Success Through Concentration HTML version

Dwarfs can often do the work of giants when they are transformed by the almost magic power of great
mental concentration. But giants will only do the work of dwarfs when they lack this power. We
accomplish more by concentration than by fitness; the man that is apparently best suited for a place does
not always fill it best. It is the man that concentrates on its every possibility that makes an art of both his
work and his life.
All your real advancement must come from your individual effort.
This course of lessons will stimulate and inspire you to achieve success; it will bring you into
perfect harmony with the laws of success. It will give you a firmer hold on your duties and
The methods of thought concentration given in this work if put into practice will open up interior
avenues that will connect you with the everlasting laws of Being and their exhaustless foundation
of unchangeable truth. As most people are very different it is impossible to give instructions that
will be of the same value to all.
The author has endeavored in these lessons to awaken that within the soul which perhaps the
book does not express. So study these lessons as a means of awakening and training that which is
within you. Let all your acts and thoughts have the intensity and power of concentration.
To really get the full benefit of these lessons you should read a page, then close the book and
thoughtfully recall its ideas. If you will do this you will soon cultivate a concentrated mental habit,
which will enable you to read with ordinary rapidity and remember all that you read. So please read
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