Summer's Harvest HTML version

The lives and deaths of the characters portrayed in this book convey a sense
of reality and record profound moments in history. These were the darkest times in
our nation’s annals. The joyous feeling of newborn freedom granted to those who
had only known bondage was often short-lived. Many faced the old South with the
fragility of new hope and dreams of a better way of life. They were guided solely
by the strength of their convictions. Yet, despite oppression, there were notable
events and incredible achievements. This story is a testament to the legacy of
slavery that is still interwoven in African-Americans’ lives today – mainly in the
form of racism.
We take freedom for granted but it is the very pulse of life as depicted within
these pages. The wide-raging emotional triumphs and failures of the characters are
shimmering reflections of our own lives. The lives of former generations are our
perpetual connection to yesterday. These unique glimpses into history have the
power to investigate contemplation of a family’s roots and pasts that will linger
after the book is closed… I hope this volume will touch a chord in your life as it
has in mine.
New Orleans, Louisiana
March, 2015