Studies in the psychology of sex, volume 2 HTML version

has been
rewritten or enlarged and the Index of Authors consulted
has more than
doubled in length. The original portions of the book
have been still more
changed; sixteen new Histories have been added, selected
from others in my
possession as being varied, typical, and full.
These extensive additions to the volume have rendered
necessary various
omissions. Many of the shorter and less instructive
Histories contained in
earlier editions have been omitted, as well as three
Appendices which no
longer seem of sufficient interest to retain. In order
to avoid undue
increase in the size of this volume, already much larger
than in the
previous editions, a new Study of Eonism, or sexo-
esthetic inversion, will
be inserted in vol. v, where it will perhaps be at least
as much in place
as here.
It was not my intention to publish a study of an
abnormal manifestation of
the sexual instinct before discussing its normal
manifestations. It has
happened, however, that this part of my work is ready
first, and, since I
thus gain a longer period to develop the central part of
my subject, I do
not regret the change of plan.
I had not at first proposed to devote a whole volume to
sexual inversion.