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Fitness Programs
There are many fitness programs available these days all promising to be one of the best
available & the ideal one for you. There is no fitness program available that is the best for all.
You are an individual with different needs, wants & lifestyle so there cannot be a fitness
program that is ideal for all.
Every fitness program has its pro’s & con’s & it’s up to you to decide which one is best for you,
after all you need a fitness program that you know you are going to enjoy, that way you will stick to it
& reap the full benefits. So which fitness program is for you ? Will you choose one of the well known
ones such as Pilates, Step, or Aerobics (in one form or another) or will you go for one of the many
celebrity fitness programs. The choice of fitness program is yours & yours alone make sure you pick
the one for you. To help you here is a quick overview of some of the fitness programs available.
Pilates Fitness Program Developed by Joseph Hubertis Pilates as far back as the early 1900’s,
Pilates is based upon developing & improving body posture & flexibility of movement originally using
the resistance of springs. Pilates can be practised using specially designed equipment or performing
exercises based on the Pilates system simply on a mat. Pilates has spawned many different
versions which are available today. Pilates fitness programs are available on video or DVD to use
with or without equipment, for you to follow at home or you could try your local gym to see if they run
classes there. Step Fitness Program Step is basically a form of aerobic exercise involving stepping
on & off a step quite often to music. You can follow this fitness program from a video or DVD at
home using a simple piece of equipment or in a group at your local gym or recreation centre.
Aerobics Fitness Program Aerobics is a fitness program in numerous different formats but basically
involves lots of movement such as arm raises, leg raises, kicks, stretching, lunging, bending etc to
music. The type & frequency of movements should depend upon your current level of fitness. The
fitness program can again be followed at home using a video or DVD or at classes in your local gym
or recreation centre. (c) John Mac 2006
John Mac is Author & Owner of your no.1 stop to help improve
your fitness, diet & health.
If you keep falling off the fitness bandwagon time and time again, OR, you really want to take your
current fitness program to the next level (or even if you have never enjoyed the life changing
benefits of a fitness program), then you are going to love t
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