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00001.jpgWhy do some people succeed whilst others never do? No matter what you think, the reason you don’t succeed is inside YOU!

Some ships ply east and some ply west by the self same wind that blows, it’s not the gale but the set of the sail that determine which way they go.

The truth is most people just QUIT! What causes your inertia? You need a strong enough reason to stick at it, and then if what you are doing doesn’t work quickly you will figure out another way.

But if you are unsure or uncommitted you are likely to quit.


The ‘WHY’ of what you are doing is essential.

Ninety per cent of new businesses fail in the FIRST year and ninety per cent of the rest fail in the next FOUR years. A lot of people start – a thousand things go wrong – you want to quit a thousand times. Most people will just QUIT.

How do we create a defence against quitting? Willingness is the key. Motivation always follows action.



• What does my family mean to me?
• What do I want for my own personal growth?
• What do I want to accomplish in my lifetime?
• What really excites me in life?
• What gets me up of the settee and into action?
• What would I like to give to the people I love most? Consciously dwelling on these thoughts will change your thinking. Changing your THINKING will change your ACTIONS and CHANGE YOUR FUTURE.

00003.jpgGET SERIOUS.