Suzy HTML version

Chapter One
Opening the hot oven door Suzy puts her gloves on and
takes out the cooking joint of beef. Putting the hot tray onto the
top of the oven Suzy turns the meat over and adds potatoes
and parsnips to the tray.
Putting the tray back into the oven she frowns as she stands
up and thinks if all this effort is worth it; Doug, her partner had
been very moody lately. Sometimes he came home with a
smile, but that was rare these days.
Doug's behaviour towards her recently had become nasty,
aggressive and he was constantly accusing her of being
unfaithful and calling her a liar.
Suzy had not done anything wrong and could not understand
why he had changed so much recently. Hoping that cooking
his favourite roast dinner would make the evening a pleasant
one Suzy lights the gas under the vegetables as she hears
Doug's car pull up out front.
Checking herself in the mirror Suzy shouts a cheery
welcome as Doug opens the front door. Hearing no reply the
frown returns to her forehead as she busies herself with
getting two plates out of the cupboard. Doug slams the front
door and stomps down the hall into the lounge as Suzy's
stomach tightens in anxiety. Too frightened to go and talk to
him she puts a knife and fork onto a tray and sits at the table
and reads her book whilst the dinner cooks.
“Here you are,” says Suzy as she walks into the lounge
carrying Doug's dinner; “looks like you have had a hard day.”
she says as she sees the frown on Doug's face.
“Hard day? You don’t know the half of it.” he snaps as he
stares into her eyes not attempting to take the tray from her