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First a little about me:
Paul Guzman: Happily married with 2 adult children one at home and two
grand children. By trade I am a Greenhouse Manager and a-lot of other
things in-between. At the time of this writing I will have been around this
earth over 60 years. I am a “Baby Boomer” generation person. Yes…I wore
bell bottom jeans and had shoulder length hair, shoes that made me 3
inches taller. Did a 2 year stint in the U.S. Army…Not by choice!
My first real job was working with mainframe computers at the local
military base. I later went on and did the same with a contractor working
on the TDRSS system (Tracking Data Remote Satellite System). Due to a
RIF (Reduction in force) I was laid off in the early 90’s. I did a few odd jobs
off and on but started working with my brother’s retail nursery business in
My first successful website was and still
The income I generate with this site is passive and my wife gets a mile wide
smile on her face when those checks come in.
My second website is I also have several other
sites and blogs that I am currently working on.
Ok, enough about me lets get on with the nuts and bolts of this e-book.
You can contact me at: I always read my emails
there. Really I do.
G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m
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