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Sarah stood in silence, gazing at the crowd in the market while brushing
her silky blonde hair.”Thesepeoplehadeverythingapersoncouldask
for – parents who loved them and bought them everything they
wanted, good food, good clothes and the money to celebrate festivals
but still they cry ,why? . Theydon’tevenunderstandthemeaningof
hunger. How it haunts you every time! They have never felt the fear
that people like me go through every day! “Shethought. She
shuffled inside her polybag and took out the box which contained her
collection of buttons – It was the only thing that she was proud of. It
was Christmas Eve and most of the children in the town were pestering
their parents, asking them to buy beautiful decorations for their
Christmas trees. Sarah did not decorate her Christmas tree for she had
none. She wiped her tears after crying for almost an hour. She left for
home. As soon as she reached her home (a small cottage in a forest),
she saw her only family, her aunt, lying on the bed. Her mother had
died when she was 3 years old. She could feel the agony of her aunt.
“What happened, Aunt Nancy?”Sarahasked“Don’tyousee, I am ill.
“She replied“Should I call the doctor, Aunt?”“Who will give us the
money to pay him?”Heraunt replied angrily. Sarah knew soon the
disease would take her only family away from her. “IfIsellmy
collection of buttons, I can save my aunt. “Shethought. She went back
home, took her collection, went to the shopkeeper and sold it. She got
only 4$ for the entire collection. She thought that this would at least
already sent your angel ( My aunt) to take care of me ButtodayI’llask
forathingPleasedon’ttakemyaunt away from me. I’llrepayit.