Studies on the Psychology of Sex, Volume 5 HTML version

yet known about it. The one physiological act in which
two individuals are
lifted out of all ends that center in self and become
the instrument of
those higher forces which fashion the species, can never
be an act to be
slurred over as trivial or unworthy of study.
In the brief study of "The Psychic State in Pregnancy"
we at last touch
the point at which the whole complex process of sex
reaches its goal. A
woman with a child in her womb is the everlasting
miracle which all the
romance of love, all the cunning devices of tumescence
and detumescence,
have been invented to make manifest. The psychic state
of the woman who
thus occupies the supreme position which life has to
offer cannot fail to
be of exceeding interest from many points of view, and
not least because
the maternal instinct is one of the elements even of
love between the
sexes. But the psychology of pregnancy is full of
involved problems, and
here again, as so often in the wide field we have
traversed, we stand at
the threshold of a door it is not yet given us to pass.
Carbis Water, Lelant, Cornwall.
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