Studies in the psychology of sex, volume 4 (of 6) HTML version

true even of the finer and more spiritual influences
that proceed from one
person to another, although, in order to grasp the
phenomena adequately,
it is best to insist on the more fundamental and less
complex forms which
they assume. In this sense sexual selection is no longer
a hypothesis
concerning the truth of which it is possible to dispute;
it is a
self-evident fact. The difficulty is not as to its
existence, but as to
the methods by which it may be most precisely measured.
It is
fundamentally a psychological process, and should be
approached from the
psychological side. This is the reason for dealing with
it here. Obscure
as the psychological aspects of sexual selection still
remain, they are
full of fascination, for they reveal to us the more
intimate sides of
human evolution, of the process whereby man is molded
into the shapes we
Carbis Water,
Lelant, Cornwall, England.
The External Sensory Stimuli Affecting Selection in Man.
The Four Senses