Sundowning Diary- Part 2 HTML version

By Farhad Mammadov
Copyright 2015 Farhad Mammadov
Chapter 5
Back to school
“De ja vu?”
“Not even close. Lets say its restarting the level from the beginning”.
Again I was standing in front of the school entrance, but this time among
crowd of annoying students. Second me or new part of mine with the name of
Herman Avots, convinced me that, without kicking the hell out of previous
terminator boy that was part of his bad memory, who used to give him bad time
bullying him every day when he was kid - we both stumble in permanent limbo.
Before making another attempt on withholding that young savage, I was
shocked to see him totally competent of killing this bastard and doing whatever he
likes as a master of my nightmare.
“Ok! You’re asking me why you have to solve my past issues. Wait a
moment, I’ll show you”
Herman just flicked his finger. Out of woods emerged big orange cat on the
loose, agitated Leopard stalking left-and right silently preparing for sudden
attack. In a split second it sprinted and jumped with open claws on to bullying boy
from the back, as he was approaching me to kick my ass for the second time today.
As tip of sharp claws interacted with fragile kid skin, his white shirt went totally
red, blood splattering all around like a hell fountain from sliced artery.
Gruesome scene made the crowd of young students go mad, most rushed on
to frontdoors of the school, dozens of them injured as result of stampede, several
fainted right away, others tried climb the trees or flee to the backyard as their only
salvage. I stood their shocked unable to move my limbs an inch witnessing unreal
school tragedy which could have made the headlines of breaking news if was real.
Second time i just heard the sound of finger flicked and everything went back to
normal, as if nothing just happened.
Twin sisters with long shiny hair curling around imaginary pole holding each
other, fat pumpkin-head boy leaking Rooster shaped red lollipop, group of boys