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Why would I want to write about yet another fitness program? There are so many out there.
There is no escape from fitness programs whether you watch TV or read a magazine or
The reality is that most of us are not happy with our physical state and we are looking for
solutions. We are not only looking for solutions, we are actually paying for them. This creates the
natural demand for physical fitness programs. The variety of physical fitness programs does not
indicate that one method is better than the other. Like neither is Coke better than Sprite nor Sprite
better than Coke. It's a matter of preference and either one of them could quench your thirst. Variety
is good. It gives us the freedom to choose. In spite of having a good supply of effective fitness
programs and variety, I think the failure to benefit from such programs lie in us. We are not
organized enough or do not have the time to practice them. Because of our work and careers the
time investment becomes difficult. I remember the last time I enrolled in a Martial Arts course. After
a few weeks I could not keep up with it because it required 2 hours of classes, 3 days a week. That's
only 6 hours a week. Yet I could not find time for Martial Arts from my daily work schedule. That is
the reason why the 2-minute fitness program caught my attention. Anyone can afford to spend 2
minutes. Tony Bahu founder of the 2-minute fitness program provides a full workout composed of
minutes only. If you failed earlier in elaborate fitness programs, the 2-minute fitness program may be
the right program for you. As you don't have to invest large amounts of time in the program, you will
probably not give up so easily. More information about the program can be found here:
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