Suzy HTML version

“We are not going to argue are we? Come on, I have cooked
your favourite roast dinner.” Suzy replies holding the tray out
towards him.
Doug stands up and knocks the tray out of Suzy's hands
slapping her on the face before the tray hits the floor; “What
are you after?” he demands in a cruel voice.
“I want a quiet evening for a change.” she screams back.
Doug punches her hard on the shoulder as she turns away
and only succeeds getting as far as the fireplace; when he
grabs her hair, twisting it viciously. Trying to grab hold of the
mantel piece her fingers touch the long silver letter opener and
Suzy's hand curls around it instinctively.
As Doug pulls her towards him she lashes out with the
opener stabbing it into his throat below the right jaw, she
hadn't meant to stab him, and she just wanted to hurt him
Pulling the silver letter opener out of Doug's throat as the
blood pours out over her hand Doug slumps to the floor. She
must have stabbed him in the main artery, the blade
penetrating into his windpipe as he makes no sound. Suzy
looks down at his dead body as tears fill her eyes; now she is
in big trouble.
With tears coursing down her cheeks she goes into the
kitchen and washes the letter opener and her hands under the
hot tap. Evening is approaching and she draws the curtains
and turns on the light. Washing her face under the cold
running tap she dries it using the kitchen towel and thinks as to
what to do next.
Get rid of Doug's body is the dominant thought and her mind
races as to where she is going to dump him.
Regaining her composure Suzy walks back into the lounge
and looks down at Doug's still form lying on the floor. Blood
has flowed out of his neck and soaked into the carpet; she had
never liked that carpet anyway and her now ex-husband has
ruined it.
A cold smile forms on her red lips as she sees her life