Strategies for Getting Started in Real Estate HTML version

Getting Stareted in Real Estate (friends of fizbo’s) Bill (deep resources in real estate) Jon (serious subscriber support) Joel (well respected directory) (guru central) (all around great resource, articles) Lara (Super resource to get going) Mike (lot of respect for Bill Bronchick) Bill
Research sites (your “must” source for news) (very large information resource) (latest real estate news) (economic news) (apartment owner’s industry news) (relocation guide to cities) (find your ideal spot) (market conditions) (electronic newspapers) (city and school facts and more) (state facts & info) (statistics of the U.S.) (get your data here) (data quick news and stats) (your phone book and more) (homes for sale nationwide) (what’s it worth, comparables free) (find an owner thru research) (find owners in trouble)