Studies in the Art of Rat Catching HTML version

exclaimed, "I say, what sport it would be if they would only teach rat-
catching at school! Wouldn't I just work hard then, that's all!"
The stories came to an end at bed-time, and I was then pressed by
my hearers to write from foreign lands some more of my old
reminiscences, and I readily gave a promise to do so. In this way
most of the following stories were written; and in writing them, I
endeavoured to carry out the idea that they were exercises to be
used in schools.
I don't anticipate that head-masters will very generally adopt the book
in their schools; but I hope it may, in some few instances, give boys a
taste for a wholesome country pastime.
The characters and incidents are rough, very rough, pen and ink
sketches of real people and scenes, and the dogs are all dear friends
of past days.
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The Ferret Family—Crossed with the Polecat—Choosing Ferrets—Hutches—Feeding Ferrets—"Bar
the Tail"—Handling Ferrets
Bag versus Box—Ferrets Fighting—The Ratting Spade—Ratting Tools—Hints to Schoolmasters—
Learning Dog-Language—With a Scold in the Voice—Dogs' Kennel—Treating Dogs Kindly—Dogs in
their Proper Place
Aristocratic versus Plutocratic—Come-by-Chance—Chance's Friend—Nondescript Tinker—Grindum—
How I got Grindum—Grindum's Friends—Jack and his Sister—"Jack Took Me"—End of an Ugly
Story—Grindum's First Rat—Pepper and Wasp
A Day's Ratting—An Autumn Walk—"Steady, Dogs, Steady"—A Ferret Disabled—Rats up a Pollard—
A Rat-catcher's Picnic—Rats in a Drain—A Weary Walk Home—"Kennel, Dogs, Kennel"
A Poor Day's Ratting—A Rat in a Queer Place—Rats in my Lady's Chamber—Rats in a House— 85