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Super Affiliate Guidebook

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Table of Contents
1. Affiliate Marketing Introduction

- Affiliate Marketing History
- What Is Affiliate Marketing?
- Why Do Companies Use Affiliate Marketing?
- How Much Can Be Made As An Affiliate?
- Introduction To ClickBank
- Introduction To Google Adwords

2. My Affiliate Experience
3. What Is A Super Affiliate?
4. Mimic The Super Affiliates
5. Finding The New Products
6. Pre-Selling The Affiliate Product

- What Exactly Is Pre-Selling?
- Adding Value To The Product
- Writing The Pre-Sell
- The Pre-Sell Bonus

7. Four Steps To Super Affiliate Success

- Content
- Traffic
- Pre Sell
- Monetize

8. Super Affiliate Tips

- How Your Web Site Looks
- The Biggest Payouts
- Lifetime Revenue Share
- Co-Branded Landing Pages
- Affiliate Advertisements
- Your Affiliate Payment
- Free Internet Traffic
- Multiple Languages
- Your Credibility
- Personal Affiliate Relationship
- Negotiate For A Better Commission
- Focused Marketing
- Visitor Bookmarks
- Diversify Your Efforts

9. Google Adwords
10. Maximizing Your Affiliate Profits

- Selling E-Books Over The Internet
- Special Deals From Select Vendors
- Be Creative With Your Affiliate Links
- Various Web Sites For Your Niche
- Multiple Products For Your Visitors
- One Step Ahead Of Your Competitors
- Developing A Free Affiliate E-Book

11. Effectively Promote Affiliate Products

- The Major Search Engines
- Top Internet Directories
- Advertise In Your SIG
- Participate In Forums
- Joint Ventures
- Viral Marketing

12. Automated Affiliate Profits

- Short Term vs. Long Term
- Reinvesting Your Earnings
- Marketing Multiple Products
- The Ultimate Conversions
- Tracking The Results Daily
- Optimizing Your Campaign

13. Affiliate Networks & Resources Affiliate Marketing Introduction

Affiliate Marketing History

The affiliate program was invented by at the end of 1994 and it was pioneered by in 1996. Affiliate programs have been referred to as associate programs and partner programs, but they are primarily called affiliate programs.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a popular method of promoting online businesses in which an affiliate is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber, customer, and / or sale provided through their efforts. It is a modern variation of the practice of paying a finder’s fee for the introduction of new clients to a business on the Internet.

Affiliate Marketing is the single fastest growth industry on the Internet. It is one of the fastest and most creative ways to make money and start your own career working over the Internet.

Why Do Companies Use Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate sales over the Internet. Certain sectors rely on affiliate marketing more heavily than others, but it is a cheap way for companies to get the word out about their products or services.

How Much Can Be Made As An Affiliate?

The sky is the limit. There are affiliates that make anywhere from five to six figure every year, and many of these affiliates are considered super affiliates. A super affiliate is an affiliate with a constant flow of traffic, good conversions, and huge commissions.

Introduction To ClickBank

ClickBank is an affiliate program that connects thousands of affiliates with vendors that are selling digital products. A digital product is an e-book, video tutorial, software program, or other type of product that is digitally delivered over the Internet.

You would sign-up with ClickBank, get a free affiliate account and look for products within their marketplace that you want to begin promoting. Whenever you make a sale, your account is automatically credited with your commission. ClickBank issues checks to their vendors and affiliates every 2 weeks for commissions that were earned 2 weeks before that date.

Digital products are the easiest products to sell on the Internet because people will instantly receive the product and be able to immediately begin using the product. ClickBank is a very profitable affiliate program because many of the vendors offer a large commission to affiliates, which is often as much as 75%.

Many different affiliate programs offer smaller percentages anywhere from 5% to 25% of the retail price of the product. Digital products are easy to develop and that is why the vendors are able to offer such a huge commission to their loyal affiliates.

The ClickBank Marketplace is where you’ll find all of the digital products that are available for you to promote through ClickBank. You can easily browse the ClickBank product categories or search for a specific product or keyword. Also, you can arrange the digital products using different product indicators within the marketplace.


This is a screenshot of the Money & Employment category. You’ll notice the indicators are listed on the second line for each product.

$/Sale How much affiliates have earned per sale.


%/Sale How much you earn as a percentage of the total price of the product. (Anywhere up to 75%)


% Referred The percentage of sales that were made by affiliates, with the rest being made by the vendor.


Gravity This number is used to compare products and see how popular a product is compared to another.


Introduction To Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a pay per click program for the Google search engine. The Google search engine comprises of organic search results and pay per click search results that are presented on the same page for every possible key phrase combination. With Google Adwords, you are charged a small fee every time that a visitor clicks on your advertisement and visits your web site.

Adwords determines how much you pay per click by using the “click through rate” or commonly referred to as CTR. If your ad is shown 100 times and it is clicked on 5 times, then your ad would have a 5% CTR. A 5% CTR is generally good but it depends on the key phrases, your advertisement, and many other factors.

Relevancy is important with Google Adwords. In order to increase your CTR, your keywords must be relevant to what you are selling. In this screenshot, you will notice the organic search results on the left hand side, and the pay per click search results that are listed on the far right. The “Sponsored Links” section is the section where all Google Adwords advertising is shown.

00003.jpgTo learn more about Google AdWords, we recommend that you check out these e-books: Google Cash and Adwords 180.

My Affiliate Experience

Let me share with you, how I was able to go from unemployed to running a highly successful affiliate business from my home.

Approximately 5 ½ years ago, I was living in government housing and struggling to find a way to make enough money to get myself out of the hole that I had dug myself into. Being from a small town, I knew that the opportunities available to me were limited and the pay wouldn’t be anything more than minimum wage. I continued to struggle to find a way to make money, until I stumbled upon the opportunity to become an affiliate marketer.

I was randomly searching different online casino sites, when I accidentally clicked on the affiliate link for one of these sites. The headline read something like “Earn Up To $5,000 A Month!” and it immediately drew me in. Knowing that it was likely too good to be true, I still decided to read through the copy and see exactly what they were expecting me to do in order to make that kind of money. After reading through the copy, I decided that I would join the affiliate program and set-up a web site to promote their service. I even visited a bunch of their competitors, signed up with their programs, and put together a web site that showcased similar services that were being offered to people over the Internet.

My first web site was a banner farm. It basically had banners for each program with links for visitors to click on. Knowing absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing at the time, I thought it was an easy way to make some money. Shortly after launching the web site, I joined a forum where all of the top affiliates in this particular niche hung out and swapped ideas on how to make money promoting these services over the Internet. Initially, I asked for a review of my web site, and I was given the advice that was needed in order to develop the site from a banner farm into a affiliate site that effectively marketed these services to its visitors.

When I first launched my affiliate business, there weren’t a whole lot of ways to promote an Internet business except through the major search engines and directories. PPC search engines were just beginning to enter the mainstream at the time. I began submitting my web site to just about every place that I could find. Tirelessly, I submitted it to different directories every single day, and I began trading links with anybody that I could find with a site in my niche.

Over the first couple of month, I made a few dollars here and there. I continued to put a lot of time into developing and optimizing the web site, and during the 4th or 5th month, I began making enough money with the web site to start working on it full-time.

From that moment on, I was able to make thousands of dollars each month and the income continued to grow every single month.

During the first few years, I concentrated on optimizing the site for the major search engines, and I began developing other sites that offered the same services but focused directly on one aspect of those services in order to attract people interested in the different aspects and in order to target a variety of different key phrases within the major search engines. By developing multiple sites that focused on different aspects, I was able to position myself well within the search engines for hundreds of different quality key phrases. By constantly developing the sites, adding new web pages, exchanging links with other prominent competitors, I was able to build this internet business into a money making machine.

Over those 5 years, many techniques have changed. The important thing was that I continued to develop my web sites. I adapted to the various marketing changes, researched new and innovative online marketing strategies, and continued to monitor consumer needs. I’ve been able to succeed as an affiliate in one of the most competitive fields on the Internet for over 5 years without investing a lot of time and money into PPC search engines, or other advertising opportunities that take money to get started.

You can still become a successful affiliate using the various free advertising opportunities that are available on the Internet, but it does take a good amount of time and effort to get things going.

The majority of new affiliates use PPC search engines, primarily Google Adwords, to generate instant targeted traffic for their business, which actually makes things much easier if you fully understand how the PPC search engines work, and how you can generate highly targeted clicks for less than 10 cents on the dollar.

The key to super affiliate success is with your long-term goals. To concentrate solely on PPC advertising will leave you wide open for problems if the PPC search engines change their rules or if the market becomes too competitive for an affiliate to be able to make enough of a profit minus the actual costs for the PPC advertising.

Use PPC as part of your arsenal, but you should also invest in developing and optimizing your business for organic search results, directories, and other traffic building opportunities.

I’ve combined many of the opportunities that are discussed within this e-book to develop my own business plan. You need to take everything that you learn from this e-book, and put together a business plan. Don’t start your affiliate business without a plan.

Success comes from within you. Once you have the knowledge to become a super affiliate, you must look within yourself for the desire, the motivation, and the will to succeed in this business.

Four Steps To Super Affiliate Success

There are four steps to success on the Internet. These steps are very simple, but they are often overlooked by affiliates that start out in the online affiliate industry. To become a super affiliate, you must follow these simple steps in order to maximize your results.


The search engines love content. You need to develop a lot of content that relates to your product or service. By constantly developing content for your web site, it will bring in repeat visitors and even help your positioning within the major search engines. Content is what brings in organic traffic from the search engines.


You need traffic for your web site. Just because you build the web site, doesn’t mean people will find it. You must find a way to bring in a steady stream of traffic to your web site. Developing new content often leads to traffic, but you can’t rely solely on the major search engines, and you’ll need to find alternative ways for people to find your web site over the Internet and in the real world.

Pre Sell

Once you’ve gotten the content and the traffic, then you need to pre-sell the products or services that you are marketing. If you are marketing products for an affiliate program, then it is important to pre-sell the products to the end user before they click on your link and take a look at the sales letter. Good examples of pre-selling are product reviews, strong points, or other information that would entice the visitor to click the link and read the sales letter.


You need to make money but this comes after all of the hard work. You can’t expect to jump into something and make money right away. You need to develop the content, bring in the traffic, pre-sell the products or services, and wait for the money. Don’t start off by thinking about the money. Start thinking about how to sell on the Internet, and the steps that need to be taken to market what your selling. Once you’ve mastered the ability to sell over the Internet, then making the money will be much easier for you.

What Is A Super Affiliate?

It is said that 2% of affiliates account for over 90% of the affiliate sales that are made online. This means that most affiliates aren’t generating big profits over the Internet, and a small percentage of the super affiliates are generating the bulk of revenue for vendors.

Here is what makes a super affiliate:

Super affiliates treat the affiliate business like a regular business. They invest a lot of time, money, and effort into the development of their web site, and they don’t slap a web site together with banner ads or a handful of links. They take the time to put together a business using every marketing technique in their arsenal in order to maximize the traffic, the conversions, and the profits.

The super affiliates really know how to pre-sell the product. They are able to review the product and provide the consumer with the information needed to make the sale. Super affiliates are able to push the buttons that turn a casual user into an impulsive buyer.

Super affiliates find a niche with a huge market and they stick with it. They don’t spread themselves too thin, and instead they make sure to concentrate on the industry that they know best. They can focus all of their time into one area and make the most of it.

They often look for new ways to make their business grow. It could be by adding new products to their web site, or finding new and creative ways to market the existing products. Whatever it may be, they are always on the prowl for new opportunities to make money on the Internet and they are constantly following the trends and gathering data from consumers within their niche.

Mimic The Super Affiliates

The best way to become a super affiliate is to mimic what they do.

First, you must identify who the super affiliates are. Hang out at any of the popular affiliate forums, and eventually you’ll be able to identify the users that are super affiliates and which sites they own.

Almost every affiliate forum has a “How Much Do You Make?” post which is usually by a newbie. Sometimes, you can figure out who the super affiliates are just from the responses that are posted in one of these threads. Once you have a list of the super affiliates for your particular niche, then you can keep an eye on their sites, and begin mimicking what they do in order to generate similar results. You can easily clone their promotions and take a cut for yourself. This is a good way to stay on top of your industry without doing the research that many of the top affiliates are doing in order to stay competitive within their field. Over the years, I’ve monitored the results of other super affiliates that I know personally in order to stay on top of any affiliate changes, new promotions, etc. that I may not have been made aware of.

You don’t need to find a long list of super affiliates. You just need to be able to keep an eye on a couple of the super affiliates for your niche, analyze what they are doing to bring in the traffic, maximize conversions, and generate profit for their business. Once you’ve figured out how they are doing it, then you mimic them.

It’s much easier to mimic a successful affiliate, then trying to reinvent the wheel with your own unique marketing idea. Your goal is traffic, good conversions, and huge profits. Anything that gets in the way of that goal should be discarded immediately.

Finding New Products

New products always seem to convert better than all others. Some products are backed by an internet marketer that has joint ventures with many of the super affiliates and online marketing gurus. Some of these marketers are able to reach over a million names within the first week of launch using such a massive JV campaign.

Your timing is very important. If you get in on a product after a massive JV launch, then you’ll be picking up the crumbs that are left by other super affiliates which means less conversions and less profits. You’ll find the new products by keeping an eye on the top affiliates in your niche and by staying on lists for some of the top marketers on the Internet. Some of the top marketers get first pick at promoting the hot, new products and by watching what they do, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the crowd of affiliates that are going to start promoting it after the big players have drained the market.

If you are exclusively promoting products that are offered through ClickBank, then you should sign-up with Affiliate Alert which lets you search the marketplace using a series of indicators which includes information on how new the product is and how much momentum that the product has gathered since it’s debut. This tool lets you know when a new ClickBank product is worth promoting, so that you get in on the action before 99% of the other affiliates.

You want to be able to promote the ClickBank product before the market is flooded with promotions from hundreds or even thousands of different affiliates. You’ll always want to look for products that are less than a week old and rank within the top 25 products. This tells you that the product has just been released and that there are some super affiliates that are promoting it heavily.

With all of this in mind, make sure that the new product offers a high percentage payout and a good return on your investment.

Pre-Selling The Affiliate Product

What Exactly Is Pre-Selling?

A pre-sell is an article that introduces the visitor to the product that you are recommending. Basically, you are pre-selling the product to the visitor by offering information as an authority, a satisfied customer that has purchased the product or someone that has experience of some kind with this particular product. A pre-sell could be a review of the product that is dressed up so that it doesn’t look like your sole purpose is to recommend the product in order to receive an affiliate commission from the sale of it.

You should promote products that you genuinely like. This will make it much easier to convincingly pre-sell the product to your visitors. The rules for pre-selling can differ slightly depending on what you’re going to be selling to your visitors. You should take a look at your affiliate competition for the particular product or service that your going to pre-sell before you begin.

Adding Value To The Product

With a pre-sell, you should add value to the product by offering a bonus to your visitors. Don’t feel intimidated by this idea, because it’s fairly easy to create your own bonus that directly relates to the product that you are pre-selling. If you’ve already purchased the product, you can create an e-book or other bonus that directly compliments the product. A free bonus can be the extra leverage needed in order to turn a casual visitor into an affiliate conversion.

Writing The Pre-Sell

The quality of your pre-sell is going to determine whether you are a super affiliate that makes $5,000/month through one webpage, or an average affiliate that is lucky to make anything in this business. A pre-sell consists of many things that you’ll find in a good sales letter. There will be a headline, a call to action, product points, your own testimonial for the product, as well as other information.

You will need an eye-catching headline that grabs a hold of your visitor and gets them to start reading your pre-sell. Don’t try too hard to get the attention of the visitors. You are interested in soft selling the product to your visitors, while leaving the hard sell to the vendor, once the affiliate clicks over to their sales page.

Some affiliates will develop a story about the affiliate product. A pre-sell largely involves your own experiences with a product that you have purchased, so you should write a story about how you purchased the product or how the product has changed your life. Something that has to do with you that has a direct tie-in to the product itself. A story often disconnects the logic from the brain and people no longer see the copy as an advertisement for a product. Make the story interesting and throw in some twists and turns to really draw the reader into the story. Always end the story by letting the reader know that you purchased the product or let the reader know in a subtle way, how the product helped you.

In your pre-sell, you should let the reader know who you are and make yourself sound like an authority as it relates to the product. The reader will take what you say seriously, if you have the credentials to make it look like you are an expert in the field.

Share your emotions about buying the product, if you hesitated, why you hesitated, and any other natural feelings that you had and that any consumer might feel if they were going to purchase the product. If you turned slowly to a product, then make sure to let the reader know about your experience. Don’t come off too strong in support of the product from the beginning, because you don’t want the reader to get the idea that this is a sales message. If you’ve had good results with the product, then say so... But slowly build up your excitement about the results of the product.

Make sure to hard sell the bonus to readers that decide to purchase via your link. Your bonus should solve any negative aspects that you may have mentioned within the pre-sell. Your negative comments gave the reader assurance that this was a genuine review, and your bonus will eliminate the negative, and it will leave no reason or excuse for the reader not to buy the product.

Finally, a strong call to action is necessary in order to get the visitor to click your affiliate link, and move onto the sales message. A few key points (summary) on how the product will help the reader at the end of the pre-sell is important as well.

Once you’ve finished the pre-sell, then you should compare it to those that are being used by your competitors, the top marketing gurus, or you can even visit the sales letter for the product that you are selling and look at their sales copy. They are hard selling the product with much stronger language, but you can still get a good feel for how a pre-sell page should be written by analyzing theirs.

Your Pre-Sell Bonus


The best type of bonus to develop is a report, e-book, or a short video that actually compliments the product that you’re pre-selling.

You can develop a report or e-book using Word and then convert the document into a PDF using Adobe Acrobat or any of the free PDF converters that are available on the Internet. To develop a video tutorial, you can use Camtasia from which enables you to record your screen and use your own audio to narrate the video presentation. This is an excellent tool for developing videos to be used as special bonuses for your product.

Super Affiliate Tips

How Your Web Site Looks

Don’t make your web site look like a typical affiliate web site. The major search engines are constantly evolving and developing new ways to make their results more relevant to the consumer. They don’t want all of there search results to be cluttered with affiliate web sites, and that is why you should fill your web site with content that directly relates to what you are selling. Banners and other advertisements often tell the search engines that this web site is advertising something and that it is primarily an affiliate site.

Try to add more textual content and less imagery to your web site. Banner advertising gets the attention of the consumer, but you don’t want too much that it actually gets the attention of the search engines, and they decide to penalize you for excessive advertising.

If you look at the major search engines, many of the authority sites for popular keywords are non-profit organizations or other sites that don’t have a lot of outside links, or banner advertisements. These web sites offer a lot of in-house content for visitors to read.

The Biggest Payouts

When launching a business online, you need to be able to sell something that offers a big payout for you. Even if you’re promoting something that you have a passion for, you are still going to need big payouts in order to make it worthwhile. If you’re going to sell a product or service through an affiliate program, then you’ll need to find a program that will pay you a hefty commission from the purchase of the product or service. Also, you need to make sure that the hefty commission is for a product or service that has marketability over the Internet. I stay away from a CPA or a pay per lead type of program, because of the low profit potential.

Lifetime Revenue Share

Some of the affiliate programs offer lifetime revenue share to their affiliates. This is one of the best opportunities for new affiliates, because you will earn revenue off of the customer for the lifetime of the customers account. For example, if you are earning 20% of the cost of the product or service offered, you will also earn 20% from all future purchases that the customer makes, and they don’t ever have to visit your web site again. If your site brings in a lot of new customers and then it has a slow down period without much traffic, you may still be able to carry-through with the
commissions generated by your existing customer base. This type of program is only offered in select affiliate industries, but it makes it that much easier for affiliates to begin making money online.

Co-Branded Landing Pages

Some of the affiliate programs offer co-branded landing pages that you can set-up to sell their products or services. A co-branded landing page is a page that looks similar to the existing page for their products or services, but it has your affiliate coding embedded into it. This enables you to promote their products or services through a page that looks like theirs, but it is actually your page with your affiliate code already added. You’ll earn an affiliate commission off of every sale generated from these landing pages.

Affiliate Advertisements

Another important part of promoting a product or service is the creative talent behind it. If you’ve found something that you really want to promote online, then you need to go ahead and sign-up for an account, and then check out the banners, and other content that is available for affiliates to use in order to promote the product or service. I’ve noticed programs that offer good commissions, popular products, but their affiliate advertisements are terrible. If you aren’t given high quality advertising, then you may not be able to get the conversions that are needed in order to make a profit.

Your Affiliate Payment

If you’re not marketing your own product or service, then you need to do some research about the reputation of the company that you’re going to work with. Do they pay on time? How do they pay? How many times per month? Some programs pay every week, and some only once per month. I’ve worked with programs that always pay late, and some that I’ve had to e-mail constantly to get paid. Make sure that you work only with those that have a reputation for paying their affiliates on time every week or month.

Free Internet Traffic

Your site needs traffic. There are many places where you can advertise your web site for free. The major search engines may provide you with boat loads of traffic, but every little directory may provide a few stray visitors that eventually turn into customers. The few seconds that it takes to submit to each one of the directories is well worth the free traffic that you’ll receive. Later, we will provide you with more details on how to effectively submit your web site to all of the search engines and directories.

Multiple Languages

The Internet reaches people in every county on the globe. When looking at my web site stats, I see visitors from dozens of different countries throughout the world. It is important to reach people that speak various different languages, especially if your product or service specifically appeals to those in certain regions of the world. You can hire someone to translate your web pages to different languages, or use the translator feature at

Your Credibility

You need to have good credibility on the Internet. With all of the scams on the Internet today, the consumer needs to be able to trust you. If the consumer cannot trust you, then why would they ever attempt to buy something through your web site? It’s not easy to gain the consumer’s trust, but once you’ve convinced them that they can trust you, it will make selling to them a whole lot easier.

Personal Affiliate Relationship

When you’re working with an affiliate program, you’ll often be assigned an affiliate representative that will be in charge of your account. Try to develop a good relationship with your affiliate representative. If their going to be at an affiliate conference, set-up a time to meet with them. Affiliate programs are known to offer special perks, banners, and other resources to affiliates that they have a good relationship with. E-mail and telephone is a good way to communicate with the affiliate program, but there is nothing better than discussing issues with them in person.

When you become established with an affiliate program and you begin bringing in a high volume of traffic, they may even pay for your transportation and lodging to meet up with them.

How you portray yourself to people that you work with really does matter. You may forget about it as you work from home with very little face-to-face contact, but you should always have a professional attitude, no matter whether it’s by e-mail, by telephone, instant messenger, via webcam or in person.

Negotiate For A Better Commission

When you first sign-up with an affiliate program, you’ll find out what their commission payouts are. Some programs offer a higher percentage to affiliates that bring in more traffic or more purchases in any given month. After you’ve established yourself in the industry and you’ve brought in a steady flow of traffic to the affiliate program, then it is time to negotiate for a better commission. Some affiliate programs will raise your percentage level after you’ve established your commitment to their program. For example, an affiliate program may have a tier structure (25%, 30%, and 35%) for their affiliates. I’ve had programs that were willing to boost me up to the highest payout level in order for increased exposure within one or more of my web sites. This doesn’t happen for everybody, but as long as you maintain a professional attitude with the affiliate program, and offer them additional exposure or other advantages, there is nothing wrong with trying to get a bigger piece of the pie. Some affiliate programs offer a lower starting rate in order to obtain quality affiliates. Once the affiliate starts promoting their products or services, then they are often more than willing to boost them up to a higher level.

Focused Marketing

When promoting a product, make sure to keep the focus on the benefits of the product or how the product will help the end user solve a problem. Don’t distract the visitor by offering links to other sites or advertising for different products. You want the visitor to purchase the product that you are promoting, and you don’t want anything else on your site to distract their attention away from what you are trying to sell. When you add affiliate links to your web site, make sure that these links open up in a new window. You want a separate window to open up for the vendor’s web site, while the window remains open for your existing web site. If the visitor doesn’t find the vendor’s web site interesting, they can close the window and continue to view your web site. In order to set-up affiliate links to open up within a new window, you need to add some additional code to the HTML for the link.

<a href=“” target=“_blank”>

The target=“_blank” enable the link to open up in a separate window. Make sure to add this to all of your affiliate links, but do not add this to the links for the web pages within your domain.

Visitor Bookmarks

You should encourage visitors to bookmark your web site. When a visitor bookmarks your site, it will show up in their list of favorites, and they’ll be able to re-visit your site directly from their web browser at any time. You should encourage visitors to return to your site, and always offer new content to keep their interest. Most visitors will bookmark a site that they find interesting on their first visit, and they will keep that bookmark in their web browser if they continue to find content of interest to them every visit. You can even use a script to make it easier for the visitor to bookmark your site within their web browser on their first visit.

Diversify Your Efforts

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Take the time to concentrate your efforts in other fields. If their ever comes a day when a certain industry or product no longer brings in any revenue for you, then you’ll have something else to fall back on. It’s very easy to get caught up in an opportunity that is working well for you now, but you must diversify your efforts. Too many people concentrate on the present with very little concern for the future.

Google Adwords

Adwords For Super Affiliates


You can make easy money with Google Adwords by placing ads for different affiliate programs using highly targeted key phrases.

Adwords accepts affiliate link advertising, which gives you the opportunity to advertise different products online without even having your own web site. You should visit many of the popular affiliate programs, and generate a list of basic keywords for those programs. Take all of those keywords and use the Overture or Word Tracker keyword search tool to generate a list of key phrases related to the affiliate program and product that you are promoting, that have a very high number of targeted clicks by consumers.

Once you’ve gathered a list of targeted key phrases that are used by people to find the product that is available through the affiliate program that you’ve chosen, then find out exactly what the clickthrough bid is for those key phrases within Adwords. If you can find key phrases with low click-through bids, then you can advertise your affiliate link through Adwords and generate a profit from those that click your affiliate link, visit the affiliate program, and then make the purchase or generate the lead that pays you.

Many affiliates use this method to generate extra cash every month, and some affiliates are even able to make tens of thousands of dollars each month by using highly targeted key phrases to draw in cheap traffic to some of their favorite affiliate programs.

Keywords for Google Adwords


Your list of keywords and key phrases are very important when advertising your affiliate products or services through Adwords.

In order to generate a long list of highly targeted key phrases for your advertising within the Google search engine, you’ll need to do some research. The best way to find low-cost key phrases for your advertising is by using the three keyword tools listed below.

Overture Search Tool

This tool will provide you with the top key phrases that are used within the Overture PPC search engine. Just type in the keyword that describes the type of product that you are promoting, and this tool will provide you with a list of the most popular key phrases that searchers are using to find that type of product online.

Word Tracker

Word Tracker offers a free trial of their keyword search service. This tool is similar to the Overture tool except that they compile results from multiple sources. You can take the results generated from Word Tracker and compare it to those that are provided by Overture to get a better idea of exactly what people are typing in to search for the products or services that you are actively promoting.

Google Trends

Google Trends is an excellent resource that will enable you to compare two different key phrases. For example, you can type in “marketing, internet marketing” and Google will provide you with charts that compare the amount of searches being made for both of these key phrases. Also, they go the extra mile to show you where most people that search for these key phrases are located globally.

Maximizing Your Affiliate Profits

Selling E-Books Over The Internet

Some webmasters make tens of thousands of dollars by developing e-books and selling them over the Internet. If you are an expert in a field that people will pay to find out more about, then you need to begin developing e-books and selling them through ClickBank.

You can develop an e-book using Adobe Acrobat. Most e-books are in PDF format and they are best viewed with the free Adobe Acrobat reader. You must develop an e-book and then put together a web site that is set-up to sell your product. The most important part of selling an e-book is putting together a web site with a sales message that grabs onto your visitors attention and makes the sale.

What makes an e-book so attractive is that you can sell it through an affiliate program. By selling your e-book through an affiliate program, you won’t have to spend endless hours promoting your web site and hoping that it will bring in the traffic numbers needed to sell your e-book and make a fortune. With an affiliate program, you could have hundreds of affiliates that would be more than willing to promote your e-book through their well established sites. You pay the affiliates a commission on every sale, and the bigger the percentage that you offer, the more enthused affiliates will be to sell your e-book to the masses. Many writers offer a 75% commission to affiliates in order to get traffic flowing.

It doesn’t cost very much to develop an e-book and begin selling it online. Once you’ve developed your own e-book, you can start making money through affiliates that will quickly sign-up with the affiliate program and begin selling your e-book to their visitors.

The best way to sell your e-book is through the ClickBank affiliate program. This affiliate program handles the sales, affiliate sign-ups, and commissions for most of the e-books that you’ll find while surfing the Internet. This program charges $49.95 to setup an account for you, and then they charge $1 plus 7.5% on every purchase that is made through your account. If you sell a book for $40 and offer a 50% commission to your affiliates, then you would earn around $18 on each sale that is made through an affiliate. The whole process is automated, so that when the customer purchases your e-book it is automatically delivered to them over the Internet. You develop the e-book, develop the site to sell the e-book, sign-up with ClickBank, recruit affiliates, and watch the sales roll in.

Special Deals From Select Vendors

Some vendors will offer special deals to their super affiliates. If they know you are bringing in a huge volume of traffic which will likely convert into a large number of sales, then they will often bend over backwards for you in order to get you to promote their product. Many of the e-book vendors at ClickBank will offer you a hefty commission up to 75% of the retail cost of the product minus the ClickBank fees. On top of that, some of the vendors offer extra commissions, bonuses, and gifts to the super affiliates that bring in the most sales every week or month. Make sure to check with the vendor for any special deals that they can extend to you. You’d be surprised at how many vendors will offer extra incentives to super affiliates that contact them directly. Make sure that you have a way to back up your claim of being a super affiliate before asking about any special deals. Most affiliates will promote a product for a set period of time and then contact the vendor for a special deal. This enables the vendor to see how well the affiliate is performing first.

Be Creative With Your Affiliate Links

Be creative with your affiliate links and how you position them within the content of your web site. Make sure that your web site is content driven without the look of a typical banner farm. By creatively weaving your affiliate links into content, you’ll be able to convert visitors rather easily. You want to pre-sell your visitors with fresh content and cloaked affiliate links, but you also want them to feel like you are trying to help them, and that you’re not just trying to make a sale from every person that visits your site.

Various Web Sites For Your Niche

You need to focus your business on a specific niche. By focusing your business into one area, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should only develop one web site for that specific niche. There are many ways that you can effectively market a product to consumers. By developing multiple web sites with different themes, key phrase combinations and sales copy, you’ll be able to reach and convert more visitors from the major search engines.

Multiple Products For Your Web Site

You need to offer multiple products to your visitors, but you should only focus on one product per webpage. You want to focus your visitor’s attention on the sales message for the product that you are promoting, but you should also offer them the opportunity to visit other web pages with different products. Only offer products that directly relate to your niche, even if some of the products are very similar in nature. There are different things that influence a person to buy a product, and it could be something as simple as the color of the ad copy, the headline, etc. Mix and match different products with different ad copy, color schemes, etc. to see which of the pages convert more visitors into satisfied customers.

One Step Ahead Of Your Competitors

You need to stay one step ahead of your competition at all times by monitoring the behavior of online consumers in your niche, doing additional research about your niche and the various products or services that may be of interest to your customers, contacting affiliate programs and inquiring about new products that they will be offering, setting up joint ventures with vendors that are going to be offering new products for your niche, attending trade shows and other special events to meet up with others in your industry, and by developing fresh content that focuses on your specific niche.

Developing A Free Affiliate E-Book

Develop a free e-book to help people solve a problem that directly relates to your niche. Within the e-book, you should include your affiliate links along with a link to the web site for your products.

Everyone should be given the opportunity to download the e-book for free. You can even give your readers the opportunity to give away the e-book as a free bonus or to re-sell it on their own. Using this method, you will be able to reach a wide audience that may decide to click on your affiliate links, and purchase the products that you’re selling through an affiliate program.

This is a very easy way to get the message out about what you are selling through an affiliate program with very little effort.

Effectively Promote Affiliate Products

We’ve put together a list of the best ways to promote your business within the most popular traffic generating web sites.


The Major Search Engines


You need to submit your site to the major search engines. Most free traffic comes from one of three search engines.

Google - Yahoo! - MSN -

Online Directories

You should add your listing to many of the free directories that are available throughout the Internet. Some of these directories will require that you provide a return link back to their site, but any free traffic is good traffic. You should add your site to all of the free directories because it will bring in some extra traffic and it will help to boost your popularity within the major search engines.

This is a very popular list of free directories. They have sections with free directories that start at a PR-2 and go all of the way up to PR-8. Just go down the list and submit your site to each of the directories that directly relates to your affiliate web site or niche.

Advertise In Your SIG

Make sure to advertise your site in the signature file. There is a signature file for every e-mail that you send, as well as a signature file for every post that you make in any of the Internet forums.

Participate In Forums Related To Your Business

There are usually one or two popular forums for almost every business on the Internet. Find the most popular forums on the Internet that relate to your business and become an active participant. Visitors will see your SIG and possibly visit your site, while search engines will also see the SIG with your web site URL and boost your page ranking. Do a search within one of the major search engines using the keyword “forum” along with the keyword that best describes your particular niche. By doing this, a list of highly ranked forums will be displayed within the search results and you can become an active participant in these forums.

Joint Ventures

When you’re selling an e-book or other product online, a joint venture is an excellent way to draw in new customers. Some of the super affiliates have newsletters with hundreds of thousands of readers. By contacting some of the super affiliates and launching a joint venture with them, you could easily get your product in front of thousands or even millions of potential buyers quickly.

With a joint venture, you’ll need to offer extra incentives to these super affiliates in order for them to market your product or service to their visitors or mention it to their newsletter readers.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is basically word-of-mouth advertising. One person sees something interesting and sends it to 2 friends, and those 2 friends send it to two more, and so on. It creates a ripple effect that begins to spread the word about your web site to hundreds, or even thousands of people with very little effort or cost on your end. Some of the most successful viral marketing campaigns have been through free e-mail accounts, and e-greeting cards. Here are some interesting ways to promote your web site, product, or service using viral marketing over the Internet.

Sound Files Articles

People love to share interesting articles or files with their friends or family over the Internet. By offering something of interest to the mainstream Internet user, you’ll be able to profit from those users that see the item, and actually have an interest in the product or service that your web site sells. You will reach hundreds or even thousands of people, and a small percentage of those people will have a direct interest in the product or service that you’re offering.

Automated Affiliate Profits

Short Term vs. Long Term

There are two different routes to take in order to generate profits as an affiliate. Traffic is one of the key elements needed for success, and the primary way to generate massive amounts of traffic is through listings within the major search engines. There are two ways to get your site listed within the search engines. The short term route is to begin a PPC advertising campaign through the search engine. Google has the AdWords program while Yahoo! & MSN have their own popular PPC advertising programs as well. By advertising in the paid search engine results, you’ll be able to generate instant traffic to your web site with very little effort. Instant traffic comes at a cost to you, and you must understand how the PPC search engines work before investing any money.

The long-term route to generate profits as an affiliate is through the organic search results. There is no guarantee that you’ll ever receive a prominent listing under any key phrases within the organic search results, but if your able to optimize your web site for the major search engines, then you’ll be able to draw in a stream of targeted traffic to your web site over the long-term. The search engines don’t immediately add new sites or instantly give them prominent positioning within their organic search results. This is the free way to generate a steady flow of highly targeted traffic to your web site, but it takes time to get your site listed.

Reinvesting Your Earnings

You should always reinvest a portion of your earnings into your business every month. If you are going to use Google AdWords or another PPC search engine, you should reinvest the initial amount that was used to launch your PPC account and then take a portion of your earnings and add it to your bankroll. Many affiliates that use PPC as their primary source of traffic were able to build-up their ad budget by using a hefty portion of their monthly earnings to replenish their PPC account each month. Using this method, you would end up risking less of your own money on advertising, but you would have a significant advertising budget to increase profits.

Marketing Multiple Products

You should always market multiple products. Give your audience the opportunity to purchase different products from you. With PPC, you can earn a lot of money as an affiliate but you really don’t want to put your focus on only one product. If the product was ever pulled from the market and you weren’t promoting anything else, then you would have to start over from scratch. Monitor your niche and look for new and exciting products that you can market to your audience through the PPC search engines.

The Ultimate Conversions

You want to be selling products that offer the ultimate conversions. Some affiliate programs will offer statistics for you in advance. It’s best to know how well a product converts before you invest any money into an advertising campaign. Study the sales page for the product, the creatives that are used to promote the product, and anything else that you can find out about the product before you launch your advertising campaign. You need to use your gut feeling when searching for products with good conversions. Put yourself into the shoes of the consumer and ask yourself if you’d buy the product. If you don’t like the product, then there is a good chance that other people won’t like it as well. Conversions are only good if the customer is satisfied with the product and purchases don’t often result in refunds. Conversions that end up as refunds are bad for the affiliates and vendors. Don’t promote products that sound too good to be true in order to minimize the risk of refunds.

Tracking The Results Daily

You should keep a close eye on your advertising campaign. Don’t let an advertising campaign sit on auto pilot for too long, without checking the results to make sure that you are generating a handsome profit. You do not want to end up spending more on advertising than what you’ll earn from selling the product. You can easily put your advertising campaign on auto pilot, but there are affiliates that will use tactics to squeeze your listing out of the paid search engine results, if you don’t closely monitor your ads.

Optimizing Your Campaign

You should track your advertising campaign, and then take the results and begin optimizing your campaign for better results. When you advertise within a PPC search engine, you’ll be using hundreds or even thousands of different key phrases. You need to examine your advertising campaign to see exactly where your clicks are coming from. Remove all of the key phrases that aren’t generating clicks for you. Take the key phrases that convert well, do some additional research, and develop a separate advertising campaign that concentrates on different variations of those key phrases in order to generate as much targeted traffic as possible.

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