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Article #1
The Three P's of Success!
Terri Seymour of
Starting and building an internet business is not an easy task. There is
the never-ending learning about promotion, marketing, website design
and building, technical problems, HTML, CGI, java; the list goes on and
on. There are a few things you should think about when you are
planning your online business. These three things are some of the most
basic yet most important aspects that could make your business a
These are Perseverance, Passion and People!
**Perseverance - Building a successful online business can take months
or even years. Examine your goals and your life.
Will you have what it takes to not give up when things are going bad?
Do you have the determination to work this business for weeks or
months without making any money?
Do you want to give up most of the small amount of spare time that you
now have?
Go over these questions in your mind and see what you come up with.
Despite all the "get rich quick" ads you see, this most likely will not
happen. Most people will not even get rich slowly, however, you can
make a good income.
You might start making a small amount of money in a few weeks or
months, then you might not make any for a few months. You must not
let yourself give up, when business is not all it's cracked up to be! You
must have Perseverance!
**Passion - When you are choosing your business, build your business
around something that interests you, something that you are passionate
about. This will help you keep going when things get tough.
Will I want to work with this business everyday?