Studies on Fraudulence of Falun Gong's

Studies on Fraudulence of Falun Gong's


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Book Description

Among the Falun Gong teachings, "Consummation" is the most tempting and cheating aim. In order to achieve "Consummation," some Falun Gong disciples abandon their family and possessions, and even lost their lives. Some disciples venture themselves by challenging laws and confronting the society, committing themselves to crimes and badly endangered themselves, their families as well as the whole society. In this book, we study the definition, manner, result, time, etc., to help readers know about what the "Consummation" promised by Li Hongzhi, the intiator of Falun Gong exactly is, therefore to unveil the fraudulence of the said "Consummation" of Falun Gong. Different "miracle" stories preached by Falun Gong actually corroborate the preposterousness of the "miracles" like "Consummation." The

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