Suicide and Other Issues HTML version

DCVHM R- RGMDHCL@M (May 13, 1918 - May 15, 2009): The
founding father of modern day Suicidology, a psychologist,
thanatologist (the scientific study of death), and renowned
In 1958, together with Norman Farberow and Robert Litman,
was a founding member of the Los Angeles Suicide Prevention
Center, America’s first comprehensive suicide prevention
In 1968, Shneidman founded the American Association of
Suicidology and the Suicide and Life Threatening Behaviour
Shneidman began studying suicide shortly after the Second
World War. He was profoundly instrumental in bringing about
the serious academic study of suicide as an
interdisciplinary field.
Depression appears to the most common denominator regarding
suicide however, other mental illnesses are also common. An
estimated 90 percent of all suicidal persons have at least one
mental illness or a substance abuse problem at the time of
A major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder can affect
how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. For the suicidal
person, depression can be an ongoing nightmare, with no long-
term end in sight, or perhaps brief respites with a resumption
of depression. Feelings of loneliness, bitterness, frustration,
despair, anger, and apathy aggravate the suicidal person’s
mental state.
Dysthemia, a chronic, but mild form of depression reduces a
person’s ability to find or experience the feelings of pleasure
as a normal individual would.
At least 25 percent of people with bipolar disorder attempt
suicide. Some estimates go as high as 50 percent. It is
imperative that individuals with bipolar disorder be treated
properly to prevent suicide attempts and other serious problems.
The suicidal person may feel that there’s no hope in sight,
no true remedy for his or her problems, and that the surest way
to end every problem in life is suicide. Suicide is the supposed
cure-all; ‘upon taking my own life all of my problems will
Even the suicide of one person is a terrible tragedy.
Regardless of how many people inhabit this planet, we must
always remember this fact. But there are cases when people don’t
care about a particular case of suicide. Take for example, a
typical case of a serial rapist or serial child molester who
hangs himself while in custody. How many of us feel relieved, or