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The purpose of this Special Report about small business success is to show you how you can become very successful in your small business.

Being successful is not about working very hard for 12-14 hours or more each day. In fact I can not see any point in working long and hard. What is important is to work smart and devise methods that will free-up your time to enjoy your life.

In my role as a business success consultant, I meet business owners who are totally stressed simply because they have yet to understand what makes them and their business flourish.

The purpose of this Special Report is to start YOUR journey to success. In the pages that follow, I will share some key points with you, but realize that whatever it is you wish to achieve can take quite some time. In itself, this is not a problem. But what is important is that you truly understand what is happening inside of you that is causing you to achieve the success you are currently having.

Now, if the success you are having is not quite as good as you would wish, this Special Report is definitely for you.

Read it with an open mind. Try not to make an early judgment as to whether or not what it says will or will not work for you. The key here is having an open mind. As you will see, ALL your success is based on what your mind is thinking and the habits you have. Your habits really get in the way of achieving greater success.

Now grab a coffee (or whatever you wish), sit back and read this Special Report through. But do read it several times and think how by knowing more about the issues raised you could dramatically improve your business success.

Your success is what I am interested in.



Success and Your Business

And Have Nothing To Do With The Recession!

A Special Report by Geoff Carter



It seems that the recession is affecting many nations. More importantly, it’s affecting businesses everywhere and the people that run them.

Each and every day, we read in the newspapers or see on the television screens more stories of the problems the recession is causing; the losses, the stresses and the redundancies.

We hear of corporations and companies large and small going out of business. In fact, we are surrounded by this doom and gloom. Somehow, we can easily get caught up with all this and we can live it day-by-day.

If we are so inclined, we could think the end of the world as we know it is upon us and there’s nothing we can do about it. Some people might just wish they could hibernate and to wake up only when it has passed. Sadly for some the pressures become too great and they seek relief by harming themselves. This Special Report I hope will help them. These people are desperate for some relief and will do whatever it takes to a get it.

But it does not have to be this way…

This Special Report aims to show that there is a different way of handling these issues and more importantly your business. New thinking is required since this is the key issue here. So this Special Report is designed to look at things differently and when we do, it is often the case that what we see is something different than we saw previously, too.

So where do I begin?

Well, in my role as a business success consultant, I work with many clients who ask me to assist them on a range of business and related life matters. Some require me to do company administration such as write letters and reports; some want me to help them set goals and then help them to achieve them. Others want me to help them find additional streams of income so they are not reliant on a single source of money.

The importance of finding additional streams of income is crucial at anytime, but particularly when times are tough and jobs are threatened.


Often in my work, my clients want to talk about what is sometimes referred to as the R word. In truth, I do not wish to talk about it with my clients…


You might be thinking how odd is that?


Let me explain why I don’t talk about the R word (recession)

Well, first of all I know that there are a lot of problems out there in the business world right now. But it is also a fact there are many businesses that are flourishing – yes! They have more work on than ever before – and I’m not talking about debt collection agencies either.

Many companies have a full order book. Others are appointing new staff, others are opening new offices, and others are setting up new showrooms. And I am talking about businesses that have diverse product ranges, or offer services. Quite simply, they are not suffering from the recession. And I am not talking about isolated cases of business growth. In the few examples I have mentioned above, I am talking about companies that operate within a 15mile radius of where I live. And I know there are dozens more I could add to the list.

So why are some companies reeling from the recession whilst others are doing quite nicely?


The answer is simple, but for some people it is hard to grasp.

There are several aspects to it and each need an entire Special Report to explain in full what it is, so here I can only give you an outline of one but it is an important one. From this outline you may see a pattern emerge from the examples I go through.

The examples are based on examples of companies I have personally worked with and others I am aware of too. You therefore know that I am not pulling information from ‘anywhere’ or ‘anybody’ – they are all real examples that may give you a steer on what you too can do for yourself and your business.

About Successful Companies


Successful companies know what they are about and simply get on and do it.

They know what they want because they set robust and detailed goals. Okay, I guess you’ve heard this before… but it’s true. If you know exactly what you want, you can have it. The fact is that most people and indeed some of the businesses I have worked with did not have goals, all they had were ‘wishes’ and these are next to useless.

If you do not have goals or to put it in another way, something particularly you wish to aim for, then how will you achieve them?


Think about this…


Most business people work in an office in town. By this I mean they don’t typically work from home. Let’s consider what happens each morning…

They get up, shower, eat and get in their car or on their bike and head for their place of work. They have a clear objective and they know exactly the route to take.

Sometimes, the route to work might be blocked with a road traffic accident, or some other incident, so what do they do? They find another route and guess what? They arrive at their destination. So what happened here?

These people clearly set their goal (go out of their home so they could arrive at work by a certain time) and then determined exactly how to achieve it. They achieved their goal, albeit a small one, they never the less got there.

Now, think about the person that doesn’t have a goal. Take the case of a person leaving their home in the morning; if they have nowhere to go to, which route will they take? In fact, if there is no destination, any road will take them somewhere. How useful is that?

For those people who set proper goals, I mean really solid, well thought through goals, each day they know what they need to do, what they want and what to do to achieve them. Yes, they may come across obstacles, but they don’t stop and think ‘that’s it, I’m done’. No! They find a way around the obstacle or over the obstacle and proceed onwards.

This is what successful people do.

They know what they want and just get on with the job. And guess what, they succeed! They work through the difficulties and handle the situations they face. They are proactive rather than reactive. They get on with things and are not thwarted by external factors. They have a clear vision of the goal and simply go for it. And for the most part the recession doesn’t seem to enter their mind or if it does they do not focus any conscious attention on it. And this is exactly how you should be.

You see, we all have choices. We all have decisions to make, but so often we don’t make them. We sometimes say that we are happy with the way things are, but this is a recipe for disaster. The fact is that things do not stay the way they are. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll achieve what you’ve always been getting.

Do you like what you’ve got in your life so far?
Are you happy with your results?
Would you like new things to happen?

When asked, most people want more from life. They are not in fact happy with their results, but they can not be so unhappy with their results because if they were they would take steps to change them.

Well, for some this may not be absolutely correct. Let me explain.

It is a fact that the results you are getting in your life right now are because of the way you have been thinking. Yes, it’s true. And the problem is that what we do most of the time is because of the habits we have. We are used to doing certain things in a certain way. And if you have ever tried to change a habit, you’ll know it is difficult to break.

The results we get are because of the habits we have. Let me give you an example.
If we are earning $50,000 per year we are achieving a certain result. Maybe last year we were earning $48,000 and maybe next year we’ll look to earn $52,000. We are accustomed to getting small rises in pay and even if we have to ask for it, we feel ‘comfortable’ asking because it seems reasonable to us. Well, the fact is that we are in a comfort zone – we’re in a habit. Let me show you.

To ask for a small rise in pay is easy, but what if instead of asking for a $2,000 per year increase you wanted to ask for an increase of $20,000. The fact is you would not feel comfortable asking because it is what is said to be outside your comfort zone.

Put another way, you’re not used to asking for it so you feel ‘uncomfortable’ asking for it. So whilst you might want a $20,000 per year increase (who wouldn’t) you don’t feel you can actually ask for it, so you stay where you are, namely in your comfort zone.

Business owners and other professionals, who know what they want are prepared to step outside their ‘comfort zones’. But do not think for one minute they do not find it a challenge, because they do, but at least they know this and despite it, will attempt to do it. And because it is part of their business plan they will overcome the fear, anxiety and worry they may have.

Lotto winners often have huge problems dealing with or handling their winnings. Why? It is often because they are not used to handling such sums of money; it’s outside their comfort zone. And what can happen is that to become comfortable again, they gradually, or sometime swiftly, give the money away. Once they do, they are happy again because they are back in harmony with their comfort zone or indeed their thinking.

So how does this link-in with business success?

Successful business owners know exactly what to think. They learn how to think and how it impacts their business. Few people really do this. But more than this, successful people do not run their life by watching the TV news and reading horror news stories in the newspapers about the recession, redundancies or closures.

You see it’s a fact that if you keep listening to bad news, and that’s what the media is good at, we will start to believe it. If we believe it could affect our own business too, then over time our mind starts to believe it. Reason: we will have taken onboard a new habit. Now, we might not have planned it that way, but that is what often happens.
Over time, we could start to believe that we cannot be successful because we ‘believe’ what we’ve been hearing. Through repetition it has become part of our being, or part of our make-up.

But if you filled yourself with positive rather than negative information, it is true as night follows day, that you will be more successful.

It is a fact that over the last 6000 years of recorded history, all the great thinkers, philosophers, theologians, industrialist and scientists have agreed on one point and this is it:

We become what we think about

Now, I could explain many aspects of this concept but here it is not possible. Further, I could explain how to grow your business dramatically by using some effective online and offline marketing strategies. They are very powerful. The reason they are powerful is because they are shared from a perspective of knowing how to attract the success we desire.

There are numerous strategies and techniques that you can apply to your business that will bring you results quickly. This Special Report provides a mere ‘taster’ of a rich harvest of practical ways you can build your business.

Let me give you one recent example.

A client asked me for assistance in attracting more business. (This is a common topic I’m asked about). He wanted to attract more professional people to take-up a particular kind of insurance. He said he had tried for several years to get these onboard, but every year the result was the same – there were no takers!

I visited the offices and discussed how he had tried to attract these professionals in the past, and I asked to look at the letter that he normally sent out. When I looked at them, I could see immediately why they had not been successful in attracting new business. I agreed to write a totally new letter.

When I presented the letter to my client, he was shocked since he’d not seen one like this before and apart from some minor facts he wished to add to it, he was happy for it to be sent out.

And the result?

Within one month, my client had got 8 new customers for the product he was promoting. But it got better, not only did he get these new customers but he also ‘sold’ over $10,000 of other unrelated insurance policies as well.

My client was delighted and amazed with this result and he put it all down to the letter I wrote for him…

I have taught this client of mine how to write such a letter and I know it will serve him well in the future. But it may be that YOU need to have such a letter written for you, too, or maybe something else.

It’s all a matter of discovering what works and I have applied these techniques to advance my business as well as numerous others, so if you’re wondering if I have done these things, the answer is a resounding, yes!

You may be further wondering whether you can achieve this level of success, too?


And again the answer is an emphatic, Yes!


The question is how?

I have indicated that I help businesses of all sizes grow. I teach them many business development strategies and some of the fundamental issues that they are not taught in school, college or in life. Yet when they become aware of these their success is huge.

The idea of goals I just discussed in only a small fraction of how businesses can become extremely successful.

But the fact is I am only able to assist a handful of companies at anyone time. I work for a few and I am very well paid for my services. Yet I know many more businesses especially small ones, and individuals acting as a sole trader, could truly benefit from knowing about and applying what I share with my fee-paying clients.

Small businesses and sole traders (individuals working for themselves) tell me they NEED this vital information, but even if I could fit them into my full timetable, they will admit they cannot afford to pay me.

The big problem I had was simply do I leave them until they can afford my fees or contact them when I have space in my busy day?
The simple fact is that it is NOW that they need help, not in six months time. But my problem was how do I get the huge arsenal of business-building and profitgenerating information I have to people like them and maybe you?

Writing this information into the ever-popular ebook format is not the answer. I could not pack into a single book all the crucial information I know from experience what you need to really and truly grow your business. Also, an ebook would quickly become out of date and then be utterly useless.

So I have come up with a plan… a unique plan that will satisfy the needs of people and business owners like those I have mentioned above.

Some of what I have to share with you is not taught anywhere and because it can be applied to your business and your life too, you will see a massive double benefit when you use it. (Even your family could benefit.)

Full details of what I am able to share with you can be seen by going over and looking at what I am offering… Click on the link below:

Yes, from the title you’ll see it’s a plan that I have created in such a way that you will receive the essential business building strategies and success methods every week for a whole year. Nothing on this scale has ever been prepared before and once you start, you’ll see some dramatic results.

Why not take a look at the NOW!

In a very short time you see what a huge difference this program will make in your business and in your life too. The essence of this program is about growing your small business week-by-week, so there are a host of business-related issues covered – too many to explain here, so go over to the website and see it all…
You’ll be glad you did and I’ll see you on the other side later…


The fact is that you can start your business building within a few minutes. There is no waiting; you can just get started now.


One last point…

In my business, I found that once I had ‘outside’ help, progress was amazingly quick. It really is easy to try to do everything yourself or without direct help, but it is a lonely road and you never really know whether or not you’re on-track or offtrack.

Once you get support and guidance, you can achieve anything you desire and develop increasing success in your business. Don’t you owe it to yourself to give it a try?