Summer Camp HTML version

I was really excited to be going away for 4 weeks, it was my first real time
away from my parents, I know I had been on school camps but never for more
than a week. A large coach pulled up, the driver got off and called each of our
names, I said good-bye to my mum and told her I Loved her, and that I would
write. Then I put my suitcase in the storage locker under the bus and climbed
aboard. There were a few other students already on the bus, but no familiar
faces. I said hi to a really cute guy towards the back of the bus after he smiled
at me. He asked me if I would like to sit with him, I did, why wouldn’t I! He
stood up and helped me put my backpack in the overhead lockers. I sat down
and waited while everyone else was loaded. There were heaps of empty
seats, I thought we must have heaps more stops but we didn’t, it was just us.
On the 3 hour bus ride to the camp I learnt a fair bit about all of the people
sitting around me, I felt at home, the cute guy asked me if he could talk to me
about Jesus, I told him I had already had the chat. It turns out that he went to
one of our sister churches and that we knew heaps of the same people. It
really helped me to know I was not the only church kid at the camp. I then
found out that most of the back of the bus was from the same church! This
was going to be an awesome camp.
On the bus along side of me was Troy, he was a walking bible, he knew every
verse. Behind him was Ed, his best friend and the class clown, then there was
Emma, who was so pretty, and Tess, who was a bit shy but an amazing
singer. In our group was also Peter, he was Emma’s boyfriend, and he was
also a pastor’s son! We talked, laughed, played Sunday school games and
when we got bored we would sing!
When we finally arrived at the camp, we discovered that we were all staying in
cabins; there were hundreds of cabins but not many students. We also
discovered that some parents had opted to drive to the camp rather than
catch the bus.
When most of us were assembled in the dinning hall, a funny little man stood
up on a chair and welcomed us, he went through all of the usual house
keeping sorts of things, he took us on a tour of the grounds and then when we
got back to the dinning hall, lunch had been served. Lunch was rolls and fruit,
some people were complaining about it but I thought it was quite good,
compared to school lunches it was great.
After lunch we were all given our welcome packages, it turns out it was one
cabin each, there were also timetables, rules and our keys. We also had a
name badge and maps! I was a little worried to discover that my first lesson
was at 7 am the next morning. My new friend offered to carry my suitcase to
my cabin, I was lucky my cabin was fairly close, I had cabin 9, he had cabin
22. Once I got to my cabin, I checked the time table the only other thing we
had today was dinner at 6pm, so I had a couple of hours to make my self
My cabin had 2 beds, 2 wardrobes, 2 desks and a bathroom, it even had a
bath! I was excited and remember thinking, “I think I got a good one!” I took
the opportunity to clean everything to give the blankets a good shake outside