Swamp Tales HTML version

About the Tales:
From Bill Russo, the author of The Creature From the
Bridgewater Triangle, comes new tales from the 200 square mile
area that is sometimes called 'America's Bermuda Triangle'. This
time the stories are fiction - and yet these yarns come from a
place where 'real' and 'unreal' collide and exist in an uneasy truce
in the same space.
Four young friends gather at a summer camp near the eerie
Hockomock Swamp. They spin a few campfire yarns. The oldest
of the group tells a story that could be called The Cold, Clammy
Touch of Death.
His narrative is derided by his companions so he offers them a
far darker scenario when he relates the bizarre life of Jimmy
Catfish of the devilish body of disparate waters called Codfresh
As the last hushed words of the story fade away, more firewood is
piled on the campfire and an unforeseen event ratchets the mood
of the friends from jocular to tense as they contemplate a new
horror - a reanimated warrior from a hundred years ago who
wears a string of scalps around his neck and head - some of which
are fresh with blood from the newly dead.