Summer Camp HTML version

and I made my bed, I put my things away. I unpacked my books and my torch,
I put them by the bed so I would know where they were, I also put my spare
bottle of water by the bed. I found a broom in the bathroom so I gave it a quick
sweep; I was feeling pretty happy when my new friend swung by to see if I
needed anything. It seemed that all of the cabins were the same, we all got a
bath, and I guessed from the timetable that there was a fair bit of physical
work so I would probably need a hot bath at some stage.
Anyway, I locked my door and my new friend and I went off to have a look
around, I really wanted to figure out where everything was so I wouldn’t be
late to any of my classes. On our walk we run into my crush, his mum had
driven him to the camp because he was late for the bus. He had 4 large bags,
what could he possibly need? He also had cabin 47, it was way up the hill. I
was going to offer to help but he was a bit snooty so I figured he could lug his
own bags. My new friend Troy commented that he was a bit of a princess,
something that would become really evident in the next few days.
After dinner, we were all encouraged to get an early night because the first
day would be a tough one, We were also reminded that we all needed to be at
classes at 7 am sharp, any one that was late would be punished. I went to my
cabin, I read my bible for a little while then I checked my door was locked and
my curtains closed, before saying my prayers and turning in. It was only early
but I was tired and I was not looking forward to my alarm going off at 6.
Next morning my alarm went off at 6, I dragged my feet out of bed, had a
quick shower, and pulled on my yoga pants and a t-shirt before heading down
to the dining hall for a bowl of cereal. I would have loved coffee but coffee was
not allowed! This was going to be a long 4 weeks! After breakfast I went back
to my cabin, made my bed, tidied up after myself and went to my first class at
around 6.45, I know I was early but Troy and a few others were heading that
way so I joined them. They were really nice and I decided they would be the
people I spent time with, they were all church people and we were all
responsible, so we were in bed early and managed to get to class early. The
teacher Mr Norman was impressed, he gave us our workbooks and
encouraged us to have a look through it. At 7 we started the class with some
stretching and some yoga type moves, it was really relaxing, he moved onto
some drama basics, making us do a series of silly things, like be trees!
After about an hour the lesson was over, we were all really surprised the
classes were so small, there were about 12 people, I was sure there were
about 50 at dinner last night. Mr Norman told us that there were 2 classes of
24, so he had half of his class, not a great start. After our movement class we
had an acting workshop, there were still only 12 of us, the workshop went until
10, when we went to the dining hall for morning tea.
We met up with the other group; they only had 10 people show up! So over
half were absent, the organizer seemed to relish this for some reason! He did
stand up on his chair again and commend us for all making it to the first 2
classes, he also encouraged us to keep it up, reminding us that we only get
out what we put in.