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How to Find a Niche Market
My name is Ryan Stevenson and I have been making websites for
nearly 15 years. Some of these websites have been made for myself to run and
others I have made as a freelancer. I have a lot of
skills when it comes to making websites. I can cover
every aspect of a website like design, graphics,
programming, HTML, database, content writing,
search engine optimization, link building, marketing,
sales and more. I have had many horrible failures
and also quite a few successful websites over the
years. I have built complete websites from scratch that go on to gross over
$15,000 monthly. I have taken my 15 years of experience and compiled my
knowledge to write this book that details the best way to find a new Amazon
Product Niche Market.
In this book, I am going to guide you step-by-step through the entire
process to find your own Amazon niche market. Although my book will not
actually teach you how to build your websites, my method will put you on a
quick path to success.