Jack


Colby stood behind.


“I will give you whatever you want. “


Georgia said simply.


“I just want you to look after Cleo.”


Jack Colby smiled. He was hoping Georgia would say that. William Carlton looked at Georgia and told her.


“Don’t worry. I’ll look after the dinosaur. She’s my marquee star. I see film


deals. I see merchandising. A world wide marketing campaign luring people


to our little zoo to see the only living relic of the Jurassic period,


Tyrannosaurus Rex.”


Dan Livingston said with concern.


“The enclosure you have the T-Rex in seems a little small.”


The CEO assured him.


“Once the money comes rolling in. I will build a Safari enclosure worthy of the


King of the Dinosaurs.”


Dan Livingston looked down at Georgia.


“It is my daughter’s decision.”


William Carlton looked at Georgia. Jack Colby watched.


Georgia said to the Zoo CEO.


“You promise to build a really big enclosure where Cleo can roam.”


William Carlton smiled at Georgia.


“I promise,” he said.


It was nighttime when Jack Colby opened the door. Georgia walked into the


room. It was jungle style. It was loaded with new stuffed toys.


“This is the closest quarters to the T-Rex enclosure,” Jack told her.


Georgia picked up stuffed Lion toy.


“Why are there so many toys?” she asked. Dan Livingston looked offended.


“You cannot buy off my daughter with toys. My daughter loves animals. She


lives for animals,” he told Jack Colby.


Jack Colby smiled.


“That’s what I am counting on.”


Jack Colby leaned down to Georgia.


“I have to check on the T-Rex. Want to come with me?” he asked.


Her eyes lit up.


“Yes, yes,” she said.


Jack Colby and Georgia stood watching the T-Rex. It rubbed its head against


the grassy ground as if it had an itchy snout. Jack Colby smiled as he


watched the T-Rex.


“It’s a miracle she is here Georgia,” he told her.


T-Rex looked up at Georgia.


Jack Colby told Georgia.


“I think the right person found her.”


Georgia said honestly.


“I love her.”


Jack Colby said to her.


“The first thing she felt when she entered this world was your love. That’s




T-Rex looked sad. Jack Colby added.


“She’s lucky you found her.”


T-Rex leaned its head on the ground. Its loving eyes look at Georgia. Jack


Colby cannot take his eyes off the dinosaur. He told Georgia with a child like


enthusiasm in his voice.


“When I was a boy. My father gave me a Christmas present. It was a


dinosaur. Boy did that start a long life love affair. I’ve wished so many times


that I could walk just one day in the Jurassic period.”


Jack looked at the T-Rex. It looked so sad.


“I always read her a bedtime story,” Georgia said sadly.


Jack offered.


“I have an old copy of Jack and the Beanstalk. Will that do?”


Georgia looked up at him. She nodded eagerly.




Georgia sat on the chair. She held the old book. She read. Cleo stood


listening. It was entranced.


“Jack climbed the beanstalk all the way into the clouds to the land where


giants lived.”


T-Rex closed its eyes as if falling asleep to the sound of Georgia’s voice. The sun rose above the Zoo. The animals rose and began making morning


noises. Then the ROAR filled the air. They all went quiet.


T-Rex stood looking at large pile of meat. Jack Colby looked at T-Rex. He


looked puzzled. The Zookeepers stood looking at the T-Rex. It was not


eating. Georgia stood by Jack Colby’s side.


“We think the T-Rex may be sick. She won’t eat any of the meat,” Jack said


shaking his head.


Georgia looked at T-Rex.


“I taught her to eat grass and leaves when she was young,” she explained.


Jack Colby looks down at Georgia. He said impressed at how clever she was.


“That’s clever. Because in the woods there is grass and leaves everywhere.”


Georgia nodded.




Jack Colby smiled.


“That’s very clever,” Jack adds.


Jack waved to the Zoo handlers.


“Grass and leaves people, lots of grass and leaves!”




T-REX: THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD! It was night at the Western Private Zoo, but the excited sounds of peoples


voices filled the air. The theatre curtain covered the front of the T-REX


enclosure. The powerful lights hung on the scaffolding that ran along the


enclosure side. The marquee sign that hung above the stage read, “T-REX


THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD.” The hundreds of high profile


spectators, and media sat in the grandstand. Georgia, Dan, and Jack Colby


sat on the stage under the large banner. William Carlton stood on the podium.


He announced in a booming voice to the crowd.


“Sixty-five million years ago Dinosaurs walked the Earth as the unchallenged


Kings of their world! Tonight we are privileged to witness the return of the


Jurassic Age! “


The curtained was pulled aside. The T-Rex stood facing the audience. It


looked confused.


William Carlton declared with a flamboyant wave of his arms.


“I give you Tyrannosaurus Rex! The Eighth Wonder of the World!”


The sheer size and power set the audience on the edge of their seats. The T


Rex ROARED. The audience moved back in their chairs.


William Carlton tried to calm the audience.


“Do not be alarmed ladies and gentlemen. You are perfectly safe.”


The photographers used the blinding flashes on the large cameras. They


began snapping the T-Rex wildly. The cameras flashed and hundreds of eyes stared into the T-Rex. It scared T-Rex. It ROARED powerfully. William Carlton


turned. The T-Rex stomped to the moat edge. It ROARED. The audience was


terrified. Georgia ran down the platform. She ran to the railing. She sang to


the T-Rex. The T-Rex stopped roaring. It turned to the little girl. It walked


towards the small girl. The crowd turned to the girl. They were scared for girl.


The Media Journalist shouted.


“It wants to eat the little girl!”


William Carlton tried to calm the audience again.


“It is all right! Everything is under control!”


Jack Colby ran to Georgia side. He whispered.


“Keep singing.”


T-Rex stopped at the moat. It looked straight at Georgia. She sang. T-Rex


looked calmly. Audience was entranced. The Photographer, about 25, and


female exclaimed in disbelief.


“The little girl can talk to Dinosaurs.”


T-Rex head swayed along with the sound of Georgia’s singing voice.


“That’s great Georgia,” said Jack Colby.


The camera’s swung onto the girl that was singing to the dinosaur. They


began snapping. It was a circus. William Carlton watched the media frenzy.


He smiled. He announces with showmanship.


“Welcome to the New Age of the Dinosaur!” The Zoo function room was room filled with media, high profile businessmen,


dignitaries, and celebrities. The room was a buzz. William Carlton stood on


the small stage.


He addressed the audience.


“Ladies and Gentlemen. I would like to introduce you to a very special little


girl. A girl who found an egg in the woods and raised a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Miss Georgia Livingston. “


The camera’s turned to the little girl that had moved the audience with her


singing to the T-Rex earlier in the evening. The camera’s bulbs flashed. They


flashed as they began taking their pictures for the following days newspapers.


This was a huge story. Georgia shut her eyes at the blinding flashes. She


stared into the myriad of television cameras. The Media Journalist, about 40,


and mouse faced, asked as he held the microphone out in front of her face.


“Is there anything you would like to say to the world?”


“I hope you will all love Cleo as much as I do,” Georgia said honestly.


The people in the crowd whispered to each other.


“She calls it Cleo. That is so cute.”


The crowd was enchanted. William Carlton whispered to Jack Colby.


“The girl is almost as valuable a commodity as the T-Rex.”


Jack Colby was not happy with the way the Zoo CEO was talking about


Georgia like she was a money making machine. He told him.


“She is a little girl.”


William Carlton seemed to have only greed in his eyes.


“I know. A little girl that the public finds irresistible is a little making money


machine,” he said as the media continued to wildly snap pictures of the little


girl who could talk to dinosaurs.


Georgia ran along the Zoo path. It was a dark night. She stopped at the T


Rex enclosure. T-Rex stood up. Georgia told Cleo.


“Adults are so strange Cleo.”


T-Rex walks to edge of moat.


“Did you miss me?” Georgia asked the T-Rex.


The T-Rex roared softly. Its yellow eyes looked at her kindly.


The Zoo function room was a buzz. The Media reporters were talking about


the discovery of the T-Rex as the ‘story of the century.’


William Carlton talked to the High Profile Politician, he’s suit was jet black and


very stiff, and he looked about 60. The T-Rex’s Roar filtered through the wall.


“That roar will change the world,” the Politician told William Carlton.


William Carlton smiled.


The Politician asked seriously.


“Do you know whether the little girl is Liberal Party?” “If she is not. I’m sure we can persuade her Minister,” William Carlton assured




The High Profile Politician smiled.


The young female Music Superstar, walked up with her 7 year old daughter,


and told the Zoo CEO.


“My daughter is crazy about dinosaurs. I’d love to talk about a music video


with the T-Rex.”


William Carlton tapped glasses with the Music superstar.


“Let’s talk,” he said.


Dan Livingston stood in the corner surrounded by people wanting to meet


him. The father of the girl who could, “talk to the dinosaurs.” He was a simple


farmer and was confounded by the people’s attention. He felt like he was


under attack as he was besieged with questions.


“It is really true she found the egg in the woods?”


The 2nd person, about 40, and male, questioned.


“How does you daughter talk to the T-Rex?”


The Media Reporter, with a balding head, and with the recorder, pushed his


way through the crowd. They stuck the recorder under Dan’s face. Dan


Livingston felt pinned in the corner and trapped.


“My paper is prepared to make you a big offer for the first exclusive interview


with the, “Girl Who Talks To Dinosaurs,” the media reporter said aggressively. Dan shook his head. He was taken aback. Jack Colby stood between the


media reporter and Dan as if protecting him.


He told the media reporter.


“All media inquirers can be directed through the Zoo’s media office.”


The Media reporter asked him in a pushy way.


“Are you the girl’s manager?”


Jack Colby looked into the Media Reporters eyes. He told him firmly.


“No. I handle wild animals.”


The Media reporter stepped back.


The back door of the Zoo function hall opened. Jack Colby led Dan out the


back door. He shut it as the media people chased them.


Dan Livingston stood in the night. He was a little shaken by all the attention.


“I am just a farmer. I am not used to a media frenzy,” he said.


Jack Colby locked the back door. He said with a wry grin.


“I’ve seen more tame Tigers at feeding time.”


William Carlton was in his element in the function hall. He was making deals


for the Zoo that would brings in millions of dollars. The only thing William


Carlton ever thought about was money and this was the best night of his life.


The scraggy looking Paleontologist, who was world renowned for finding


dinosaur bones all over the world, approached the Zoo CEO. He introduced himself.


“Jack Horner, Paleontologist. My University would like to talk about extracting


DNA from the Tyrannosaurus Rex.”


William Carlton said greedily.


“Make me a bid.”


The Paleontologist looked at the Zoo CEO shocked.


‘This is a great scientific study. This is not about money Sir,’ the


Paleontologist told the Zoo CEO.


William Carlton looked at the Paleontologist like he was insane.


“Everything is about money,” Zoo CEO.


The moonlight cast over the T-Rex as it swayed its body. Georgia was


singing a pop song, and dancing. The T-Rex felt at home again. T-Rex began


moving its body as if dancing like Georgia. Georgia giggled.


“You dance really good Cleo,” she told Cleo.


Georgia looked at T-Rex with great love.


“I wish it was still just you and me,” she said softly.


The T-Rex roared lightly.


The man was large, his face white and fat, and he had a balding headed. He


pushed his way rudely through the crowd.


His name was Jeffrey Kratz, about 55, the head of a major film studio who did


not often hear the word, ‘no.’ He was a man used to getting his way, even he had to Bully people to get it. He approached the ZOO CEO. William Carlton


looked at the baldheaded man as if it was the greatest sight he had ever


seen. The studio head meant money and lots of money for the Zoo CEO.


Jeffrey Kratz said as if he just expected the Zoo CEO to say yes.


“My studio is keen to snap up the film rights to the T-Rex and girl’s story. We


should start talking.”


William Carlton nodded numbly to the bald headed man. The Zoo CEO was




The Newsroom of the Large Metropolitan Newspaper was abuzz with frantic


activity. The computer screens were flashing. Reporters were running


everywhere as if something Grand and Exciting was happening because it




The large television screens filled the far wall. The footage of T-Rex being


unveiled at Zoo was flashing across every screen. The flashes of the little girl


singing appeared on the Newspapers myriad of television screens. The Head


of the Newspaper, a thin man, with dignified eyes, and thin mouth, walked


through the busy newsroom.


He told his reporters in a loud voice.


“I want everything we have on T-Rex’s, when did they live, what did they eat,


Paleontologists, anything we can get on that little girl, talk her friends,


neighbors, move, move, move people!” The young boy, about eight, sat at the front of the television screen in his


suburban home. His Mother was cooking in the kitchen. The Father was


reading the car magazine. Then the T-Rex flashed across the television




The Young boy jumped out of his chair. He looked at the T-Rex. It swung its


head. It Roared. The long blond hair Reporter said into the camera clutching


the microphone.


“Startling news from a small private Zoo outside Sydney tonight as a


Tyrannosaurus Rex is revealed in a gala presentation.”


The Father looked up. The T-Rex flashed across the screen. It stomped to the


moat edge. It opened its massive jaw. It roared again. The Father dropped his


magazine in shock.


He uttered.


“Oh my god.”


The young boy turned to his father. He shouted.


“How cool is that?”


Father yelled out to his wife.


“Jessica! Jessica!”


The Wife’s voice called back from the kitchen.




The Mother walked into the lounge room with the plate of pasta.


The Father’s eyes were open wide in awe. He told her “It’s a T-Rex.”


The Wife stared at footage of the T-Rex. She looked in disbelief. Her mouth




The television and radio footage of the T-Rex was replayed across the world.


The television station in Spain reported the discovery of the T-Rex.


“In a stunning unveiling at Western Private Zoo located just outside Sydney,


Australia. A little girl has discovered a dinosaur in the local woods. “


The radio’s in America were a buzz with the reports. American families


huddled around their television and radios.


“Dinosaurs walk the Earth again after 65 million years. Earlier reports that this


was a hoax have been proved false after footage was released showing a T


Rex. “


The English reporter detailed on the live news broadcast in England. “The


scientific community is in shock tonight after the revelation of the existence of


a dinosaur at a small Private Zoo in Sydney, Australia earlier tonight. Children


around the world are in rapturous joy.” The sun rose above the Western Private Zoo. The parade of cars filled the


horizon. They were all headed to see the, “Tyrannosaurus Rex.”


The massive crowds flocked through the Zoo. William Carlton watched the


mass of people. He smiled wildly.


He proudly announced as he looked over the thousands of people crammed


into the Zoo to see the T-Rex.


“Find a T-Rex and they will come!”


The T-Rex stomped to the edge of the moat. The children stood in mass at


the railing. They looked in awe. The adults stood back. The T-Rex turned to


the people. It ROARED. The children screamed in joy. The adults stood back


as the T-Rex jaw swung. They were terrified.


The young boy, about 9, leaned on railing.


He shouted with joy.


“It’s a dinosaur Mom! A real life dinosaur! You have got to come closer and


have a look!”


The Mother, about 35, stood back. The T-Rex roared. The Mother was




She told her son.


“I can see it fine from back here honey.” CHAPTER




William Carlton sat at his office desk. The sun was setting outside. He was


excited. He held the architecture design plans in his hands. Georgia and Dan


sat in the chairs. Jack Colby stood at the desk side.


William Carlton told Georgia and Dan Livingston.


“The public response to the T-Rex has been overwhelming. We are confident


that by year’s end we will have the millions to build the new T-Rex enclosure.”


Georgia looked up excited.


William Carlton told them.


“These are the plans for the, “T-REX JURASSIC EXPERIENCE.”


He laid out the plan for the new T-Rex enclosure on the table.


Georgia looked down at the picture of the new home for Cleo.


William Carlton explained what the new enclosure would look like.


“Five kilometers of park land for the T-Rex to roam wild.”


He pointed at picture of the new woods area.


“A woods area filled with prehistoric trees.”


Georgia’s excited eyes followed as he pointed at the picture of the large lake.


“A large man made lake for the T-Rex to drink.”


William Carlton pointed to picture of the walkways.


“Elevated walkways where the public can view the T-Rex.”


William Carlton pointed at the grandstand they were going to build. “A grandstand where the audience can watch T-Rex feed.”


Georgia looks at the drawing of the new home they were going to build for




“Cleo will be so happy,” she said happily.


Dan Livingston looked at the drawings.


He looked very impressed.


“It is impressive.”


Jack Colby told Georgia.


“If all goes well. We may be able to help the T-Rex have children.”


Georgia looked excited.


“Cleo is going to have babies!” she said aloud.


William Carlton explained to Georgia.


“Crocodiles are like dinosaurs in many respects, and the experts we have


consulted think it may be possible to help the T-Rex have children in the


same way as crocodiles in captivity.”


Jack Colby cautioned. He didn’t want her to get her hopes up too much.


“It would be very difficult, but not out of the question.”


Georgia exclaimed.


“Cleo would be a mummy.”


Georgia smiled wildly. She held her dad’s hand.


He smiled back. He had never seen his daughter so happy. William Carlton sat at his desk late at night. He was speaking to the Casino


Owner, about 60, and robust, on the videophone


“Have you thought more about the offer?!” the Casino Owner asked him




William Carlton told him nervously.


“We have extensive plans for a T-Rex Safari Experience. I would like to talk


about a partnership between your casino consortium and our Zoo.”


The Casino Owner told him arrogantly.


“Our consortium of American Casino’s have our own plans for the beast. A


Jurassic theme Amphitheater, “JURASSIC COLISEUM,” on the Las Vegas


strip where the Tyrannosaurus Rex will be trained do ‘tricks’ for three big


shows a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, in an unrivalled live stage




The deal William Carlton was about to make with the American Casino would


make him incredibly rich, so he greedily listened.


“We will pay you One Billion dollars for the T-Rex and a one-percent share of


all merchandising. You will not receive a better offer. Do not be a fool. Sell me


the dinosaur and become an overnight billionaire,” the fat face of the Casino


Owner told him.


William Carlton sat quietly for a moment. He looked at the Casino Owner.


He told him with a smile.


“Congratulations. You are the proud new owner of a T-Rex.”


The obese face of the Casino Owner smiled. Dan and Georgia stood at the T-Rex enclosure. It was late at night and very


cold. The Zoo vehicle stopped at the enclosure. Jack Colby stepped out.


“It is late. You wanted to see us. What is it?” Dan Livingston asked.


Jack Colby told them grimly.


“The CEO has sold the T-Rex to an American Casino owner.”


Georgia looked horrified.


“No,” she blurted in disbelief.


Jack Colby explained painfully.


“There are going to build a Dinosaur stage show where she will be paraded


three times a day.”


Dan Livingston lowered his head. Georgia was devastated.


“But he promised a safari park for Cleo,” she stated.


“He said he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse,” Jack Colby detailed.


“He lied,” Georgia said with anger.


Dan held his daughter. She cried. Dan said sadly.


“I’m so sorry honey. Some adults lie.”


“It is not fair,” Georgia said with tears in her eyes.


Jack Colby looked at T-Rex. It looked at Georgia sad. It knew something was


terribly wrong.


Jack Colby apologized to Georgia.


“I’m sorry. We should have left T-Rex in the woods with you.”


Georgia looked at her dad. “You have to stop them Daddy.”


He shook his head.


“I’m just a farmer. I don’t know how to stop them honey,” he admitted with




Jack Colby looked at T-Rex. He looked at little girl’s tears. He was distraught.


Jack Colby put his arm on Georgia’s shoulder.


“I’m so sorry.”


He knelt down to Georgia.


He said with great emotion.


“Do you want to say goodbye.”


She nodded weakly.


Georgia looked at T-Rex. She said softly.


“Is this what happens when you love someone?”


Jack Colby looked at the little girl. Her innocence had been shattered. He


stepped into his vehicle sad. He drove off slowly.


Georgia lent on the railing. She sang with tears in eyes. T-Rex stood at the


moat edge. It looked at Georgia sadly. It knew something was wrong. Dan


stood back as his daughter said goodbye.


Georgia looked into the T-Rex’s eyes.


She said as she held back the tears.


“I love you Cleo. I will miss you.” CHAPTER




Jack Colby sat in his dark quarters. The lights were off. He looked lost. He


stared at wall.


He whispered


“A child’s innocence should never be shattered for adult’s greed.”


Georgia and father stood at the T-Rex enclosure.


They looked at the road as if waiting for something.


“Jack said to wait here for him,” Dan said.


The Zoo Truck backed into view. Jack Colby stepped out.


He asked them with a wry smile.


“Are you ready so save T-Rex?”


Georgia face came alive.


She shouted.




Jack Colby ran to the back of the truck. He lowered the ramp over the moat.


Dan asked him. “Won’t you loose your job? “


Jack Colby stopped. He turned and looked at the T-Rex. He told him as if


opening up his heart.


“A T-Rex is too magnificent to be caged in an American Casino.”


Jack Colby looked at T-Rex. He smiled.


“Looking at that T-Rex makes me feel like kid again,” Jack exclaimed with a


child like innocence.


Dan smiled. Jack turned to Georgia.


He winked and said.


“Georgia, do your thing.”


Georgia ran onto the platform. T-Rex turned to Georgia.


“C’mon Cleo. You are going home,” she said to the dinosaur.


T-Rex roared.


The Zoo Guard shack sat at the front gates. 1st Guard, a big man, wearing a


dark gray uniform, about 30, sat back in his Zoo guard shack. He ate the


donut. He heard the ROAR. He stood up. He looked at his fellow guards.


“That’s the T-Rex. We better go check it out.”


2nd Guard, a small man, about 40, looked up from the television.


“I hear they’re shipping it to America tomorrow. Damn shame,” he said.


The 1st Guard agreed.


“My kid’s going to be crushed.” 1st Guard jumped into the Zoo security car. It pulled out. It drove up the road


towards the animal enclosures.


The T-Rex stood at the edge of the moat. It looked at the platform. It looked at


the back of the Zoo Truck. It was nervous.


Georgia gestured Cleo forward.


“It is okay Cleo,” she said sweetly.


Jack Colby remarked.


“No animal likes to be caged.”


T-Rex walked over the platform.


Georgia walked backwards. She led it into the truck. She told Cleo to comfort




“We are taking you somewhere safe where the bad men will never find you.”


The car lights appeared in the distance. Dan looked around. He saw the Zoo


security car approach.


He said with alarm.


“Someone’s coming.”


Jack Colby turned. He said quickly.


“Zoo security. We have to hurry.”


Dan looked to back of the truck. Georgia was leading the T-Rex into the back


of the truck.


He said with urgency.


“Honey! We have to hurry.” The 1st Guard saw the Zoo truck sitting at the T-Rex enclosure. He said on


the walkie-talkie.


“We’ve got a semi trailer parked at the T-Rex enclosure. Wake up the CEO.”


Georgia stepped into the back of the semi trailer Truck. T-Rex looked at the


back of the semi trailer warily. It remembered the trip to the Zoo earlier.


“C’mon Cleo. It will be all right. I promise.”


T-Rex walked into the back of the Truck. Jack and Dan ran to the back. They


shut the doors. They jump into truck cabin. The ramp lifted up. The semi


trailer Truck took off.


The Truck jolted. T-Rex roared afraid.


Georgia said to calm Cleo.


“Do not be afraid Cleo.”


The Security car drove towards the truck.


Dan Livingston asked urgently.


“What do we do?”


“We just stole a T-Rex. We do not stop,” Jack Colby quipped.


Zoo truck drove at the security car. It ran the security car off the road. The 1st Guard watched the semi trailer drive past. The Roar of T-Rex filtered


from the truck. 1st Guard grabbed walkie-talkie. He shouted.


“Shut the gate! They are stealing the T-Rex! Shut the gate!”


2nd Guard leapt into the guard shack. He slammed his hand down on the


button to close the gate. He walked onto the road. The Gate closed. The semi


trailer came into view. He stood at foot of the gate. The T Rex roared.


He held up his hands. The 2nd Guard shouted.


“Stop! Stop!”


Dan looked at the 2nd Guard that stood in front of the archway gate.


He asked Jack Colby worried.


‘That if he doesn’t move?”


The truck sped towards the guard. Jack Colby cracked.


“It’s a truck. He’ll move.”


2nd Guard held his torch up as if that would stop the truck. The truck was


bearing down towards him.


Jack Colby’s face tensed up.


“Brace for impact,” he said strongly.


Dan Livingston shouted through the window into the back of the truck.


“Honey! We are going to crash the gate! Hold onto to something!” Georgia hugged T-Rex in the back of the truck.


“Close your eyes Cleo,” She said to her beloved pet.


T-Rex closed its eyes.


Georgia closed her eyes.


“I will hold you,” she said in love for Cleo.


The Zoo Truck barreled towards the 2nd Guard.


“Hey! They are not stopping! They’re not going to stop!” he shouted in




The Guard jumped out of the way. The Semi trailer crashed through the gate.


The Guard stood. He watched the truck speed away. The T-Rex roared.


“I am so getting fired,” quipped the Guard as he watched the Truck speed




Dan and Jack Colby looked at the dark road.


Dan Livingston said numbly.


“We have stolen a T-Rex.”


Jack Colby said with a wry grin.


“We have stolen a T-Rex.”


Georgia held Cleo’s large snout. She heard her father’s voice.


“You two okay back their honey?” Georgia looked at the T-Rex.


She said happily.


“We are cool daddy.”


Georgia patted the T-Rex head.


The Zoo Truck drove along the empty road.


The phone rang. William Carlton woke. He picked up phone. The Guard told


him over the phone.


“The T-Rex has been stolen Sir.”


William Carlton shouted loudly.


“Whose stole the T-Rex?!”


The Guard sounded afraid. He had let the Zoo ‘s prized ‘animal’ escape.


“Jack Colby, the little girl and her father, Sir.”


William Carlton was outraged. He screamed into the phone.


“It’s my T-Rex! Do you hear me! And I want it back!!”


Jack turned the truck off the highway.


Jack told Dan Livingston as they drove down the dark dirt path.


“We better take the back roads. They will come after us BIG-time.” “What’s the plan?” Dan questioned warily.


“Get the T-Rex across the border into Victoria and release her into remote


woods,” Jack Colby replied.


“Do you think it will work?” asked Dan.


Jack Colby shrugged his shoulders.


“I don’t know what else to do.”


Dan looked back through the window into the rear cage. Georgia hugged T


Rex. They both look peaceful. They looked happy again as they did in the




Dan Livingston saw how happy he’s daughter was again. He turned to Jack


Colby. Dan was prepared to do whatever was necessary to help his daughter


save the T-Rex.


“Whatever you need me to do.”






The Police vehicles blockaded the street. The Zoo Truck stopped. Jack Colby and Dan looked at the Police. Their guns were drawn.


“I guess they want to arrest a dinosaur,” Jack Colby said jokingly.


Dan shouted through the window to his daughter.


“Honey, we have a problem!”


The T-Rex looked afraid again. Georgia looked around.


Georgia ran into the front cabin.


She asked worried.


“What is it daddy?”


Dan Livingston looked at the Police on the street.


“Cops honey. Lot’s of cops.”


Georgia looked at the Police.


She looked frightened as she said.


“We cannot let them hurt Cleo.”


Jack Colby looked defeated as he said.


“I think this is the end of our Jurassic escape attempt.”


Dan Livingston had a look of defeat on his face also. He looked at his


daughter with great sadness.


“I’m sorry honey. We won’t be able to free the T-Rex,” he told her with great


pain. He knew this would crush his daughter’s spirit.


Georgia was terribly upset. “No daddy, no,” she pleaded.


The 1st Police Officer, about 25, and female, looked at the Zoo truck. She


asked with disbelief.


“Do you think they really have a T-Rex in the truck?”


The T-Rex roared. Police stepped back. They looked at each other. The


Police Sergeant, about 35, grabbed the megaphone. He walked forwards. He


commanded the two men in the Zoo truck.


“Turn off your engine, get out of the truck and come forward with the T-Rex’s


hand up!”


The Police Sergeant closed his eyes. He shook his head as if he could not


believe what he had just said.


Dan watched the Police officers move forwards.


“Here they come. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more to save T-Rex,” Jack told them




“Honey! We have to surrender!” Dan told his daughter as if they had no other




The T-Rex lowered its head in the back of the truck. It was very afraid.


Georgia held the T-Rex head.


She whispered to Cleo.


“I won’t let them hurt you.” Georgia climbed onto the T-Rex head.


“We have to run Cleo,” she told the scared T-Rex.


She swung the T-Rex head around to face the back doors of the truck.


She asked Cleo.


“Can you break through the doors Cleo?”


The T-Rex roared. The T-Rex charged. It blasted through the back doors.


The Zoo Truck doors blasted apart. The T-Rex stepped out of the truck.


Georgia sat on the T-Rex head.


T-Rex faced the Police officers. The Police officers walked back awestruck.


Dan stepped out of the truck. Jack stepped out of the truck. With Georgia on


its massive head, the T-Rex swung onto the Police Officers.


Dan Livingston shouted in fear.


“Georgia, No!”


Georgia shouted back with the great love for Cleo in her heart.


“I cannot let them hurt her daddy.”


The Police officer stared at the Dinosaur. She was stunned. She asked her




“What do we do Sir?”


Police Sergeant stared transfixed at the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It’s massive


snout. It’s large teeth. It’s yellow eyes. He said as if didn’t really believe it until now.


“It really is a dinosaur.”


Jack Colby looked at the Police Sergeant.


He warned him.


“I wouldn’t anger the T-Rex. “


The Police sergeant looked at the Head Zookeeper. He questioned Jack






The T-Rex roared. The Police shook in fear. Dan turned to the Police.


He shouted out of fear for his daughter.


“It’s my daughter! Don’t shoot!”


Georgia gripped T-Rex’s head. There was only one way to escape, and save


the Cleo. Georgia said bravely.


“We have to Run! Cleo! Run!”


The T-Rex ran past Dan Livingston. The Police Sergeant stood transfixed. It


ran over the top of him. The Police Sergeant passed through the T-Rex’s


legs. The Police dive out of the way. The T-Rex stomps over the Police




Dan Livingston watched the T-Rex run past with his daughter on its head.


He shouted afraid for his only daughter


“Georgia!” The T-Rex ran away from Dan Livingston. It carried his daughter away with it.


Jack Colby watched the girl sitting on the dinosaur’s head as it stomped


away. He said in admiration.


“That’s one brave little girl.”






T-Rex walked along the suburban street. The street shook. The alarms from


the cars and houses set off. The kids looked out the house windows with awe.


The adults stumbled over the rubbish bins and ran back into the houses.


The Boy, about 10, felt the house shake. He opened the front door. The T


Rex head swung down onto him. The Boy turned to his Mother about 35, who


was sitting in the lounge room.


The boy asked excitedly.


“Mom, can I feed the T-Rex?”


The Mother got up. She walked into the foyer.


She said absently.


“There’s no such thing as a dinosaur.”


She stopped. The T-Rex head looked into the open door. It roared at the


Mother. She shook. Georgia looked down from the dinosaur’s head. She asked friendly.


“Excuse me Miss. Could you tells us the way to the woods?”


The Mother screamed. The Mother shut the door quickly.


T-Rex ran along the busy shopping strip. The people ran in mayhem.


Georgia told Cleo worried that they might accidentally hurt people.


“We cannot hurt anyone Cleo.”


The T-Rex was avoiding people as it stomped. The Police sirens filtered


through air. Georgia looked behind. She saw the Police cars chasing them.


“The Police are coming Cleo. We need to find woods to hide,” she said to




T-Rex ran around the street corner. The bus was moving fast. It was heading


straight at the T-Rex. T-Rex was scared. It roared. The Bus swerved. T-Rex


roared afraid again. The Bus glided past. The passengers looked out


windows with mouths gaped. Georgia waved at the bus passengers.




SYDNEY HARBOR BRIDGE T-Rex ran over the Sydney Harbor bridge. The cars swerved around the


Dinosuar. The News Helicopters hovered in the air following the T-Rex as it


ran across the bridge.


The News helicopter hovered in the air above the T-rex as it ran past the


Sydney Opera house. The T-Rex ran into city of Sydney.


The News Reporters in the News Chopper talked into his microphone.


“Police are advising to stay indoors as the T-Rex with little girl on head makes


its way into the city.”


The iron jungle of sky scrappers and buildings of Sydney fill the T-Rex’s


vision. It looked afraid. Georgia on T-Rex’s head looked afraid. They did not


know where to hide. The sounds police sirens chased after them.


The News Chopper flew overhead following the dinosaur as it stomped along


the busy Sydney street. The cars were stopping. The people ran from the T


Rex. The Police cars chased. It was mayhem. The news reporter looked


down from the News Helicopter. He could see the T-Rex running around


people trying not to hurt them. He looked astounded. He relayed the dinosaur


chase to all the radios in all the homes in Sydney. It was a massive event. “Earlier reports are flowing of the T-Rex going out of its way not to harm


people, and believe it or not, the little girl asked for directions for the way to


the woods from a suburban housemother after knocking on her door. Or is


that Roaring at her door.”


The News helicopter flew down the Sydney Street. The T-Rex stomped along


the street just ahead. The Police cars chased. The news reporter looked out


the window down at the T-Rex with the little girl on its head. He talked into the




“While the Police have been authorized to use deadly force to stop the


dinosaur. Calls are coming to save this unique beast. Our prayers go out to


the little girl and her T-Rex on this night.”


The T-Rex ran with all its might. It was tiring. Georgia hung onto its head. The


police cars were getting closer. They eyes of the T-Rex looked afraid.


The T-Rex stopped. The Police car skidded to a stop. The Police officer got


out. Georgia looked up to the trees of Centenary Park through gap in the sky




Georgia shouted excited.


“Woods Cleo!” The Police officer lifted his gun. The T-Rex head turned. It was afraid. The


scared looking Police officer, about 25, yelled.


“Put the girl down, and get on the ground…T-Rex.”


Georgia pleaded with him.


“Cleo has not hurt anyone. Why do you want to hurt her mister?


The Scared police officer held his gun. He was not sure what to do.


He said with shaking hands.


“You have the right to remain roar less…”


He shook his head as if that was silly.


He said as if trying to start again.


“Silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”


The police officer was being naughty. Georgia lent down and whispered in


Cleo’s ear.


“It is okay to bite his car Cleo. The Police officer is being naughty.”


T-Rex bent down. The Scared Police officer stepped back.


T-Rex picked up the Police car. It bit the car in halves. Both sides of car fell


on either side of the scared police officer.


The Police officer dropped his gun. The T-Rex ran past. Georgia waved.


“Thank you mister.”


Police officer shook his head. He said to himself.


“They do not teach you how to arrest a T-Rex at the Police Academy.” T-Rex ran toward Centenary Park. The Police cars gave chase. The sirens


blared. The T-Rex ran over the parked cars. The Police car sped alongside.


The cars were crushed under T-Rex massive feet. A Ferrari. A BMW. A


Porsche. A Mercedes. A Lamborghini. All crushed. Georgia smiled at T-Rex’s




“You are cheeky Cleo.”


The 1st Police officer, about 30, and male, drove in the car alongside the T


Rex. He looked out the car window. He watched the cars being crushed.


He said as each car was crushed.


“Ferrari. BMW. Porsche. Mercedes. Lamborghini.”


2nd Police Officer about 25, and female, watched also. She remarked with a


tilt of her head.


“Everything but a Mazarati.”


The T-Rex crushed a Mazarati car.


“Oh wait, there it is,” quipped the 1st Police Officer.


They watched the T-Rex run away from the crushed cars. The second police


officer said as the massive Dinosaur frame ran towards the park.


“I don’t think the sirens are going to work. Any idea’s?”


The first Police officer joked.


“Call Spielberg?”


Police officer looked at all the crushed cars that littered the street.


He joked again.


“That is a monster mash.” T-Rex ran into Centenary Park. The Police cars raced into Centenary Park.


The Roar came up from the park.


Georgia held on tight to Cleo’s head. The T-Rex ran through the park.


The Police vehicles sped through the woods.


The T-Rex ran from the trees. It stopped at the edge of the lake. The woods


were behind the dinosaur. The beautiful lake lay out in front. It was peaceful.


It was quiet. The T-Rex looked into the lake. He looked at its reflection in the


lake. T-Rex and Georgia looked at their reflection in the lake.


T-Rex looked at itself entranced. Georgia said.


“It is so beautiful.”


The T-Rex roared lightly in agreement.


They were not afraid. They looked at peace. It was a moment of beauty.


Then the gunfire exploded. The police were coming again. The T-Rex roared


loudly. T-Rex turned and ran along the lake edge. Georgia held onto its head


tightly. They were scared again.


T-Rex ran through the woods. The Police cars sped through the woods. They


were closing. Georgia looked behind.


She shouted in fear. “Run! Cleo! Run!”






The T-Rex ran from the park. The cars stopped. The dinosaur scared the


public. The T-Rex roared afraid. They thought it was because it was


aggressive. The Police cars sped from the park. The Police had blockaded


both ends of street. The Police guns pointed at T-Rex. It roared frightened


again. Georgia swung the T-Rex head around to the entrance of the, “




She told Cleo.


“We are tapped Cleo.”


T-Rex walked up the Museum stairs. It busted through the front doors.


T-Rex stood in the Museum foyer. The museum patrons screamed. They ran.


The Police ran up the stairs behind. The T-Rex walked under the banner that






LIFE!” The Police sealed off the Museum outside. They were trapping the Dinosaur


inside. They ushered the people out. The Police flooded into the Museum.


The Zoo Truck pulled up outside the Police blockade. Dan and Jack Colby


jumped out.


Dan Livingston looked at the Police vehicle and Police with guns. He was


afraid for his daughter. He ran towards the museum and shouted.




The T-Rex stomped through the Museum Space exhibit. It stomped over the


mock up of the lunar surface. There was the Apollo Eleven Module. The


model of the Astronaut. The Flag. The T-Rex walked through the space




Georgia looked around afraid.


“We have to find somewhere to hide Cleo.”


The T-Rex stomped through the Planes of Early Flight exhibit. It stomped


over the mock up of the Wright Brother’s plane. The early planes of flight


hung from the roof above the T-Rex head.


The Medieval suits of armor littered the Medieval Exhibit. The medieval


weapons hung of the medieval armored suits. The T-Rex stomped through the exhibit. The moonlight shone through the glass window in the roof. The T


Rex looked up. Police helicopter hovered in the sky. The T-Rex roared.


Georgia said, as there was not anyway to escape.


“I do not think they are going to let us get away Cleo.”


The statue of Neanderthal Man stood in the glass cabinet. The statues of the


Early Homosapien Men stood in the mock up of the prehistoric caves. The T


Rex stomped through the exhibit. The sound of the Police footsteps closed.


T-Rex stomped into the Dinosaur exhibit. It stopped. It looked at the bone


skeleton of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It walked around the bones of the


Tyrannosaurus Rex slowly. Cleo moved its head to the face of the skeletal


Tyrannosaurus Rex. Cleo roared afraid. The Police ran into the exhibit. T-Rex


swung around. The 1st Police Officer, about 35, looked at the living T-Rex. T


Rex looked down at him.


The Police officer shouted to his fellow officers.


“Save the girl!”


The Museum Patron, about 30, ran the upper railing. He stopped. He looked


at the T-Rex. He carried the Video Camera.


The Museum patron exclaimed as if the greatest day of his life.


“Wow. I’m going to be rich.” He lifted camera to film the T-Rex and little girl. The Police officer 1st fired.


The T-Rex swung around to shield Georgia. The bullets slammed into the T


Rex’s back. It roared in pain.


Georgia screamed in terror.




The Police officers ran into exhibit from every direction. They trapped the T-Rex.


Police officer 1st yelled.


“The dinosaur is going to eat the girl!”


Cleo placed Georgia onto head of the skeletal Tyrannosaurus Rex. It looked


at Georgia. Cleo brushed its head against Georgia lovingly.


It was trying to protect Georgia.


The tears welled in Georgia’s eyes.


“I want to stay with you Cleo!” she told the T-Rex.


The T-Rex turned to the Police. It roared in defiance. Georgia shouted at the




“She thinks you are trying to hurt me!”


The roar scared the Police officers. The Police officer 1st looked at the little




He shouted at her as if he was her protector.


“Stay where you are! We’ll save you!”


The Police officers looked at the T-Rex. The T-Rex moved in front of the


skeletal Tyrannosaurus Rex. It moved between Georgia and the Police. Dan and Jack Colby ran onto the upper railing. The T-Rex roared. Dan saw


Georgia on the head of the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.


He looked at the Police. He looked at their guns. He was fearful for his daughter.


He shouted to his daughter.


“Georgia! Don’t move!”


Jack Colby saw the T-Rex shielded Georgia from Police and their guns. He


shouted to the Police in desperation.


“Stop firing! The T-Rex thinks you’re trying to hurt the girl!”


The Police officer ignored him. He yelled to his fellow Police.




The bullets hit the T-Rex. It bled. It ROARED in pain. Georgia cried.


She screamed in tears and pain.


“Please stop!”


The T-Rex turned to Georgia. It was afraid. It was dying. It moved its head to


Georgia. She held its head in her small hands.


She looked into Cleo’s eyes. She said with tears running down her face.


“I love you Cleo.”


The T-Rex rubbed its head in her hands. The Museum patron watched the


touching gesture through the video camera. He lowered the camera. He


looked at the dinosaur and girl. He whispered as if he was witnessing


something special.


“It cares for her.” Dan and Jack watched the emotional scene. The T-Rex was dying. Dan could


see the T-Rex’s love for his daughter. He was touched.


Dan whispered greatly affected.


”It’s saying goodbye to my daughter.”


Jack Colby struggled to speak. It was the saddest moment he had ever




“We are destroying a miracle of nature. The bond between a girl and her




The Police officer 1st looked at the bleeding T-Rex. It looked so close to the


girl. He moved forwards with gun raised.


“It’s wounded. I think it’s trying to eat the girl!”


The Police fired. The bullets ripped into the T-Rex body. T-Rex’s head


slumped into Georgia hands. She was crying. T-Rex knew it was dying.


Georgia whispered to Cleo in great pain.


“Please do not leave me.”


The T-Rex looked at the blood on its chest. It looked at Georgia. It was afraid.


Georgia looked at the blood on Cleo.


She said to Cleo deeply afraid, and sad.


“Please do not die Cleo.” The Police officers looked at the slumping T-Rex. It was bleeding greatly.


They moved forwards.


The Police officer shouted as if victory was near. He thought he was going to


save the girl.


“It’s bleeding. Kill it! Kill it!”


They fired. The bullets slammed into the T-Rex. Its head slumped in


Georgia’s hands again. It was slipping away. The T-Rex looked into the little


girl’s eyes with tender affection. The T-Rex licked her hand softly to say




Georgia said as she cried.


“I love you.”


The Police officer shouted.


“It’s finished boys. Fire! FIRE!”


The Police officers fired. The T-Rex roared in pain. Georgia shouted in pain.


The T-Rex head slipped from her hands. The T-Rex plunged to the floor. The


Police officers lowered their pistols. Georgia looked Cleo. She was not


moving. She had died. The Museum patron lowered his video camera. He


looked at the T-Rex sadly. The Police officers stood warily. Dan pushed his


way through the Police officers.


He told the Police officer with great emotion. “Let me through. That’s my daughter.”


Police Officer waved his arms over the dead Dinosaur.


“We killed the beast. We saved your daughter.”


Dan looked at Georgia. She was clinging to the skeletal Tyrannosaurus Rex


head. She was crying.


Dan Livingston stood in great sadness. He told the Police officer.


“Oh no, it wasn’t the bullets. It was greed that killed the Dinosaur.”






The News Reporters stood in the newsroom. They watched the footage on


the line of television screens. They were awestruck by what they were


witnessing. They watched the T-Rex place the little girl on skeletal T-Rex


head. The rotunda Editor in Chief sated as if it was unbelievable.


“It placed the girl on the skeleton head.”


The crowd of people stood outside the hi-fi store. They watched the television


screens. The T-Rex moved between the little girl and the Police bullets. They


were moved by the Dinosaurs bravery. The 1st Crowd Person, about 25, said.


“The dinosaur’s moving between the bullets and the girl.” The Father, about 40, sat in his lounge room and watched footage on his


television dumd founded. The T-Rex was dying. It gently rubbed its snout


against the girl’s hand.


The Father said to his wife in amazement.


“Look at that, it is saying goodbye to the girl.”


Mother, about 38, watched similarly amazed.


She whispered awestruck.


“I see.”


The Sad Boy, about eleven, cried.


He said in tears.


“That is so sad dad.”


The Father and Mother looked at each other deeply moved by the dinosaur’s


act to save the girl.


The Reporters watched the footage as the T-Rex slammed into the floor. The


little girl on the skeletal T-Rex head began to cry. The hardened reporters


were deeply moved.


Editor in Chief looked over the footage of the dead T-Rex in horror. The


Police officers stood over the body with guns drawn. The little girl cried as she


looked down.


Editor in Chief said shocked.


“What have we done?” The Editor Chief looked down at the floor as is he felt lost. He looked back up.


He told his reporters.


“We are going to turn that dinosaur into a hero! Do you hear me people! A


HERO! It saved that girl! “


The Reporters burst into flurry of activity. The Editor in Chief turned back to


the footage. It replayed the dinosaur as it placed the little girl onto the bone


skeleton T-Rex head. The T-Rex turned to take the bullets to protect the girl.


He whispered.


“It is a hero…”


The morning papers were thrown onto the pavement from Newspaper Truck.


The paper Headline read.








The sun shone down on the large clearing in the middle of the woods. It was


the woods where Georgia found the egg. The massive grave large enough for a dinosaur had been dug in the middle of the clearing. The massive wooden


coffin was engraved with a likeness of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The T-Rex lay


dead inside the coffin. It looked peaceful. The world’s greatest zoologists and


Paleontologists stood at the graveside. The thousands of children stood in the


clearing. Their faces covered in tears. The sun was setting below the horizon.


The myriad of television camera’s had been set up for the T-Rex funeral.


They would provide the coverage for the billions that watched around the


world.. Georgia stood at the foot of the grave. She looked down at Cleo’s


dead snout. The television cameras were trained on her sad face. Dan


Livingston and Jack Colby stood either side of the girl. Georgia walked to the


grave edge. The tears fell. She dropped a single rose into the grave. It lofted


onto the T-Rex snout.


She said as she struggled to hold back the tears.


“You finally made it to the woods Cleo.”


The children started crying. The crowd of thousand lowered their heads. The


helicopter slowly lowered the massive lid onto the coffin. Cleo was sealed in


the coffin. The world cried. The sun set behind the trees. The darkness swept


across the clearing.


The weeks had past. Georgia thought that she would never stop crying. She


walked into the woods. She found the fallen log where she had discovered


Cleo’s egg for the first time. She sat on the log. She wanted to be close to


Cleo. She was very sad. She covered her eyes.


She said as the tears ran down her cheeks.


“Three, two, one, ready or not. Here I come.”


She wanted to pretend that Cleo was still alive and they were playing hide


and seek again.


She could not let Cleo go.


Georgia ran through the woods sadly.


“Hide and Seek Cleo.”


Georgia cried.


She stopped. She fell down onto the ground. She sobbed.


“I miss you so much.”


Then she turned. The large boulder sat a short distance away. It was the very


same boulder that Cleo had hidden behind when Georgia had first taught the


T-Rex how to play hide and seek. Georgia walked to the boulder. She put her


hands over eyes. She said with tears.


“Where is Cleo?”


She looked around the boulder. She opened her eyes. The three large eggs


sat on the ground. Georgia’s eyes opened wide. She smiled. It had been the


first smile on her face for weeks.


She shouted incredibly excited.


“Cleo, you had babies.” CHAPTER




The Island was wild and filled with large jungle trees. It sat into the middle of


the crystal blue ocean. There was a mountain in the center of the Island.


Georgia, Dan Livingston, and Jack Colby stood on the sandy beach. The


Soldiers stood behind them. They faced the thick jungle.


Georgia said sadly.


“Good bye’s are so sad daddy.”


Dan put his hand on her shoulder lovingly.


“I know honey. We have to let them roam free,’ he told her softly.


They looked at the jungle.


They were waiting for something.


Dan Livingston said as he keenly watched the jungle.


“This is their Island. They will be safe.”


The jungle began to rustle. The T-Rex’s, three of them, the size of fourteen


year-old teenagers, ran out of the jungle. They ran across the beach to


Georgia. They put their snouts forwards for her to pat. She patted and kissed


each of the three T-Rex’s snouts. They licked her hand. She giggled. They


turned. They ran back into the jungle.


Georgia shouted. “I love you! I will miss you!”


The Roar of the teenage T-Rex’s rose up from the jungle.


The young T-Rex’s ran through the jungle. They ran across the large open


clearing. They looked happy. They were safe. They were at home. They had


found their woods.




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