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How do you find your ‘why’ to success? Some detective work should help.

• What do you hate about your job?
• What do you really hate about your life?
• What would you change if you had an abundance of

• What would you do if you had endless free time?
• What do you want more than money?
• What would you do for work if you were financially free?

Get to the questions that matter. Think with your heart and less with your head.


Imagine you had the freedom to make the choices that really matter to you. What actions would you take?

Just imagine it happening. Temporarily live the dream through your imagination. Don’t get obstructed by not knowing how it will come about.

WHAT THE MIND CAN CONCIEVE IT CAN ACHIEVE. Overcoming obstacles to goals creates fulfilment and happiness and raises immeasurably our self-esteem.

Do you believe your hopes can become reality? To what lengths are you prepared to go to make it happen? Write out your reasons for your dreams to become a reality. Spend some time reflecting on your real reasons. Don’t skip this vital step. It’s critical you write out the reasons. We are better confronted by the written word. Really own these reasons, they are the engine that drive our actions. These dreams must become a part of our conscious reality not buried somewhere deep in our psyche. Only then can they form the inspiration that creates positive action. You must keep them in your conscious mind at all times. You must think of them often as you would think often of the people you love. Think of them with intensity and a desire to make them come true. If they are truly your dreams they are an as important part of your life as your other most cherished possessions. You wouldn’t spend long periods of time forgetting your most treasured possessions, why would you spend long periods overlooking your most cherished dreams or relegating them to postponement while you carry on with your life.

What patterns keep us STUCK?
Who cares to admit that they are inadequate to the task? It is vital to any attempt to change, that we first admit that our way hasn’t worked. Every natural instinct rebels at the idea of personal powerlessness.
Our feelings tell us, one more push will see us over the finishing line. But this thinking takes no account of the facts and the facts are that despite all our best efforts we are still stuck in the same old patterns of failure. Still others wallow in the despair of ‘what’s the use anyway’? No matter what I do it will never work. Everywhere we hear, “money doesn’t make

you happy”. This may be true but what will make us happy and fulfilled is to plan and successfully live a way of life that is aligned with our deepest desires and dreams.

Naturally financial prosperity is a by product of this process

Money may not make us happy but an awful lot of people spend their lives doing things that make them miserable in order to get some money!

Little can come to us by way of change unless we first admit and accept the need to change. Wishful thinking will not fit the bill at all. It is a well accepted fact that generally deep seated change only occurs when individuals are desperate enough to go to the lengths necessary to facilitate change.

Just ask the smoker who is facing an operation to have a lung removed. Will he find it as difficult to stop smoking as he did previously when his damaged health was still only a possibility?

Desperate men can do desperate things!

Only the person who takes risks is really free.
How desperate are you to change your attitudes and actions in order to enjoy a financially prosperous lifestyle? How determined are you to follow a plan to success? Do you accept the need for help and personal mentoring to achieve your goals? One good look at your bank account and lifestyle ought to be enough to convince even the most hardened sceptic.

He who is convinced against his will, is of the same mind still!



The good news is that this desire can be accessed, before things get desperate. In the light of your own reality you can sit quietly and make a decision to follow a plan of action that will produce the desired outcome. Decide to let go of all the distractions that get in the way of working the plan and set aside the time and effort required to make it work. At this stage you are under heavy coercion to choose between the pains of following a new path and the certain penalties of failing to do so. The initial steps are often taken grudgingly but they do need to be taken. Detach from all your own ideas about how to solve the problem. Decide to commit wholeheartedly to working the plan as set out by your mentor, and leave aside all judgements of your own as to whether it’s working or not. Follow the plan of a mentor who has both successfully accomplished the outcome you desire and is capable of teaching you to do the same. This is important as not all successful persons are capable of teaching others to do the same. Who could build a spaceship from a well drawn plan? Probably no-one without personal supervision and mentoring.

The new ideas and actions must be given a persistent practice to become a part of your own thinking. As the fruits of your labour manifest themselves, a strong desire to continue will emerge and carry you on to victory.

Motivation always follows action!


In summing up, action is needed to change from a pattern of failure to a way of life where success is more natural.


When we keep doing the same things over and over without success, our sense of being a failure is reinforced.


Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!

Find a mentor/trainer and recognise that the new way of success will initially feel unfamiliar and sometimes even frightening. You may experience an inner resistance to this new process but it will melt in the face of persistence.

Write out a list of attitudes and behaviours that have consistently got in the way of going to the lengths necessary to achieve success. Then sit down with a friend who knows you and understands what you are trying to do and go through the list together. This is confirmation that you are serious about the need to change and that you haven’t fooled yourself about your past patterns.

Make a decision to change these attitudes and behaviours in order that you can change to a success attitude.

Continue to monitor your ongoing actions and attitudes in order to guard against falling back into your old ideas. Chronicle your journey. The personal inventory is not always written in red ink. Make sure you recognise and keep track of your achievements, no matter how small you think them to be. Cultivate a gratitude attitude. Always remain grateful for the things that money can’t buy.

Accept your limitations and remain open minded and willing to learn but always make sure you get to the starting line.


Contempt prior to investigation will keep a man in everlasting ignorance.


Inside every problem lies its solution. (Irish Proverb).


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