Streetwalker HTML version

By K. E. Ward
Chapter One
It was a frigid night in Cincinnati. The sky was
black and clear, and the stars overhead shone brightly and
serenely above the massive skyline of the city. Downtown
was ablaze with lights and activity, its roads congested
with all sorts of traffic, including commuters, taxicab
drivers, city dwellers, tourists, and truck drivers. The
sounds of honking horns and squealing tires wafted from the
epicenter of the city as planes flew overhead, filling the
atmosphere with the dull roars of engines. The trees were
covered in frost, for the cold had settled earlier than
usual this year, and the streets, slick with patches of
black ice, were beginning to break apart under the pressure
of the changing temperatures. Cincinnati was as beautiful
as it could be that night, stark and clear against the
backdrop of a dark sky, its tall buildings standing proudly
and majestically over a buzzing district.
Maggie “Star” Faulkner hovered at the street corner,
batting her eyelashes, and rubbed her arms with her
fingers, trying to get back some circulation. It was so