Summer in a Red Mustang with Cookies HTML version

I am deeply grateful to everyone who helped bring this book to life, but I
am especially indebted to the following people:
The magnificent production team: Beverly van Druten-Blais of Bolten
Studios for the design, layout and formatting of the inside pages; Victor
Crapnell for his beautiful cover designand patience as we worked through all
the details; Catherine “The Eye” Hamilton for her painstaking and meticulous
proofing job; and Jason Dauphinee for designing such a whimsical and delightful
bookmarka must for every good book.
My courageous ‘beta readers’ who helped bring the book to a higher level:
Sherry Archer, Aimee King, Mary Stewart, and June Archer.
My editor, sounding board, rock, and best friend, Bev Beauchesne, who had
faith in my ability to write and tell storieseven when I didn’t. Her
encouragement has meant the world to me, not just while I was writing this
book, but for the last thirty-five years of our friendship. Everyone should be so
The professionals at Trafford Publishing, especially my Rep. Jolene Lowey,
who patiently walked me through the challenging publishing process.
My friends at The Malahat Group for their encouragement and abounding
enthusiasm, especially Sue Ball for her wit and wisdom at the fax machine.
My three muses, who taught me everything I know about unconditional
love and the ultimate in creativity: Tommy King, Aimee King, and Melissa
My eternal thanks to the magical Abby Gardner for making me a boo.
My partner in life, Eric Adams, who helps me through the daily round,
whose sweet belief in this book touched my heart and made it easier to get up
at four o’clock in the morning every day to write.
And a special thanks to the Ford Motor Company, for permission to use
the image of the Mustang on the cover and for building such a wondrous,
spirited car.
Last, but always first, God, my Creator and Co-author. Thank you.
In loving memory of my mother and father,
Marion and Bill Miettinen.
I will love you forever and ever.
Life Before Beth
Beth came into our lives on the day Judy Garland died. My
mother cried when she heard the news. In March of that same year
both Paul McCartney and John Lennon got married. I cried when
I heard the news. I was too young to really care about Judy’s death,
but both Beatles marriages disappointed me. I thought they could